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Air Plant Habitat Natural Wooden Log

Cute Planter Air Plant Habitat Natural Wooden Log Tillandsia
I created a natural wooden log air plant habitat for fun!  It was easy and you can learn how to make one too.  I swear to you that this will be the world's easiest do-it-yourself!  By the way, my pet air plant is named Desmond.  She's a pretty outdoorsy houseplant, right?

First of all, I live in Florida where air plants literally grow on trees.  Now if I could only get that to happen with money, haha!

So, I handpicked my air plant, Desmond, off of the tree that grows between my home and the next door neighbors.  The natural wooden log was given to me by my brother James a long time ago.  It has had candle holders in it and sometimes crystals from time to time.

I simply put them together and brought Desi inside.  That's my short name for her.  But, you might need to do a little more to cure your natural wooden log.  You'll have to cure it of all mites and outdoorsy type things.

Before we get started, let me tell you a little about Desmond the air plant.  She's a real sweetheart in the nature kingdom.

Pet Plants: Meet Desmond the Air Plant

Desmond is a healthy teenager with an equally healthy appetite for cleaning the air!  She loves yoga, meditation, and making vision boards for fun.

Like most teenagers, Desmond hates doing her chores, does her homework with music blaring loudly (I'm not a teenager, but we have that in common), and taking long walks in the Bayou.  Desmond has been looking for a new habitat for a while with a nice family.  Luckily, she found me and Chloe.  Yay!

Fun Facts about Desmond the Air Plant:

  • Desmond's favorite color is blue
  • Her favorite band is Arcade Fire
  • She wears hipster glasses, just because....
  • She believes faith is her secret weapon
  • Desi has a pet ladybug named Fran
  • Art is Desmond's biggest passion, especially painting!

How to Cure a Wooden Log of Pests

Natural wooden logs come with bugs, unfortunately.  Mites, spiders, ants, you name it.  In order to keep it in your house as a decorative piece and a safe haven for your pet air plant, you are going to need to cure it first.  

This cure-all is so darn easy but quite effective!  Simply pre-heat your oven to 250 degrees at a low temp, then leave to bake out all the icky pests for a few hours.  

Be sure to check on them frequently.  Just to make sure the heat is not too high.  250 should be good though.

How to Pick a Healthy Air Plant

To choose an air plant, consider the region you live in and find out what is available.  You can also choose to order one online if you're worried about finding one.  Whenever possible, try to buy local!

Look for leafy greens.  That is, long mostly green blades.  Give her a squeeze to make sure she's viable.  If she sounds crunchy, she's in unhealthy shape.  

If you like, you could choose to bring your Tillandsia back to life.  You could rescue a pet plant.  

If she looks healthy and not too dry, you'll want to give her a fresh bath.  This is just to rinse her off.  Don't do it for too long or too much.  

Run her under fresh water for a minute, to get rid of bugs and additional dry spots.  Give her a trim and cut off all the dry blades.  Don't worry that this will hurt him or her.  It's just like getting a haircut.  Air plants, as well as all houseplants, love it!

Now, all that is left is to give her a name, personality, and make her feel welcome.  She's going to need a home and that's where your DIY natural wooden log comes into play.  Enjoy!
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