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How to Bring Nature Into Your Home

A Fox Pillow and a Woman Wearing Candy Cane Striped Fuzzy Socks for the Winter Months in Florida
I love a nature-inspired home.  It doesn't have to be a rustic cabin in the woods to fit the bill, although that would be ideal for many of us!  You just have to bring little elements of nature into your home.

It could be a plant shelf, a hanging plant, a zen garden, a terrarium, a talking gemstone, or even a pet plant.  Whatever you choose, be sure to add your signature to it!  Make it pretty and make it your own.

Houseplants and gemstones are probably the easiest way to bring nature into your home or office.  Just looking at an aquarium or terrarium while in your home office, makes you feel tranquil!

A lot of vegans don't like to use aquariums, as they feel it keeps the fish or amphibians from being free to swim in their natural environment, but I personally think it depends on how much freedom and space you give them.  It's a personal choice!
A Plant Windowsill Garden + Urban Garden Planning Development
Here's a list of some of my favorite houseplants!  Some of them made the list because they are easy to care for and maintain, while others made the list because they have magical properties about them.
  • Donkey Tail Plant (see picture above) Fairly easy to maintain.  Require sun-filtered rooms or windowsills so easy on the light and light watering.  They don't like to be fussed with much easier as the tail of the plant tends to fall apart.  
  • Aloe Vera Plants are my personal favorites.  The great, sweet healers of houseplants.
  • Cactus - Any kind really!  I've read according to feng shui you shouldn't keep cacti in your bedrooms because of their bristly nature.  I think it depends on the person.  I grew up in the desert so having a cactus next to me bed feels like home sweet home to me!
  • Spider Plants - If you have asthma or allergies, then I highly recommend in any air filtering plant, but most especially this beauty!  
  • Bamboo - Brings good luck and can hang out in dark, moist places with little to no natural sunlight such as the bathroom or closet.  Need I say more!
  • Succulents - Some succulents tend to need a lot of sunlight so be careful of which species you buy.  There are so many, but I recommend jade.  Jade brings wealth and prosperity with her.
  • Air Plants - Again, for the house, it depends what kind.  Some, a lot actually, do much better outside the home.  Tillandsia is always a good choice for inside your place.  Just make sure she has some kind of habitat of her own to chill in.  
A Hosueplant Table Display With Mushrooms and Aquamarine Gemstones on Display

Grow Your Own Kitchen Herbs

A great way to bring more nature into your natural environment is by growing your own kitchen herbs for cooking!  It's always nice to handpick herbs from your container garden freely.  

You can buy the pre-made kind from the grocery store or make your own re-purposing a plastic strawberry container.  Just use rich, organic soil and keep it on the windowsill and watch it grow!
A Woodland Themed Table Set With Owl Decorative Dish + Bright Red Floral Bouquet on White Distressed Table

Make Your Own Potpourri in the Kitchen

You can use a re-purposed spaghetti sauce jar.  For some reasons, the labels come off easier from these kinds, as well as the sticky residue.  

Tip:  If you have trouble getting the sticky residue off the jar, simply spread peanut butter all over the jar and leave overnight, then clean the next morning as usual and it will come right off.  Keep jar in a spot where ants can't get to it overnight.  

Once you have your clean jar, pick dried rose petals from flower stem.  It doesn't have to be rose petals, it can really be from any type of flower with larger petals that dry well, but this is the flower I recommend.  

Then add a layer of essential oil.  I recommend tea tree oil or eucalyptus for this DIY project.  Mix well with the flower petals and let sit overnight with the jar top open.  It will dry onto the petals.  

Then place it in a spot where everyone can enjoy it through their senses!  Makes guests feel welcome and strangers invited.
A White Distressed Shabby Chic Table Houseplant Stand With Gemstones

Let the Sun Shine In

No matter what time of year it is, start your day off right by opening the shutters and curtains and allowing the sunshine in.  This signals to your body that it's time to awaken and start your day!

The sunshine is a natural way to alleviate the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety too.  Sunshine has a whopping dose of vitamin D, so get it while you can.

Plus, your pet plants, kitchen apothecary, and pets need the sunlight in small doses!  It will bring a warm, cozy, welcoming feeling as it streams in through the kitchen windows and those sliding glass doors. 
Metal Kitchen Sink With Yellow Rose Petals For Floral Arrangement Making

Adopt a Pet!

Adopting a pet is one of the greatest additions to any home!  Obviously, this Florida turtle isn't a pet of mine, but I have had many different reptiles living in my home at different places and times.  

Nowadays, I just keep my pet plants, as I have really connected with them and they are allergy-free!  I have had a pet stingray, a bearded dragon named Persephone, hamsters, a saltwater aquarium, and more!  

I've always gone for reptiles and amphibians because of my severe asthma and allergies, but after losing my baby bearded dragon, I just haven't been able to bring myself to have another "regular" pet since.

My dream has always been to adopt a pot-bellied pig, but I also really love soft, cuddly dogs.  I just think dogs are the cutest.  

The best way to invite nature into your home is to welcome some pets to love and care for.  They really become apart of the family whether they have fur or scales, don't you think?
Cute Planter With Green Leaves in the Secret Shadows of the Home

Natural Environment

You can bring nature into your home and natural environment in so many ways!  We are meant to blend with nature since we are all made from the same materials.  

It can be the little things like growing your own gemstone kit or pet sea monkeys.  It can also be big things like adopting a pet or growing trees in your living room.  Whatever you do, welcome nature in with open arms!

How do you bring nature into your home?  Tell me all about it!  For more on my personal home decor style, check out the secret woodland-themed corners of my home.
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