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Wearable Nature: Woodland Decor and Woodland Themed Baby Showers

Little Brunette Girl in the Woodland Sitting on a Log
Most of the time, when I post about Wearable Nature, I am talking about ethical clothing and accessories with elements of nature built-in.  Today, I thought I'd share my favorite woodland decor on my Etsy wishlist!

I was inspired by the upcoming baby shower that I'm throwing for my daughter in my backyard on September 7th.  I'll be writing a post on it soon, but it will be a small, intimate shower with family only.  She wanted the woodland theme and she wanted the shower to take place outdoors.

I plan on stringing up some fairy lights, as we are going to have it in the early evening/night.  Since I live in Florida, we will also need a lot of citronella candles.  It will definitely be a sweet memory for Baby Lillian's baby shower that will last us forever!

For now, I decided to share some of my favorite woodland inspired products and shops from Etsy.  I tried to choose shops that have a green-friendly vibe to them, meaning they care about the earth and it shows in their products.
Wall Charmers Mini Deer Head (Salmon) | Wall Charmers Faux Taxidermy | Farmhouse Decor Nursery Wall Art

Wall Charmers

Wall Charmers is a company that focuses on faux taxidermy mounted heads for the wall.  I personally think this is such a clever idea!  I like that it's vegan, meaning no animals were harmed in the process.  Check out this Mini Deer Head in Salmon Faux Taxidermy!  It comes in many colors so take your pick.  It's like choosing a fun ice cream flavor.
Lea Joelle Handmade Woodland Animals Planter

Lea Joelle Handmade

Lea Joelle Handmade has some really cute handmade items for home decor.  This woodland animals planter really won me over!  Too cute!  Plants are a great way to help the planet, as they provide that green vibe and clean air.  The picture even gives you some great plant ideas!
Something in the Box Twig Pencils Colored Pencils Wooden Pencils

Something in the Box

Something In the Box has a lot of cute things made from natural wood which I adore.  With Back-to-School right around the corner, I was really impressed with these twig pencils colored pencils.  Writing with these would be downright rustic!
Wild Rabbits Burrow Mountain-Shaped Pillows

Wild Rabbits Burrow

Wild Rabbits Burrow has the cutest handmade plush items!  I really like the idea of mountain-shaped pictures.  That's why these Cabin Mountain Pillows really stood out to me.  They are very woodland themed and majestic to boot!
Elizabethan Folk Art Mushroom Candlesticks

Elizabethan Folk Art

Elizabethan Folk Art has these forest woodland decor mushroom candlesticks that would look so cute in my house!  I really like the whimsical nature of their shop.  They have a unique take on their woodwork.
Bs Cozy Cottage Crafts Rustic Woodland Decor Wreathe Chandelier

Bs Cozy Cottage Crafts

Bs Cozy Cottage Crafts is a really cute shop for unique finds on Etsy!  When I found this Rustic Wooden Wreath Chandelier I knew I had to include it on my wishlist.  I love all the little details that went into making this special handmade wreath.  It must have taken hours of work and lots of love!  I also liked that they are local, made in the United States in Connecticut.
Happy Gwensday Green Sasquatch Plush Handmade Doll

Happy Gwensday

Happy Gwensday makes plush toys.  I found this sasquatch plush doll on the front page of Etsy and now I have to get it for Baby Lillian!  I remember when my oldest daughter Angeleah was little, I gave her a Grinch doll that she carried with her everywhere.  Kids love plush toys that look like creatures!  Plus hello, what's more, woodland creature than a bigfoot?
Sweet Enchantment Baby Girl Mobile Nursery Wool Felt Decor

Sweet Enchantment

Sweet Enchantment makes household items, including pretty things for the nursery, made of felt.  I really love this Baby Girl Mobile Nursery Flower Bloom to hang over the crib.  I'm definitely going to have to show this to V!
The Posh Toosh Pink Woodland Diaper Cake for Girl Baby Shower

The Pink Toosh

The Pink Toosh has these really cute diaper cakes in a set of three with girly woodland creatures.  My daughter Angel is making the diaper cake again like she did for Baby Noah, otherwise, I'd love to have these adorable woodland creature diaper cakes.

I'm really excited about this wishlist!  So many creatives come together in one awesome handmade marketplace.  It gave me some more ideas to share with V and Angel, who is helping me plan the woodland themed baby shower.

Chloe is helping Veronica to paint the nursery walls lavender and to put a plush pink rug down, so I know she's going to love it too.  Even if you aren't on the market for woodland baby shower decorations or woodland nursery ideas, it will definitely inspire you!
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