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How to Use Nature to Heal Depression and Anxiety + Natural Remedies

Flowering Trees in a Florida Landscape on a Pretty Spring Day
Have you ever gone to a waterfall, beach, woodlands and instantly felt better?  That's the healing power of nature at it's best.  Read on to find out how to use nature to heal depression and anxiety + natural remedies!

As many people do, I suffer from depression and anxiety, sometimes to the point where it's crippling.  When I need an instant cure, I head out into nature!  This works on several different levels.

Since getting into nature usually requires some type of walking or hiking, you're getting a combination of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise.  Consider it the bonus package!

Nature is like going back to our roots. It grounds us and restores us to our natural state of well-being.  Visually speaking, nature scenes bring out pleasant feelings in us because it stems from our origins.  In short, this means what we are made of.  We are all made from nature.

We come from nature and we return to nature when we die.  At least, our natural bodies do, as they break down and decompose.

If you have an anxious mindset or you're going through a difficult period of sadness, nature can bring an instant cure!  The key is to either go out in nature or bring it into your home.

Disclaimer:  While nature is a natural remedy for depression and anxiety symptoms, please seek the help of a medical professional for the persistent sadness that doesn't go away on its own.  Nature may alleviate symptoms, but it's up to you and your doctor to come up with a combination of treatments, that may require therapy and medication.  
Forest Bathing in Nature With Trees and Rose-Colored Glasses

Bring Nature Inside Your Home

I've had depression my entire life.  I remember being a little girl and feeling so sad and not understanding what was wrong with me.  One of the things that really helped me was my parents bringing me home pet plants from the desert.  That may be why I still have an affinity for the cactus to this day!

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, bring nature home.  Sometimes it's difficult to get out of bed when you are in the depths of depression.  

Buy a houseplant.  Houseplants not only clean the air of both negativity and air particles that cause breathing problems, but houseplants have feel-good vibes and positively charged energy.  While this may not make all your blues go away, it's a start!

Gemstones are another great way to ease the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Read about them in the magic of gemstones!

In addition to that, you can wear nature!  Wearing nature is like wearing a natural remedy around your neck or on the clothing that you wear.  You can do this by wearing crystals in your bra, with a wearable planter necklace, or by wearing flowers in your hair!

It's important to note that all healing crystals, plants, and rocks come with a built-in nature spirit!  This means that they are living and breathing with a soul.  This makes them a match for healing you with earth's sweet energy.

Garden Your Problems Away

The very best cure-all for depression and anxiety is to actually spend time in nature and immerse yourself in it.  This can be a swim in the ocean at the beach or a hike through the desert canyons, depending on where you live.  

There are times when you don't have access to any of those things and I have the home remedy for that.  Gardening, terrariums, and aquariums have been known to cause peace, tranquility, and happiness from within.

It not only gives you something productive to do, but it makes you feel useful and gives you a strong sense of purpose.  I can say from personal experience that all three hobbies work like a charm!

Gardening reduces anger, worry, and sadness instantly!  It makes you feel at peace within yourself.  It decreases stress and slows your heart rate of the tension you get when you are stressed and anxious over something.  

It gives you something earthy, grounded, and comforting to do with your hands.  I can attest to the fact that there's nothing more exciting than bringing something to life!  It makes you feel more alive somehow.

You don't have to have a green thumb to get started either!  You can start by keeping one pot of marigolds, an outdoor plant, or an herb garden on your windowsill.  

Terrariums For a Calming Experience

Terrariums, much like gardening, are something fun that you can do to bring nature inside!  Really, if limited, all you need is a jar or a used sea monkey aquarium.  You simply fill it with different layers, starting with the substrate, which is the bottom layer.

Making a terrarium is a very calming experience for both adults and children.  You will literally be bringing a small world to life!

It gives you something productive to do, which means you're taking your power back in life.  The creative and zen-like nature of building a terrarium brings about good feelings and physical well-being.  

Aquariums for Peaceful Feelings

Aquariums are so much fun, whether you're a saltwater aquarium hobbyist or a freshwater enthusiast.  Unlike terrariums, aquariums are high-maintenance.  It will be a challenge to take care of and maintain, but somewhere in the process, you'll find your peace.

I remember being a little girl and spending the night at my best friend's house.  They had aquariums all over the house, including a coffee table aquarium with bubbles that went to the top of the glass and dispersed.  I would sit there for what felt like forever, watching the surface of the bubbles then separate.  It was so peaceful.  

When I was an adult, I had my first saltwater aquarium!  It was an expensive hobby, but I got my saltwater for free at the ocean.  I even found a lot of my aquarium friends this way also.

It's the kind of hobby that you have to commit to.  That's what makes it such a vital force in fighting depression.  You have your aquarium critters counting on you to care for them.  It gives you a reason to live.  It gives your life meaning and purpose.
Nature Walks For Clear Thinking and Healthy Living

Zen Gardens

Zen gardens do what they say they're going to do.  Bring you zen.  Zen is the state in which you're in an awakened meditative state.  You are enlightened.  

Making a zen garden helps you to figure things out.  Sometimes we need to just be.  Be in a state of reflection and contemplation.  Be in a state of joy.

Depression and anxiety interfere with our natural state of zen.  In order to get back to our natural status, we must enact it.  Making a zen garden is the gateway to that.  

To get started, try this DIY Moon Cactus Zen Garden.  It's fun and super-easy to make!  It's made from a re-purposed candle lid so it's eco-friendly.

Adopt a Pet For a Mood Boost

Okay, so you can't exactly keep a pet ibis bird as a pet, but you can adopt an everyday household pet as your new furry or reptilian friend!  Having a pet is a mood booster.  Whether it be a snake, cat, dog, or hamster, having someone to take care of makes you feel like you're needed.

Having a pet to take on walks, feed, clean, etc. makes your life more meaningful.  It helps bring you out of the depression bubble by shifting the focus to someone else.  It also gives a pet a home!  That alone can boost the feel-good vibes, just knowing that you're helping an animal.

Eat a Plant-Based Diet and Grow Organic Produce

One natural remedy that really works when you're depressed is to change your diet.  Go on a plant-based diet.  A plant-based diet is about as close to natural as one can get!

The benefits of plant-based recipes are many, including relieving you of some of the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Many medical practitioners are recommending a vegan diet for weight loss and for inducing serotonin through a wide range of vitamins and minerals in the brain.  Try it!

One thing to keep in mind is either growing your own organic vegetables or purchasing organic fruits and veggies from your local grocery store as much as possible.  The chemicals used in pesticides have been linked to depression!

One of the things that have helped me is making smoothies every morning to start the day!  I always add either ginger root or turmeric root to my smoothie as it has a rainbow of health benefits that you might enjoy reading about.

Making a morning juice recipe or smoothie is a great way to start adding plants to your diet!  One of my forever goals is to always be adding more fruits, vegetables, and herbs to my diet.  The more plants you eat, the better you feel overall!
Florida Southern Spanish Moss and Dreamy Blue Skies in Summertime

How to Use Nature to Heal Depression and Anxiety + Natural Remedies

Think of yourself as a human plant.  You need the essentials to thrive and survive in the harsh climates of life.

You'll need sunshine, fresh air, food, and water to survive, right?  Those are the essentials.  The things you absolutely can't live without.

Then you'll need the little things that bring you a boost of happiness, peace, and well-being.  Those things are more nuanced than the basics.

Think of it as your gardening kit.  You'll need an extra layer of rich soil every now and then, which acts as a blanket to comfort you through those cold winter nights.

You'll need the birds, bees, and butterflies to come to talk to you.  You need interaction.  Someone to talk to, bounce ideas off of.  Finally, you'll need the crystals, rocks, and flowers to decorate you and make you feel grateful for all that you have.

Being in nature reminds you of your natural state.  You are as primitive as a nature spirit and as earthy as a flower bulb.  Be as close to these reminders every day.  It will bring a smile and warmth to your face, little human plant.  It will bring you back to life!

Natural Remedies (Quick Pick Me Ups!)

  • Sit in the sun for thirty minutes a day when depressed or for self-care maintenance.
  • Stand barefoot on the grass or sand of the earth for 10 minutes to feel grounded and secure.
  • Rub essential oils made from botanicals on your wrists or behind your ears daily.
  • Eat dark, leafy greens or raw carrots pulled from the ground immediately after washing to feel part of the earth.
  • Go on a hike for at least 30-minutes to elevate mood levels and create calm inside.
  • Talk to an aloe vera plant when you are feeling heartbroken or down on your luck.
  • Place healing crystals in your detox water for fast healing!
  • Adopt a pet or a pet plant!
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