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Embracing Kinfolk Style Slow Living

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So, I'm embracing kinfolk style slow living and I'm pretty excited about it.  It's was part of my family summer bucket list.

For years I've been needing to slow down and focus on what's really important.  Here's what that means to me!

For starters, it means living life the way I want to live.  Not what anyone else prescribes for me.  It means that my life runs at its own pace.

I live in a tiny, seaside fishing village in Florida called Ozona.  Other than my cabin in the mountains and fun vacations, I plan to completely embrace settling down here and never leaving.

It's my home sweet home and I didn't realize how much I really adore small-town life.  I even plan on giving you a secret glimpse into Ozona, Florida soon enough!
A Woman Holding a Tiny Bouquet of Wildflowers in the Backyard on Green Grass With Tall Oak Trees


One of the things I love about summer and working from home is that time really doesn't matter anymore.  That's a feeling I want to hold onto!

I will be touching on this eventually, but Chloe is sixteen now and will be leaving school to pursue her dreams in a safe and loving environment.  I fully support her.  This also means that we no longer have to adhere to a schedule.

I'm a morning person by nature, but I do have my sleepless nights.  It's nice to know if I can't sleep, I don't have to stress about getting up at 4:30 am to get Chloe off to high school.

Timelessness is one of God's greatest gifts.  It's a treasure to be able to get up when you want to and fall asleep as you may.  Granted, I'll still be up early, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but it will be at my slow living pace.
A Woman Holding a Big Bouquet of Pink and White Flowers in the Shadows of Summertime in Florida

Kinfolk Style Slow Living

The kinfolk style slow living is a branch of the slow living movement that focuses on minimalism, nature-inspired living, and simplicity.  A return to simpler times and halcyon days.

In so many ways, that's what this blog and my life are all about!  It means shopping for a more meaningful experience through indie shops and handmade on Etsy.

It means supporting local, organic farmer's or growing your own carrots and vegetables in pots.  It can also mean supporting the American made brands, in order to boost your country's economy.

Slow living means slowing down and enjoying life.  Living in the moment, but also being able to look back at your past fondly through nostalgia.

I live in Florida.  Florida is slow.  The hot, humid weather in the summer months makes Florida living feel even slower.

Even so, we have tourists, snowbirds, and a lot of traffic.  That's why I love my little enclave by the sea.

In so many ways I started slow living long ago.  I just didn't know there was a name for it or a style associated with it.

The fact that my houseplants are my friends, as you can read about in pet plants, says a lot about me. I was the girl who left the rat race of an office job to embrace running a small business.  I gave it all up to slow my life down.

It's been a bumpy ride, but things are slowing down the way they are supposed to.  It's a powerful feeling to eat, shop, and even pray in a more meaningful, thoughtful way!
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