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7-Reasons to Wear Crystals in Your Bra

Part of my daily self-care ritual includes wearing crystals in my bra.  Healing crystals can be placed in many different places, but I prefer to wear them on me, with skin-to-skin contact.  Read on to find 7-reasons to wear crystals in your bra!

Gemstones are personal to the individual wearing them…

Wearable Nature: Woodland Decor and Woodland Themed Baby Showers

Most of the time, when I post about Wearable Nature, I am talking about ethical clothing and accessories with elements of nature built-in.  Today, I thought I'd share my favorite woodland decor on my Etsy wishlist!

I was inspired by the upcoming baby shower that I'm throwing for my daughter…

The Fun of Nature Photography and Wildlife Tips

The Fun of Nature Photography and Wildlife Tips for hiking and camping is perfect for exploring your creative side with the camera!  Any digital camera will do, but you'll find out along the way that it's fun to use toy cameras, Instax cameras, and a good ole' polaroid too.  Grab your …

Pet Plants: 10-Ways to be a Better Plant Parent

There are at least 10-ways to be a better plant parent, probably more.  There's nothing more thrilling than getting a houseplant and being able to not only keep it alive but to see it thrive!

Planting, like any parenting job, can be both tough and rewarding.  Houseplants are fickle and sometim…

Hiking Tips For Visiting Wildlife Preserves In Florida

Here are some hiking tips for visiting wildlife preserves in Florida, inspired by a recent trip to Boca Ciega Millenium Park!  As someone who likes to take spontaneous trips into the wilds of Florida, I've learned how to pack light and still be safe.

Living in Florida, we take a lot of day tri…

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