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How to Bring the Magic of Unicorns Into Your Life

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Most people believe that unicorns are some kind of magical myth, but I happen to know from personal experience that unicorns are as real as you and me!  Today, you'll learn how to bring the magic of unicorns into your life.

Unicorns can help with all kinds of things, including high-vibration foods, prosperity, and success in business, and helping to make all your wishes come true by expanding your heart chakra.  They are on a higher vibration, but much like the faerie folk, they can weave in and out of the fairy realm with ease and grace.

I was never one of those little girls that loved unicorns.  I mean I liked unicorns (I mean, who doesn't like a unicorn?), but I was never obsessed with them.  In fact, it wasn't until I was a grown woman that I became conscious and aware of the unicorns.

I always believed on some level that they were real though, but that's because I've always believed in the unseen world.  My philosophy has been that just because you can't see something, it doesn't mean it isn't real.  Now, I have the rich experiences to back up and support that theory!

I first started working with unicorns in 2015', after moving from Florida to Sedona, Arizona back to Florida again.  I was at the zenith of my spiritual growth and it was time to take things to the next level.  That's the thing when you are ready to move to higher consciousness, you'll begin working with the unicorns and Pegasus.  If you're reading this post right now, you are ready to connect with the unicorn tribe of spirit helpers.

Working with them really opened me up to the fairy realm since the unicorns spend their time in the fairy kingdom and heaven in between.  I believe the unicorns were responsible for helping me reach a higher consciousness.  In fact, I could have never come out as a Celtic Faerie Shaman if it weren't for them.  They believed in me!

Having the unicorns come into your life signal new growth and a higher conscious.  It could also signal that they think you are ready to take on the burden of a tough life lesson that they will help see you through.  That is exactly what happened to me.

Around the time that I became aware that I was a shaman healer, the unicorns made an appearance in my life.  The next few years would be the most difficult years of my life as I had to come to grips with who and what I was.

If a unicorn comes to you in a dream, it means that your wishes are about to come true.  If a unicorn makes its way into your life via books and learning, then you are about to learn a tough life lesson which will signal higher consciousness and new growth.

Don't let that discourage you from working with the magic of the unicorns.  They can help you learn the lesson faster if you aren't hard headed like me.  They can also help you reach a higher level of consciousness, which will help get you through a tough time.

They will magically alter your life by making way for healthier eating habits that vibrate on a higher frequency.  They will shift your awareness of thinking in terms of collective consciousness versus thinking ego-based thoughts.  The unicorns are at such a high-vibration that just being around them in meditation or visualization will lift your mood and spirit instantly.  It's like an instant facelift for your soul!
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How to Bring the Magic of Unicorns Into Your Life

If you'd like to bring the magic of unicorns into your life, spend some time with them in your dreams, meditations, and visualizations.  Read books about unicorns.  Two books that really helped me engage with unicorn healing were Unicorn Magic by Kitty Bishop and The Wonder of Unicorns by Diana Cooper.  Research and learn all you can about unicorns to welcome them into your life!

Another thing I encourage you to do is to create a unicorn altar.  To build a unicorn altar, you simply need a unicorn picture, a white pillar candle, and a high-vibration gemstone.  If you are trying to connect with the unicorns, I highly encourage you to work with gemstones, especially white quartz crystal paired with any other gemstone.

Working with gemstones will open you up to a higher realm, where the unicorns live and flourish.  Unicorns like the color white as it is a color of purification, which is associated with Christ consciousness.  The unicorns also love rainbows, which should be of no surprise to you.  Most depictions of unicorns include rainbows and sparkles.

To create your unicorn altar, be sure to leave them a lock of hair.  The hair is to unlock the secret portal that is the unicorn kingdom.  It connects you with them and vice versa.  It is a symbol of encouragement and growth.  This signals to them that you are ready to grow as a person.  In addition to your hair locket, you'll want to add a white bow and a love note.  In the note, state your intention.

Write down the lesson you'd like to learn or the growth you'd like to see in your life.  This signals to the unicorns that you are ready for the next season of life.  Now, for the fun part!

You can add wishes to your note.  Unicorns really can make wishes and dreams come true.  This isn't a myth.  Besides, let's be honest, there's truth behind every myth.  I mean, look at how dragons can foster radiance and success in your life.

What are your hopes and dreams?  What are the wishes that never come true that you really wish you could have?  Write those down and send them off to the unicorn fairy realm.  Unicorns love making wishes!

There's one catch though: Unicorns encourage you to have faith and belief, which sometimes can be the hardest thing in the world to do.  The heart chakra is associated with faith and trust because the heart is opened, allowing golden opportunities and luck to fly in.

What can the unicorns help you with:

  • A high-vibration diet such as going vegan or raw vegan.  The more organic and raw the better when it comes to grocery shopping!
  • Learning a difficult life lesson
  • Signaling a higher consciousness and spiritual growth
  • Spiritual teachings and manifestation
  • Granting wishes and making dreams come true
  • Purification of the body, mind, and spirit
  • Heart-opening and clearing the heart chakra
  • Energy healing and forming a connection to healing crystals
  • Clarity and clear thinking
  • Breathing, air, lungs, and asthma-related health problems
  • Law of attraction + faith, belief, and trust
  • Hopes and dreams
  • Purifying your intentions
  • Living a more spiritually-based life
If you're unsure about creating a unicorn altar and you have a green thumb, then I would encourage you to create a unicorn fairy garden or a unicorn terrarium.  Rich soil, plants, rocks, etc. are all signs of growth and a thriving lifestyle.  If you are looking to be more hearty and resilient in your life, the unicorns love working with flourishing plants in the unicorn garden.  

How to make a unicorn garden or terrarium:

Write a secret love note to the unicorns with one wish and one life lesson you'd like to learn or a level of consciousness you'd like to achieve.  Add this note to the bottom of your terrarium or bury it in your garden underneath the plant life.

Use any mason jar or glass container and create a substrate, which is the bottom layers of a terrarium.  This is where you'll add a layer of rich, organic soil and possibly a layer of sand.  

Next, add at least one plant.  In this case, I'd pair my unicorn plastic toy or figurine with a succulent plant.  They are delicate yet hearty houseplants.  You want a plant that reminds you of resilience and growing consciousness.

Then add in a few of your favorite gemstones, paired with a white quartz crystal.  This takes your wish or intention and enhances it.  White quartz crystal is like the tofu of the gemstone kingdom.  It takes on the flavor of whatever crystal is nearby!

Now, be sure to add in a toy unicorn.  It can be a plastic toy unicorn pegasus like My Little Pony or it can be a tiny porcelain unicorn figurine.  Choose what energetically feels best for you!

To enhance, add in a string of fairy lights or put it in a place where it gets indirect sun-filtered light.  This will welcome the unicorns into the white light of Christ consciousness, which they are highly attracted to!

Once you've created your unicorn healing altar, unicorn fairy garden or unicorn terrarium keep working on heart-opening exercises and allow them into your life.  Unicorns are ushered in on welcoming energy that is clean and purified!  

I encourage you to use an air humidifier, practice breathing exercises, or form a yoga practice to see fast results for unicorn wish fulfillment.  Unicorn Pegasus are winged-creatures, meaning they are associated with the air element.  Breathing and opening airways allow them to come in on a wing and a prayer!

In fact, if you are having breathing difficulties such as exercise-induced asthma, shortness of breath, or trouble quitting smoking, I encourage you to call on the unicorns today!  The magic of the unicorns is only a breath away.
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