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Life As a Solitary Green Witch!

Hi, I'm Laurali! I live in a tiny, seaside fishing village in Florida where I nurture my plants, go hiking in the woodland, and wear flowers in my hair.

Do You Believe in Fairies? The Magic Within Us

Do you believe in fairies?  Chances are, if you're reading this blog post, then you probably already do.  If not, you are on your way to believing or want to be open-minded to it.  The faery folk has passed a message along to me over and over again.  Now, I'm passing it onto you.  That mes…

How to Be a Hunter and Gatherer and Forage For Things

These are my tips on how to be a hunter and gatherer and forage for things!  Finding treasures in nature has become one of my favorite hobbies.  It's something I like to do because you never know what cool stuff you may find.  I started foraging when years ago, I found a stuffed animal zebra s…

Aloe Vera Plant Health and Wellness Beauty Spa

I created the aloe vera plant health and wellness beauty spa in order to show you how resourceful this little green goddess really is!  Aloe vera plants are my favorite living plant for so many reasons. They have great little personalities, that I really love, and can be differentiated easily.  Th…

A Fairy-Inspired Blog + Faerie Faith and Magick

Even though I love my woodland-themed blog, it kind of felt like something was missing.  Fairies are part of almost every conversation piece on this blog, but I was reluctant to give them a category all their own.  Reason being: I really wanted to be clear on the messages the nature spirits wanted…

Fern Trail Hiking Adventure + Living Plant Art

My fern trail hiking adventures continue!  You can read more about it in last week's post about mushrooms + trees grounding energy.  I had the most perfect day in the mountains with a cold snap to boot!  I love cold snaps.

Yes, cold snaps make me want to curl up under a thousand blankets by th…

Nature Flat Lay: Flower Art and Pumpkin Fall Harvest Display

It's time for nature flat lay volume number two with flower art and pumpkin fall harvest display!  I love flowers and when you combine a floral design with bits and pieces of fall inspiration, it really makes for a pretty picture.  Don't you think?

What got me into flower art and fat lays?…

Earth's Grounding Energy With Trees and Mushrooms

This morning I entered an enchanted, emerald green forest with fern trails and fallen logs that were covered in fall foliage and native mushrooms in clusters and communities.  Being there, reminded me of the forgotten places in nature, mostly left untouched by man.

The fern trail had a high level …

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