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Even though I love my woodland-themed blog, it kind of felt like something was missing.  Fairies are part of almost every conversation piece on this blog, but I was reluctant to give them a category all their own.  Reason being: I really wanted to be clear on the messages the nature spirits wanted me to convey.

Yes, I want to answer human questions about the fairy kingdom, but it was even more important that the faerie was able to use me as a portal for communication.  For a while, with moving out of state and everything, I felt like my transmission was off.  Probably because I was in transition or the in-between stages of life.

In order to do the fairies justice, I needed their voice to be heard.  That's one of the many reasons I spend almost every single day in nature.  I need to keep the lines of communication open.  So, that being said, I will be writing about them a lot more.  As a faerie shaman, it's my job to be the middleman between you and the fey, although I always encourage humans to forge their own connection too.

It's also my job to heal people, animals, and plants on a metaphysical level.  For me, my preferred method of healing is through words.  Words of inspiration and healing.  Working with the elementals is a big part of that.  Perhaps the biggest puzzle piece of them all!

If you're a new reader or maybe the idea of fairies sounds like make-believe to you, I'm not here to convince you of anything.  If you enjoy reading, I hope you get something out of it.  I hope you're inspired in some way, as the nature spirits are really in everything we have, do, see, and unsee in this world.  They are on one level downright magical and on another, they are grounded and practical.

I will say that if something brought you to my humble little blog, it was probably the fairies.  They do stuff like that.  They are becoming more open and comfortable in our human world, even though they were here long before us.  It's because of people like me and hopefully you, that they feel comfortable making themselves known.  If you've been chosen to learn about them, that means they like you.  They deem you worthy to take up their cause.

So, feel free to stay or leave, depending on your skepticism or beliefs.  For me and mine, the fey is a normal part of everyday mundane magic and conversation.  On the other hand, I completely understand why this may scare some people away.  All I can ask is that you keep an open mind and a healthy amount of skepticism.  If you believe, even just a little, the fairies will do the rest.  There's nothing I can say or do to convince you otherwise.

My friends, the fairies, will be a much bigger part of this blog.  If it makes you feel better, it's a little scary for me to talk about them publically, for fear of ridicule.  But, I love them and want nothing more than to show them respect and honor them.  The fae has done a lot for humankind and this planet.  If it weren't for them, I'm not sure if we'd have anything left.  It might be a wasteland of once was.  It's time to rise up and take your place as a human woodland creature. We all have our jobs to do.  This is mine.
A Pink Doll With Fairy Wings + Fuzzy Pens for Writing

A Fairy-Inspired Blog + Faerie Faith and Magick

This is a fairy-inspired blog.  I talk about them a lot.  What I'd like to do is take it to the next level.  I'm not only giving the elementals their own category but sub-categories too.  This will make it easier for you and other readers to attain the information you are looking for.

Here's a list of the subcategories that I'm most likely going to use.  I chose these carefully because again, I really wanted to be their voice.  Yes, fairies can communicate, but humans aren't always open and receptive to hearing them.  That's where I come in.

Fairies (Main category):
  • Faith
  • Magick (spells, LOA, manifestation)
  • Healing or remedies 
I do have some optional subcategories in mind too, such as beauty and anti-aging.  The fairies are shapeshifters and are able to change appearance instantly if they so choose.  They have the ability to create youth, beauty, allure, and attractiveness.  So, this is something I've considered.  I know a lot of women would be interested in this.  The truth of the matter is, I'm trying to follow my heart.  If the fairies lead me down this road, then I'll take it.  I'm still unsure if its relevant to the messages they want me to convey.  

I focused on the three main categories versus going through each different type of elemental, from gnomes to leprechauns to mermaids.  Honestly, there's just too many.  

Faerie Faith - This is where I speak about the faith.  It's a belief in the fairies or little people and our human relationship with them.  It doesn't have religious roots but is mostly a spiritual-based belief system.  It simply requires believing in the fairies.  I'm going to be including a relevant conversation on this topic.  In a way, you could say nature is my church.  I'm sure others feel the same.  I've heard some men say that their church is out fishing somewhere, in a boat in the middle of the lake or elsewhere.  It's a similar feeling to how I feel when hiking.  You can feel God and the nature spirits in every wildflower, branch, and mushroom.

Faery Magick - Fairies happen to be magnificent at the art of instant manifestation.  Sometimes, they will grant wishes for us.  Other times, they come forward as the teacher.  The faery magick can be considered a type of organized religion, but for the sake of keeping things neutral, I'm keeping faery witchcraft out of it.  For the most part.  In other words, I will probably add spells in a more natural way.  It's not to dissuade anyone from joining faery witchcraft if they feel called to it, it's more because I'm not called to.  This is a blog about the bits and pieces of my life as a faerie shaman, so it's going to come from my own rich, personal experiences with the fey.  I prefer hidden in plain sight type of faery magick but never look down my nose at those who practice differently.  We all have our own paths and each path includes fairy lights to show us which way to go.

Healing Remedies - I was originally going to sell my holistic health and energy healing remedies.  I've since decided to close shop and share them on my blog.  I know it's a bit risky, in fact, everything I'm doing is, but it feels good to me.  Again, I know that I heal and inspire through words.  I'm going to continue to do so here and grow my blog exponentially.  At least, that's the dream!
Pink Fairy Doll on Tree Log in Forest + Two Pink Rose Quartz Crystals + Healing Stones

How It Works

Blogging about fairies pretty much works the same.  I'm just adding a bit more of what I already do to the blog and giving it some praise.  It's funny.  On nearly every former blog I've had, I've included fairies, mermaids, and unicorns.  Whether it be a lifestyle blog or a health and wellness blog, some things have remained the same.  

It's become apparent to me, now that I'm out as a faerie shaman, to really make the fairies a focal point.  I waited until I felt like I had their approval and permission.  I felt I had to earn their trust first.  They know that it took a big leap of faith for me to discuss the topic of who and what they are.  A lot of people simply don't understand and that's okay.  Maybe this is not the blog for them.  

This is a blog for what I like to call "human woodland creatures" who are green-centric in pretty much everything they do in life.  They are the kind of people who could live off the land if they had to and would be the lone survivor in a zombie apocalypse.  Yeah, I went there.  If this resonates with you, then cool.  That honestly makes me happy.  If it doesn't, then you're not ready yet.  It sometimes takes people many years and sometimes decades to come around to the idea that science isn't always right.

The food chart is the perfect example of that.  Meat is on the food chart and guess what?  Many, many people manage to live without it just fine.  In fact, they are often the healthiest.  It just goes to show that what we know today can change tomorrow and that's a good thing.

I'm going to keep sharing what I learn with you.  Sometimes messages come through in a powerful, in your face way.  Other times, it's a more subtle message from the fairy realm.  It's simply my job to write about it and let it shine through.  I'm like a human faery portal and I'm cool with that.  I feel proud that I was chosen to do this job.  I like helping people and if I can uplift someone by connecting them to the faerie realm then that makes me truly happy.  I'm looking forward to creating even more inspiration in my happy place, which is this blog.  If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I'll answer to the best of my ability.  


What do you guys (and gals) think about me writing about shamanism?  Is that something you'd be interested in?  Thanks for reading!
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