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The Magic of Gemstones

Gemstone Healing Stone Flat Lay Arrangement in the Backyard
The magic of gemstones is a topic that is nearest and dearest to my heart.  I heart gemstones.  I really, really do.

I've been collecting them for only a few years but in that short span of time, they have become a part of my home, my bra, my water, and my heart.  Read on to find out how!

When I adopted feng shui, crystals were very much part of the package.  I decided to start a collection.  Through the years, I have a lost a few on hikes and from moving but overall, I was able to hold on to almost all of them.

I've even sparked other people to keep gemstones in their homes and cars because of their multiple uses.  My Mom has a few and I've bought some for each one of my daughters.  They make a really great gift because they are so personalized and take on the energy of the owner, after being cleaned and activated.

I was able to pick up a few more on my trip to North Carolina recently and what a deluge! We were able to do a little gem mining at Grandfather Mountain.  It was truly an awesome experience!

But what really makes gemstones downright magical?  I'll tell you what I do with them and you decide.  Maybe it will inspire you to add them to your life or curate a collection.  The uses are unlimited and quite powerful for the user.

I Wear Crystals in My Bra

I wear crystals in my bra every single day to absorb their energy.  This is one of the most effective things I've done in making a connection with crystals and their powerful magic.  I usually switch crystals and colors according to both my mood or intuition after my shower in the morning.

For example, on a day when I am feeling especially negative, I would be attracted to an obsidian rock.  The reason for this is because it will negate harsh energies, rectify all wrongs, and will ground my spiritual energy.

It's important to note that this particular magic gemstone needs a daily cleanse.  You can cleanse it, as well as all crystals with white sage or running water, or direct sunlight to filter out fragmented energies.

Gemstones in the Water

I use gemstones in my filtrated water pitcher.  I use non-toxic ones so be sure to do your research first before using crystals in your drinks.  It can be quite powerful, especially when you add an affirmation to the end of it.

I typically use safe crystals such as rose quartz and lepidolite in my water pitcher.  It is meant to be about self-love.  One could say I'm hydrating myself with the purity of love with these two heart-opening crystals.  I'm also giving that love back to my family.

Crystals For Home and Travel

When I go on vacation, in the car, in my purse, and all over my home, I bring crystals on-the-go!  That's the thing.  Gemstones are portable so they can travel with you discreetly.

When I traveled by plane to and from Sedona, Arizona (by way of the Phoenix International Airport), my gemstones were snug and safe in both my purse and suitcase.  No, they were not considered a threat to security either, so they make the perfect travel companion.

In my home, I use them all over the place, both inside and out, and in secret, hidden places.  I use them to build fairy attracting altars and I use them under my pillow for sweet, prophetic dreams.

I use crystals in the bathtub and I cleanse them in the shower.  They are a daily staple in our household!

While this is a short post on the magic of crystals, I plan on writing a more extensive one very soon!  It should be noted that crystals are your friends.  They're spirit helpers and allies.

They know what you need, even when you don't.  They are dreamy, receptive, and healing through your journey of life.  Unlike humans, gemstones want to be used!
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