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Do You Believe in Fairies? The Magic Within Us

Earth Goddess Fern Nature Crown and Fern Leaf Headdress Made From Raw Materials of Nature
Do you believe in fairies?  Chances are, if you're reading this blog post, then you probably already do.  If not, you are on your way to believing or want to be open-minded to it.  The faery folk has passed a message along to me over and over again.  Now, I'm passing it onto you.  That message is that we all have magic within us.  It doesn't come from some outside source or all-powerful entity, it comes from deep within.

The fairies, angels, and ascended masters can help us along our journey.  They are there to give us wise counsel and sage advice.  They are there to guide us.  That's because they know something we don't know.  The magic that we're seeking comes from within.  It was there all along, like a secret doorway that longed to be opened by the right person.  That person is you.  That person is me.  That person is all of human-kind.

They wanted to remind us on this Hallow's Eve, that we are like a tree, rooted in the ground.  All of the branches that stem from us are our beliefs.  The tree, like the gnome, is the gatekeeper of the forest and the protector of the woodland.  Are you protecting your thoughts?  Are your beliefs stemming from a good place?  Are you tapping into the sap of the tree, the heart of the forest, and the magic of the land?

If you find that you are not, then the fairies are here to remind us of the very existence of our magick.  The magic that dwells within.  We came here with it and when we leave this earth, it goes with us.  All that will be left is a trace of the magic we left behind like a legacy or a family tree.  That small trace alone is potent enough to bottle up and make perfume.

What would your personal brand of perfume be called?  Would it be poisonous like a shiny red apple in a fairytale?  Or would it be sweet-smelling and golden delicious?  The truth is, we are both dark and light.  We are in between.  Just like our faerie friends.  We are magical beings that have the power to destroy entire continents or fill in the gap of the ozone layer.  That's the kind of power we wield.

The fey wants us to know that we need not be afraid of this power.  Most of us are inherently good inside.  This is a power that cannot be abused unless you truly come from a dark place.  I can assure you, anyone exploring the faerie realm is coming from a place of good intentions.  You are a person trying to connect with your ancient fairy heart and that never comes from a place of evil.
How to Capture a Spider in the Sunlight Nature Pic

Do You Beleive in Fairies?

As much as we believe in the nature spirits, they want us to believe in ourselves.  We are always looking for outside validation and seeking approval from the naysayers.  When we believe in ourselves, which is a special magic on its own, then the naysayers and the non-believers all fall away.  It will be as if they never existed in the first place.  The fairies want us to believe in ourselves.

It's like when you first opened the door to believing that fairies were real.  Suddenly, you could feel and maybe even see them everywhere.  Once you believed in them, you were given new eyes to see.  As your eyes adjusted to this new realm of possibilities, more pathways appeared.  Guess what?  Those pathways filled with twinkle lights, are stemming from you like branches on a tree.  When you begin to believe in yourself, the fairies begin to show you the magic that was already yours.

Believing is like a gateway drug to better things.  Inner conflict clouding your mind begins to clear and suddenly, solutions arrive and problems dissolve.  Just like magic!  How do I know this?  I've been experiencing this very thing!  I knew inside my heart of hearts that I was meant to be a successful blogger and writer, but there was some part of me that couldn't fully let myself believe.  It wasn't until I started to believe I could have it, that it already belonged to me, that I began to turn my business around seemingly overnight.

I was trying to force myself into being something that I'm not.  I was listening to all the outside voices that were like a cacophony of cicadas on a summer night in the forest.  Once I was able to drown out those noises, I could hear my own heartbeat.  It took almost dying by suicide and finally reconnecting with my natural self to finally stop listening to those terrible ego-based thoughts and feelings.

It all happened around the same time that I finally felt brave enough to come out as a faerie shaman.  When you're not true to yourself, it's as if a little piece of you dies every day, until finally there's nothing left but a ghost of what once was.  I still haven't come out to my family.  I admit I'm biding my time, but I am openly talking about fairies and their influence on my life.  That's a start.

If ever you feel you can't believe in yourself, then go out into the wild where you can be alone, and open your heart to believing in the fey.  I promise you, they will do the rest for you.  They might show you an inspired action to take or give you direction on what to do next, but they will begin to solidify your belief in yourself.

What kind of magical powers do we hold?

I've always believed in real-life magic, but more in the idea of it.  In my own life, I felt powerless.  I never understood that everything in my world was created by me on a deeply personal level.  It was too scary of a thought to think that I had created such a wasteland of a life.  I wondered how and why I would do that?  The first point to make is that it wasn't intentional.  When humans hurt themselves or others, the majority of the time we never meant to.  We were creating on default.

Even once you know that you're creating on default, it takes years and sometimes decades to gain control of the power that has been bestowed upon us.  It wasn't until I started working with the faerie folk on a more personal level, that I started to slowly gain my footing.

The fey wants us to approach life with a pure heart and pure intentions.  Unfortunately, we are indoctrinated by a world that tells us to stop believing in make-believe.  The fact of the matter is that there's no such thing as make-believe.  The make-believe is the true reality and the world we live in is one big lie and illusion.  That's a hard pill to swallow, isn't it?

It's because we are all made up of the same thing.  Magic.  It's everywhere.  It's in everything we see and do.  It's been right under our noses this whole time.  We couldn't see it or experience it because of the false illusion that the world at large casts over us like a dark light.  Working with a fairy can help you see the truth by thinning the veil between worlds.

We hold the power to shift our world.  Have you ever seen an ant carrying a big piece of food on his tiny back?  We can do that too.  We can shift our world by working with the fairies to harness and contain the magic within us.  Magic isn't meant to sit in the potential position.  It's meant to be used.

By now, you're probably wondering What kind of magical powers we hold.  What can we do with those powers?  The truth is, anything!  It's just like anything else in life though.  It takes time and practice.  The key ingredient is believing.  Without it, your magic will stay in neutral.  You have to believe in child-like faith that what you want to change, see, do, or accomplish is already yours.  The fairies can help with that!

I've made a list of some of the physical things we can do off the top of my head.  The list is limitless.  The faery recommends being playful and lighthearted in your approach to manifesting.  Reason being:  It removes all blocks and so does believing.  Plus, it's fun!

A List of Magical Powers For Faerie Faith

As promised, I wanted to share with you some of the magic that lies dormant in us, just waiting to be tapped.  Some call it the law of attraction and that works, but it's so much more than that!  It's raw, powerful, and direct.  I like to call it faerie faith or the heart of a faery.

Faerie faith is more than just believing in the fairies and that all living things are ensouled.  It's believing in ourselves too.  Like the spiderwebs in my pictures, we're all interconnected by this unforeseen magick.  It's how we stay connected and telecommunicate.  It's how we read people.  If you can tap into that, we can literally transform our visible world!

Magical Powers:
  • We have the power to turn any enemy into an alliance or friend
  • The power to turn a failure into a success seemingly overnight.  This works especially well in business.
  • We have the magical power to control the weather.  Usually, it works as a collective without even trying, when everyone in a region complains about how hot it is, for example.  You, all by your lonesome, have the power to change it to a crisp fall day if you want to.
  • Humans have the power to dissolve a problem instantly.  It's not the problem itself that's the issue, it's how we perceive it.  Our minds tend to overanalyze things and complicate small matters.
  • The power to heal.  Just like Jesus, we have the power to heal.  It's all about having a child-like faith and trust that it can be done, then finding your own method for doing so.
  • We have the power to make things appear.  Want something?  You can believe it into existence with a subtle body of energy.  Need money?  You can magnetize it to you with mind control.  Not everything requires practical work.  It requires the power to believe and trust your intuition.
  • You have the power to pass in between realms using faerie portals.  The best portal of all is to use yourself.  You are a human faerie portal.  
  • We have the power to create miracles.  All.  Day.  Long.  That's right.  Humans can create miracles too.  Remember, our magic comes from within.  
These are just a few neat tricks I learned along the way.  Sometimes, it would happen accidentally.  Other times, I would use my subconscious mind to ask for something, then the next thing I know it would appear magically from thin air into my life.  You hold this power too.  You are the magic key, the faerie portal, the endless possibilities!  

The first step to becoming the magical being that you know deep down you were always meant to be is to believe.  I'm not going to sugarcoat it for you.  Believing is sometimes the hardest part!  In fact, as soon as you start believing, someone will come along to show you the darkness from the light.  That's how the law of attraction works.  There must be dark in order to have light.  It's the law.  

That's why I highly recommend opening your heart to the fairies.  For some of you, this may be a strange concept.  For me, it's everyday life.  Everyone starts somewhere.  The best way to forge a friendship or connection to the fey would be to head out into nature.  Go somewhere private where you can talk to them, even if its only in your mind.  They can hear you on the winds of change.  

Speak openly and pour your heart out to them.  Cry on their shoulder if you need to.  Let it all out.  Once you do, you'll feel something.  A little spark within ignites.  From there, the magic will grow.  The fairy needs you to believe in him or her first, in order for you to be able to believe in yourself.  

They can speed up the process of manifestation for you with ease and grace.  Remember, nature spirits have the power to manifest wishes into reality instantly.  You have that power too.  They've just mastered the practice to an art form.  Work with the best and you'll learn from the best.  The fairies are the best.  Now, let me ask the question again, that I asked at the very beginning of this article.  Do you believe in fairies?  Because they most definitely believe in you!
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