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Kinfolk Style Organic Orange Carrots

Grow Your Own Organic Fruits and Vegetables and Go Zero-Waste
Kinfolk Style Organic Orange Carrots comes from my need to start slowing down and living a simpler life!  One of the ways that I've started adopting this more minimalist approach to life is through growing my own vegetables.

Right now, we're all about growing organic tomatoes and bell peppers in pots.  I can't wait to try them!  In the meantime, like a bunny rabbit, I'll snack on these carrots.

Sometimes I think I am part bunny.  I see my kinfolk (bunnies) everywhere and my favorite snack is raw carrots.  Yum!

I don't even need to dip them in anything, although some homemade hummus is a nice addition to them.  I have a thing for root vegetables, I've noticed.  I guess that's probably good, right?
Zero-Waste Living Seed Packets For Growing Your Own Root Vegetables

Seeds For Organic Vegetables

I personally have found that one of the best ways to get a kid to eat veggies is to allow them to be part of the process.  Let them grow them from seed to vegetable!

If you're on a minimalist budget like I am at the moment, head on over to your local dollar store!  This is where Chloe and I picked out some veggies we want to grow and eat.  You know, from farm to table, so to speak.

You can also get plastic pots there for a dollar, including windowsill garden pots.  I like it because you can go in with as little as twenty bucks and come out with garden gloves, pots, and seedlings.  You may even get a garden shovel or rake too!

There's just something very satisfying about eating food that you've grown yourself.  It's all part of the kinfolk movement and slow living.

Grounding Energy With Root Vegetables For Stews and Raw Vegan Eating

Kinfolk Style Organic Orange Carrots

A little about kinfolk style.  It's part of the slow living movement, which is on my summer bucket list!

Slow living is just like how it sounds.  It's about being more mindful and taking life slowly.  Some of that includes slow eating, instead of running through fast food restaurants.

Kinfolk style is a version of that with a tendency towards minimalism and nature.  That's me to a tee!  People who practice kinfolk style tend to surround themselves with natural things, like houseplants.

If you're new to this blog, you might want to check out Pet Plants, where I literally keep plants as pets and sell them in my shop.  Kinfolk style also means a more minimalist, softer approach to life.
Heirloom Vegetable Garden Made From Rich, Organic Soil + Fresh Picked Ingredients

Minimalist Cooking

One of the ways I like to approach slow living is through minimalist cooking.  I think you may have noticed that the recipes in my cookbook are simple with few ingredients.

A good example of that would be my Fruitarian Vegan Watermelon Bowl.  I mean, you can't get more simple than that!

Maybe I'm just lazy, I don't know, but I hate complicated recipes.  I have conquered a few in my time, but prefer the simpleness of life.
Make Sweet Carrot Juice or Organic Carrot Soup Fresh From the Garden

Future Gardening For Slow Living

I plan on doing a post soon on how to grow vegetable gardens through repurposing plastic strawberry trays.  Yeah, I know it's not the most innovative, but it works!

I like repurposing plastic, glass items, and pretty much anything that can be used for something else!  It's less wasteful and better for the planet.

Another future post I plan on doing is on the reducement of my recycle bins.  Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad we recycle.  I just think I can reduce it further, so I plan on making that a challenge!

Enough about me.  Do you grow your own vegetables?  Tell me about it in the comments!
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