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Hi, I'm Laurali! I live in a tiny, seaside fishing village in Florida where I nurture my plants, go hiking in the woodland, and wear flowers in my hair.

Meet Chloe: My Old Soul Mermaid Child

A little girl playing in a kiddie pool with sea shells and a dinglehopper like a mermaid
Meet Chloe: My Old Soul Mermaid Child.  She was always a very quiet child because she had two older sisters who often spoke for her.

Chloe is fourteen now and speaks for herself.  She's just like me in the sense that she doesn't say anything unless she has something relevant to say.

As a baby, Chloe was very sweet and even-tempered.  She had a sparkling personality.  One of my Mom's favorite memories is when she came to Tallahassee and Chloe would peek at her through the crib rails.  She said all she could see was her huge, puppy dog eyes looking at her.

As a little girl, I could tell right away that Chloe would be different.  We had an instant connection and Chloe was always able to get along with everyone she met.  In fact, they were always impressed with what a good, sweet-natured child that she was!

Meet Chloe: My Old Soul Mermaid Child

There has always been sibling rivalry going on between Chloe and her sisters that comes in the form of jealousy.  They think she is my favorite child.  The truth is, as a mother I truly do love all my girls with the same amount of value.

Each of my daughters is my best friends.  I love them so much it hurts sometimes.  The thing with Chloe is that we have that cosmic connection.

She reminds me a lot of how I was as a child and even as a young teenager.  We can both sit in a room together and be quiet, be chill, and still have our energies mesh perfectly.  We just have that old soul connection that some people have.
Though this may change as Chloe grows older, she has even told me that she would love to build a house next to mine, even if she gets married and has kids.  Oh, that mother part of me, hopes that doesn't change!

Chloe is a teenager now and everyone thought she would rebel or act out.  She really hasn't.  She's just an overall good kid, who would rather rebel against the rules of society than her parents.  I love Chloe so much, I love all that she stands for!

My youngest daughter is definitely an old soul mermaid child!  She plans on moving to Japan when she's eighteen and spending two years there as a writer.  You know what, I have no doubt she will do it too!  How can I not be inspired by a fourteen-year-old that's going places in life and treats her parents with respect?

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