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7-Reasons to Wear Crystals in Your Bra

Healing Rose Quartz Crystal and Good Luck Frog Flashlight Toy For Summer
Part of my daily self-care ritual includes wearing crystals in my bra.  Healing crystals can be placed in many different places, but I prefer to wear them on me, with skin-to-skin contact.  Read on to find 7-reasons to wear crystals in your bra!

Gemstones are personal to the individual wearing them.  I started wearing crystals in my bra years ago when I left them in my bra by accident one night with a sinus migraine that lasted two days.  I woke up the next morning, for the first time in days, completely healed.  After that, I was sold!

Some people wear their gemstones in jewelry, which is great because the magic and healing energy of the gem will absorb into your skin as you go about your day.  I like to wear them on my person, as close to my skin as possible.  What could be more personal than the inside of your bra?

Reason Number One: Skin-to-Skin Contact

I briefly touched on this, but the very best way to absorb the energy of a gemstone is through skin-to-skin contact, which works really well as you're sleeping overnight or as you go about your day-to-day activities.

Reasons for Close Crystal Encounters:
  • Overnight healing (works for all crystals)
  • To alleviate anxiety and depression (Black tourmaline and lepidolite)
  • To give you the courage to deal with insurmountable situations (Garnet)
  • To offer solutions to complex problems (Apophyllite and white quartz crystal)
  • To open your heart again after a bad breakup or fight (Rose quartz crystal and lepidolite)
  • To help you sleep (Amethyst and citrine because it has golden, positive vibes)
  • Lucid dreaming (Amethyst and lapis lazuli)
  • To heal your inner child (lapis lazuli and lepidolite)

Reason Number Two: Raise Your Vibrations + Higher Realms

Crystals are on a high vibration that is also grounded in earth energy.  This is one reason that people use gemstones to connect to other realms and their higher self.  

One realm that is very easy to connect with using gemstones is the faerie realm.  Gemstones, much like plants, come with a built-in nature spirit.  If you've always been interested in the world of the fey, the right crystals can bridge that fairy connection!

The fairies have the ability to raise your vibrations instantly.  Nature spirits have the ability to do this in an instant, due to their talent for manifesting.  

Sidebar:  All crystals can raise your vibrations and all gemstones contain a nature spirit!  All gemstones, like all living things, are ensouled.  May this information help you have a fairy good encounter with a nature spirit!

Crystals to Connect With the Faerie Realm:
  • Lapis lazuli.  What a fun, bubbly, light-hearted crystal from the faerie realm.  
  • Lepidolite.  Its pinkish-purplish color reminds me of cotton candy and sunsets, nostalgia, and magic.  Give this beauty a try to open your heart to the possibilities!
  • Rose Quartz.  The main thing about rose quartz is that it heals you, right into your heart.  This opens your heart, without malice or negativity, to be open to new & exciting encounters with the Other Side.

Reason Number Three:  Solve a Problem

Have you ever had a problem that was so complex you knew it would take a miracle to figure it out?  Good news!  Healing crystals can totally help with that.

Here's what I do:  I'll write the problem or question on a small memo note and fold it.  I'll stick it in my bra with a white quartz crystal.  Then, I'll let it go and forget about it.  

By the end of the day, usually sooner, I'll have my answer.  You can also do this with an overnight sleep bra too.  It works surprisingly fast!

To give it a boost:  Add an apophyllite gemstone to your other boob or even on the same side.  This is for fast results!

Reason Number Four:  Overnight Healing

I use crystals for nearly everything, but one of my favorite uses is for energy healing.  You can also use them for physical healing and as first aid for a broken spirit.  They are incredibly helpful doctors, as they work religiously to nurse you back to health!

As stated in the beginning, I like to use them for overnight healing when I go to bed.  My go-to crystal for that is always rose quartz.  I've personally forged a magical connection with this pretty pink crystal!

To give it a boost:   Use two rose quartz crystals, one to each boob.  This will create balance in the healing process.  In addition to that, you can hold a crystal in each hand if you trust yourself not to lose your grip while sleeping and place one under your pillow.  

For Healing Depression:
  • Add a black obsidian rock to your bra, under your pillow, and next to you.  It will absorb all the toxic energy and darkness that pervades you.  
  • Add a bloodstone to each boob of your bra.  This is also an extremely effective method for healing deep emotional wounds.  
  • Use a jet stone in your routine to ease anxiety.  Bring it with you wherever you go!  You should see results within 24-hours.

Reason Number Five:  Overnight Success + Financial Prosperity

Crystals are often associated with success and prosperity, so if there's something you want badly like that promotion at work or a raise, then wearing gemstones in your bra is a magical way to do that!

When I notice the well running dry in the wealth department, here are some crystals I use where I place them for proper feng shui alignment.  Gems are connected to the unseen world, where there are no limits or glass ceiling.  They can help you remove the blocks that your mind projects.  

Gems For Success and Prosperity:
  • Citrine.  Has really uplifting vibes with built-in wealth consciousness.  Place two small citrines on each side of your bra.
  • Jade.  This green healing crystal will heal your financial worries.  Combine her with a jade plant and you're likely to see a boost in cash flow.  Use a plant clipping of a jade plant, also known for a wealth mindset, and a jade crystal on the right side of your bra.  
  • Goldstone Dragon.  Goldstone is one of the few manmade crystals out there and it works like a charm!  Dragons are knowns for raging success.  I highly recommend this crystal if you are a business owner.  Wear one goldstone dragon in your bustline and success will come.

Reason Number Six:  Workout Motivation + Willpower

Have you ever went through a slump where no matter how good your intentions were, you couldn't motivate yourself to work out or lose weight?  Healing stones can boost your willpower and determination to reach your weight loss and fitness goals!

When I find myself slacking off, here are my favorite gems for making things happen!  Place motivational gems inside a sports bra for a killer workout.

Stones For Motivation:

  • Fluorite.  Will give you the clarity to outline your goals, which is the first step in making them happen.
  • Rutilated Quartz Crystal.  A clear crystal with flecks inside.  This stone will not only give you a huge confidence boost but will help you stick to a fitness routine or diet.  It will give you a healthy dose of self-love too!
  • Pink Agate.  A light pink crystal with dark pink veins throughout.  Gives you the confidence you need to start a diet or exercise program.  
  • Tiger Gemstone.  With colors that closely resemble the real-life tiger, tiger gemstone will foster willpower and determination to work out and eat healthfully.
To give it a boost:  Keep one on your treadmill or in your running shoes in between use!

Reason Number Seven: To Have a Magical Day

There's nothing more magical than crystals, read the magic of crystals to find out more.  If you really want to have a magical day, having crystal boobs is the way to do it!

Mondays are especially blah days for many people.  It means the fun and relaxation of the weekend are over.  It means back to responsibilities.  To give Monday morning a magical boost, be sure to wear a moonstone in your bra.  Moonstone will soften the blow that your fun weekend is over.

Tuesdays get a little better, but why ride out the rest of the week on that?  Let's get inventive!  Wear a garnet to activate passionate work energy and to give you the courage to face the rest of the week.

Wednesday is humpday.  Once we get past this day, the weekend is just around the corner.  Where two or more aqua aura crystals in your bra to make the rest of the week fun and adventurous!

Thursday means the week is almost over and it's time for you to get your vacation vibe on!  To do that, wear any crystal that feels good to you that day.  Be bold and have some fun with it.  Let your intuition guide you.  It will make you feel as though you have control of your workweek.  

Friday means going out and partying for some people and relaxing at home for others.  Whatever your plans are, wear a sunstone for solid plans that won't fall through.  

Weekends are for fun and relaxation.  Wear lapis lazuli and lepidolite are great for that!  They will make you feel open to opportunities and enjoyment.

Wearing healing stones in your bra will make you feel better mentally, physically, and spiritually.  It will give you a huge confidence boost by working in secret.  I love working with crystals as they make everyday magical and nostalgic.

Do you wear crystals in your bra?  What are your favorite gemstones?  Share with me in the comments!
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  1. I've carried my crystals in my bra for years.

  2. This article discusses the way healing crystals can be used in a Feng Shui practice. Often, a Feng Shui purist will either gloss over this information or entirely ignore the benefits of crystals when lecturing or working with clients. I strongly believe in the use of crystals and, if used properly, feel they greatly improve the flow of Qi (energy) of most environments...

  3. As an alternative Auralite 23 method, or as some people call a holistic technique, or strengthening the body and mind, crystal healers have been around for thousands of years. Using various patterns utilizing natural crystals, a crystal healer's work with the aura of a body helps it to heal it in some way, whether physical or emotional. Sometimes referred to as gemstone therapy, the use of crystal healers is as widely varied as the gems that are employed in this technique.


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