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Experimenting With Lomo Art + Autumn Photography Blend

Lomo Art Photography With Pumpkins and Flowers
Lately, I've been experimenting with lomo art with an autumn photography blend.  So far, I'm loving it!  It's a lot of fun to play with.  I like using it on the nature table.  Basically, it's a shabby chic wooden table that I bring outside to create flat lays, like this one, and to create nature art, plant art, and flower art to my heart's content!

One of the things I'm trying to do is to use the same individual photograph in several different presets.  This makes each photographic blend a work of art and a resource.  Anything you can use in several different ways is always a save for the planet, even if it's in a tiny, microscopic way.

I wanted to experiment with lomo art because it creates a dream-like haze on the photograph, as well as an instant frame.  The frame is barely noticeable, if at all, to the naked human eye.  I find it very mysterious and intriguing!
White Shabby Chic Table on Green Grass Lawn Displaying Floral Bouquet

 The Nature Table Concept

Creating a nature table is really easy.  All you need is an old table, preferably sturdy and wooden.  When you want to change the background colors, you can change the tablecloth colors, use mats, and simply feng shui and organize a new plant art design.  Just lay everything out on the table the way you like, arrange nature into a work of art, and snap pictures with your camera!

Bored with a look?  Keep using the same objects to change it up.  Look at the world from many different points of view.  Since the table is light, you can move it into different places and lighting.  Also, important to note, that I bring mine in at night and use it for a houseplant stand.

On special occasions, I've used it for dining outdoors (though chairs are needed here) and little celebrations, milestones, and backyard parties in life.  I think something this simple would even be cute for a small, intimate woodland wedding theme or a backyard wedding gala!
Lomo Art Photography Polaroids With Nature Art and Pumpkins + Flower Designs

 Reasons to Choose Lomo Art For Fall Photography

I've chosen to use lomo art for some of my pictures because the lighting fits right in with the Halloween spirit and the mood of fall.  The burgundy flowers become vampire red lipstick in color and dark shadows become bat-like shadows.  White becomes the color of skeleton bones.  Very fall-like in my opinion!  What do you think?
Fall Arrangement Floral Scents With Baby's Breath Flowers and Red Carnations

 How to Create a Mood

Lomo art is perfect for creating a fall vibe and autumn mood.  Like I was talking about before, if you want to give your current season of life photographs a personal touch, lomo just might be for you!  Going trick or treating? This preset might be perfect for Halloween costumes with creepy ghouls and magical dark fairies.
Green Living Plants and Pumpkins For Halloween Elegance

 Autumn Photography Blend

Right now, I'm currently in the Halloween spirit, and not just because it's my favorite holiday.  It's because it's that time of year again.  Autumn brings out both the dark and light features of life, even in photographs.  Try to blend it together with cornucopias, fall colored flower arrangements, dying or dried plant life, and pumpkins, bats, and paper things.  Create an autumn blend that reminds you of pumpkin spiced lattes and candied apples!
Autumn Halloween Pumpkin Lomo Art Polaroid Picture

 Look For the Shadows and Dark, Draping Lighting

Even during the daytime, the fall season has a lot of shadows and secret, hidden places, like this one.  Look for those and use them for creepy and sometimes ethereal (depending on what you're going for), outdoor photography.  This is the brightest part of the day in my backyard a week ago and look!  Shadows all over the place.  Play with them and use them to your advantage.  I'm a big fan of shadow lighting and when you mix it with lomo art, you've got the perfect blend!
See?  Experimenting with a lomo art camera lens or preset can be a lot of fun!  I have no idea how it will work for brighter parts of the year, such as spring and summer.  I do know that it creates a mean haunted vibe that I like for autumn leaves and backyard Haloween parties.

Have you used lomo art in the past?  What did you think of it?  How did it fit in?


After an Indian summer that seemed to go on from here to eternity, even in the mountains, we finally had a cold snap in Black Mountain!  It's been in the thirties.  I'm stoked because I've never got to experience real seasons before.  This is definitely getting me in the Halloween spirit!
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