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Fern Trail Hiking Adventure + Living Plant Art

A Girl Covering Her Face With a Fern Leaf Plant Life in the Woods
My fern trail hiking adventures continue!  You can read more about it in last week's post about mushrooms + trees grounding energy.  I had the most perfect day in the mountains with a cold snap to boot!  I love cold snaps.

Yes, cold snaps make me want to curl up under a thousand blankets by the fireplace, but there's something very cozy about them.  Plus, when I force myself to take a nature walk despite a chill in the air, I warm up pretty quickly.  I'm learning all about light layers and how to dress for cold weather.  Being from Florida, cold snaps were short-lived, and I was left wanting more.  In the mountains, it's like one big cold snap all the time.

I was in my element when I took these pictures!  It all started in the morning.  I wrote a letter to Fairy Queen Aine, then headed out for a hike.  I ended up back in Fern Trail to live out my hiking adventures!  Usually, I don't run into people out here.  I go pretty deep into the woods while hiking, but I ran into some cool people along the way.

I met a guy and his son who started chatting me up about edible mushrooms and mushroom hunting.  I took it as a sign from the universe because the day before I had been on a site about foraging for mushrooms and mushroom hunting season in North Carolina.

I also got some great snapshots in nature.  I used a wooden bridge in a secret meadow area, in order to take flat lays with the natural objects I found all around me.  There were plenty of ferns (hence, fern trail), little sprigs of flowers, pine cones, acorns, sticks, twigs, and more.  I was able to turn nature into a work of art!

I definitely plan to share my nature flat lay artwork with you soon!  This time around, I wanted to mostly focus on the ferns I found in the woodland.  It felt like Fairy Queen Aine and the rest of the fairies were dressing me up in nature disguises for Halloween.  In a way, I was their living doll for the day.  No complaints here!
Green Fern Leaf Art + Nature Flat Lay + Plant Life Flat Lay

Living Plant Art

The best thing about plant art is that it comes from a magical place within.  I've noticed that when I call on Aine, Aeracura, or my fairy guide and deva Mercoo, that I end up doing a lot of creative things that flow from nature.  The last time I called on Aine, I ended up making this flat lay design.  I snapped so many pictures, I was able to convert my fall harvest artwork into several different posts.  The fairies are nothing if not resourceful!

This time around, I headed out for a hiking adventure in the woodland and ended up finding a private spot for nature photography.  I ended up doing a wooden blend of photoshoots in the woods and at home in my backyard.  The winds were blowing and it felt more like the winds of change than anything!

If you ever feel creatively stuck, I highly recommend calling on the fairy queen Aine or any of the nature spirits you feel connected to.  Always offer to do something in return.  Most of the time, it will be to pick up trash.  Don't overthink it, just do it, and the fairy you worked with will see it.

For living plant art, always ask first before picking.  As soon as you pick the plants and wildflowers, they will soon die.  You never want to be greedy or wasteful.  You always want permission from the guardians of the forest.  You can ask by addressing the fairies generally or go directly to the gnomes.  They are the gatekeepers of the forest and the trees.  You'll want to run it by them first.

Then, start collecting!  It's so much fun.  Be sure to bring something to carry your wild belongings in.  I use a backpack, but a green bag would do too.  If you let the fey lead you, they will direct you to cool places to hunt and gather things.  They will show you where the best pictures are.  If you are kind and respectful, they will imbue you with bountiful gifts!

For living plant art, you'll want to find some private places to take location pictures.  Again, I found a little wooden bridge that connects to a meadow.  It was here that I began arranging pictures out of woodland objects and wildflowers.  I also decided to use myself as a living body of art.  I became a human woodland creature that day using ferns, golden berries, and sticks and twigs.  I had a lot of fun doing it and felt a rush of energy and excitement.
Forest and Fern Leaf Nature Art + Golden Berry Flat Lay in Florida Wetlands

Golden Berries Plant Art Sampling

I wanted to show you a little wooden sampling of some of the wild nature art I created while on fern trail.  Even the light that day was golden-hued with fall inspiration!  The best part for me is that it wasn't planned.  I know some people say they don't like surprises, but I do.  I love being pleasantly surprised by new & enriching experiences on the hiking trail.  I feel like I learn something new every time I go out there.

One of the biggest surprises is coming across like-minded people like myself.  The nature girls and boys of the world.  Having conversations about how to clean and cook up oyster mushrooms + chicken of the woods fungi, is basically like a dream come true for me.  I know it's weird, but that's me.  I love anything and everything to do with nature.  Creating a kinship with real-life human woodland creatures is pretty much the cat's meow for me.

The golden berries plant art sampling were some of the prettiest, warmest fall colors I had ever seen.  What's even more interesting, is that while I was making the nature flat lay, the wind kept blowing more fall leaves into the picture.  I just chalked it up to a happy coincidence.
Food Art With Golden Berries in the Fall Forage Samles

Fern Trail and Golden Berries = Faery Food

I plan on writing a post soon on what fairies eat.  I know this is something that people are interested in, especially with the uprise of the vegan lifestyle.  I'll give you one little hint and it's kind of a big one.  They are vegetarian.  This may surprise a lot of vegans out there, but yup.  Fairies eat a mostly plant-based diet but allow honey, treats (they have a big sweet tooth), and dairy products.  The difference between us and them is how they eat.  But, I'll get into that more soon enough.  In the meantime, fairies love berries.  The berries found in my hand, as well as many other kinds.

If you ever want to leave a faery offering while on a hike, try to include something sweet with it.  They love candy, by the way.  I've been leaving Halloween candy in a dish on my porch for them as a way of showing gratitude.  If you don't have any sweet treats with you, pick some berries or fruit off a tree.  It's a great show of appreciation for them.
Nature Art + Food Art Display Hiking Essentials

FernGully: The Last Rainforest

Being on fern trail reminded me on that 1992 movie "FernGully: The Last Rainforest".  It was a cartoon animation that had nature spirits in it, that were trying to save a rainforest in Australia.  When I'm on the fern trail, even though it's not a rainforest, it always reminds me of that movie.  Maybe it's the message behind it.  I guess I always loved that it taught kids about being respectful to mother nature.

In order to keep having future generations, we must start now.  That's what I've always taught my kids and I'm certain they will pass the message down to my grandchildren.  It feels good to know that I'm doing my part.  I always want to keep striving to do more.  I understand the nature spirits and I know one thing they've taught me is resourcefulness.  One bouquet of flowers can be used in several different ways.  Mushrooms can be used for outdoor photography and for dinner that night.  Plants can be used as healing medicine and as a natural beauty product.

I think a lot of us are getting back to our primitive nature.  We long for a life that's simple but value our technology too.  With technology, we can reach more people, spread our messages far and wide.  With nature, we can ground ourselves, set down roots, and enjoy the moment.  It's really kind of beautiful when you think about it.
Wooden Display of Sticks and Twigs, Fall Foliage, and Living Botanicals

The Nature of Things

In order to create living plant art while on the nature trail, I say look for a flat surface.  Honestly, you can use dirt or sediment too, but I haven't tried that yet.  I like to look for something that has a woodgrain surface if possible, like the bridge I used in these pictures.  My biggest tip is to use what you have on hand!

This goes back to being resourceful.  Then arrange plants, fall leaves, acorn halves, pine cones, berries, and rocks however you like.  Make faces.  Spell out words.  Just be sure to create a work of art that feels natural and of the moment.  Nature art isn't really about being Pinterest perfect.  Nature is rough, turbulent, and wild.  It's the nature of things!
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