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Earth's Grounding Energy With Trees and Mushrooms

Earth's Grounding Energy With Trees and Mushrooms
This morning I entered an enchanted, emerald green forest with fern trails and fallen logs that were covered in fall foliage and native mushrooms in clusters and communities.  Being there, reminded me of the forgotten places in nature, mostly left untouched by man.

The fern trail had a high level of dead decaying leaves, a pungent, fecund smell, and trees with tree hollows everywhere.  It was all at once I knew this trail was protected by the gnomes, the protector of the forests and trees.  If you are ever in need of earth's grounding energy, spend time with the trees and mushrooms.  Read on to learn why!
Gold Fall Leaf Foliage on a Crisp Fall Day in Florida Rainforest

A Golden Leaf At the Heart of the Forest

Trees have grounding, earthy energy.  Mushrooms, which grow in dark, damp places in the dirt, wet grass, and on fallen tree logs, are also filled with grounding energy.  You will need this kind of energy during times when there's a full moon, an equinox, and during times of transition.  Being that I just moved from Florida to the Blue Ridge Mountains, I was definitely in need of earthy vibes and rooted energy.

I knew that I needed to be someplace where other humans didn't go and this is where the tree gnomes and elves lead me.  The fern trail was actually blocked off, but something told me I'd be safe and to go on through.  The fairy energy here was downright magical and ethereal.

There was an especially high level of tree gnome residue.  I could feel and tell that tree elves lived here too.  It was dark, full of trees (during daylight, mind you), and enchanted by fairy energy.  Anywhere you find mushrooms, especially mushroom clusters, means fairies are present.  The trees were teeming with mushroom communities!

In the middle of this long, dark, winding path, I found this golden turning leaf on a wooden log.  It was just laying there in the perfect sparkle of light.
Root Chakra Opening by Communicating With Trees and Elementals

Hands-On Tree Grounding Ceremony

This is just a quick grounding trick I learned to do when on a hiking adventure.  You simply place your hand on the tree for a minute or more.  Be quiet, listen to the forest, you may just hear something.  Today, I heard whispers in the forest.  I believe it was the tree elves trying to talk to me, but I couldn't make out what they were saying.  Just to be clear, there were no humans around.  Only me and the nature spirits in unison.

Putting your hand up to a tree is like soaking up the ancient wisdom of the woodland.  It's like a transfer of old energy that is grounded in the earth.  The longer you keep your hand there, the better the results.  You feel balanced once you are healed and rooted in your chakras.

Trees are old.  They are wiser than all of us and they know the secrets of mother earth.  Get hands-on with creating your nature-inspired energy healing.  You'll feel very clear afterward.  You know that old saying, "I can see the forest for the trees?"  This is exactly the kind of clarity it was talking about.

Think about all the tree-loving woodland animals that live in the forest and national parks.  Owls, for example, are known for being wise.  They are known for seeing.  In order to see, one must have clear thinking.  Hence, the trees.
Mushroom Growing on Dark Tree Log in Wet Forest in the Autumn Months

Mushrooms and Trees Go Hand-in-Hand

Whenever both mushrooms and trees come together, that means there's some real faerie magick going on in the woods!  To come across it, means you are witness to the secret, haunted places of the forest.  The places that are dark, spooky, and hidden in the shadows.

There were single mushrooms from time to time, like the one in the above photograph, but most of them lived in huge communities encompassing entire tree logs and woodland areas.  This means that as with a fairy ring, there are groups of fairies living here.
Emerald Green Forest With Wildly Growing Edible Mushrooms + Foraging

Mushroom Communities are like a Gateway for Entering the Faerie Realm

This is the land of the fey.  Fairies definitely live here.  Wherever there's a mushroom, expect a fairy.  In this case, many of them.  It's funny.  Before I even went hiking this morning, I knew I would be entering a forbidden place for humans.  I also knew that if I were respectful, they'd let me get pictures and infuse me with tree energy.  Thanks, fairies!
Forest Log Growing Edible Oyster Mushrooms in the Wet Rainforests of Florida Wildlife

Painted Mushrooms and Treelines

The area I was walking through was cordoned off, so I found paint splashed on trees, fungi, and grasslands in certain areas.  I think it's for the forestry division to be able to come back to later.  I imagine some sections have the dead, decaying trees while others have controlled burns.  I'm assuming this is for the park rangers and workers to identify things that wildlife that needs to be protected or moved.  I've even seen them move dead logs before.  Not in North Carolina, but while I lived in Florida.
Forestry Division of the Enchanted Forest

Tree Hollow Gnome Habitats

Tree hollows, as you might imagine, are fairy portals.  On the surface, they make a home for woodland creatures.  They provide shelter and protection.  The nature spirit within the tree, namely a tree gnome, lives here too.  The tree gnome can go in between both worlds as all fairies do.  I've actually seen tree gnomes in the hollow of a tree before.  I even had it on camera!  This was when I was living in Sedona, Arizona.  You can read more about real-life fairy sightings here.
Mushrooms and Tree Bark Growing Wildly Edible Mushrooms for Foraging

Earth's Grounding Energy

Did you know that earth's grounding energy can be found in the strangest places?  Places that are dark, wet, and dank.  Places like the fern trail that I took a nature walk on today.  Reason being:  It's uninterrupted energy.  It's grounded in your root chakra, from the roots of the earth and mother nature all the way up through your halo.  That's how it puts down roots in you.  This will leave you feeling calm, peaceful, and serene.
Mushroom Fungi Growing Wildly in the Florida Wilderness Fall Foraging and Foliage

Mushrooms are Tree Huggers

I always think like an environmentalist, that I'm a tree hugger, but nobody is a bigger tree hugger than a mushroom.  Mushrooms grow on trees like wildfire.  The darker, the more moist place, the more fungi you will find growing on trees.  What's cool is they grow on trees in many different ways.  You'll find a bubble cluster of mushrooms right next to umbrella mushrooms or oyster mushrooms.  It's strange how alien the forest becomes, almost like deep-sea diving a thousand leagues under the sea.  The groundlings begin to become alien-shaped and monsterous like you will see in the next picture.
Growing Wild Mushrooms into Weird Shapes + Oyster Mushrooms in Florida

Alien Halloween Glowing Mushroom

Okay, I'm quite certain that's not the name of this native mushroom, but I couldn't resist.  I love these alien-like mushrooms as they grow and meld into each other.  I think it kind of gives it a Halloween vibe, especially with that bone white glowing color.  It makes me wonder if it glows at night.  If I ever get brave enough, I'll have to go back sometime in the darkness and see.
Growing Wildly Edible Mushrooms + Mushroom Picking Florida Living

Mushrooms That Go On For Miles...

It's amazing all the different tree species and woodland mushrooms I was able to discover today.  It sounds so child-like when I say this, but I felt like a world explorer!  As I walked out of the emerald green forest, I felt a sense of well-being wash over me and that's what being grounded does for you.  It makes you feel balanced and even.  What do you do to ground your energy?
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