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Real Life Fairy Sightings

Painted Rock Fairy Houses With a Red Roof
Real life fairy sightings!  Do they exist?  Are they really real?  Let's talk about having an experience with fairies!

To be honest, there was a time in my life that I didn't really think about fairies that much.  I always thought it was possible, like with unicorns and mermaids, that the fairies could be real.  But, I didn't put a lot of thought into it.

Then, several years ago, out of nowhere, I started thinking about them.  A lot.  I even started writing about them privately, because they were on my mind so much.

When this happens it's called a fairy obsession.  When this happens, it's because the nature spirits have chosen you to be apart of their cause.

They came to me at a quiet time in my life.  Things weren't that great financially.  I couldn't sleep at night and my life was very out of balance.

It's important to note, that just before that, I had just decorated the second-floor balcony of my apartment at the time with both plants and flowers.  I believe the nature spirits heard my cry for help.

This was my first experience with the fairies, back in the summer of 2011'.  I think that by bringing plants and flowers to my windowsills and porch, I was welcoming them to my life.
Fairy Houses in the Green Grass Lawn in Nature

 Gnomes and the Fairy Tree

When my daughter Chloe and I lived in Sedona, Arizona for a couple months at the end of 2014, we lived with my niece and her daughter in a rustic little apartment with a cute backyard.

Behind it, if you followed this little trail, was a fairy tree.  We would spend a lot of time back there, taking beautiful photography, and hanging out in the presence of what was clearly a gnome.

His name was Graham Robinson and I even wrote him an intense note and left him an aqua aura crystal and some little treasures as an offering.  Once, we wrote an intention to "see" a fairy, not just in our mind's eye or using our other senses.

Guess what?  We looked at the pictures from my little point-and-shoot camera and zoomed in.  There we could not only see Graham Robinson with his pointy hat and gnarly face with real eyes, but we could also see two fairies flying around him in the pictures.

Of course, this was all in a still frame.  I imagine in real time they would be moving and whatnot.  It was very, very clear.  About the gnome eyes, they were physical, while the rest of his face was tree-like.  That's what I meant by "real" eyes.

When I came back to Florida, I had uploaded those pictures to my computer to share with the world on my blog.  A couple of days later, I dropped my laptop really hard on the ground by accident.  I lost those pictures, as they were never able to retrieve them in the repair of my computer.

To this day, I think the fairies didn't like that I didn't ask for their permission to share those photos.  It all seemed very connected.
Seaside Living Fishing Village Cute Pink Fairy House

Real Life Fairy Sightings

Present-day, I still work the fairies all the time.  I mean, look at this blog.  They are a huge influence in my life!

I see them all the time, but never the way you would think.  Never again have I seen them like I did with the picture of Graham Robinson and his fairy sidekicks.

I see them through my mind's eye.  I also feel them all around me or working with me or through me, as I am very sentient.  I also see them as small blinking lights, like fairy lights, usually in my house.

House fairies are also known as house brownies, and I am quite sure that my house has a few of them.  My daughter Chloe has reported seeing them throughout the house too, so it's not just me!

The biggest way I see the fairies is by experiencing them.  Just recently, I was on a nature hike, and I ended up losing time and ending up in an unusual, uninhabited place in the park.

This is something that fairies do with humans when they want to play with them or show them their realm.  It was weird because I ended up right back in the same place after, not knowing how I got there.

Okay, something leads you here.  Maybe you already believe in fairies and have a fairy obsession, like I was talking about.  Maybe you are skeptical but open-minded.  Whatever brought you here, I'm glad you stopped by!

Now for you.  Do you believe in fairies?  If so, what kind of experiences have you had with them?  I love hearing about real life fairy sightings!
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  1. faires, i saw one once, it was a glittering one in the wild, it was beautiful, i wish more people would belive in them

    1. That's amazing you got to see one! I wish people could believe in them too :)


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