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Nature Flat Lay: Healing Crystals Nature Art Display

Healing Stones Crystal Grid Arrangement in Rainbow Obsidian Colors
I first learned about the art of flat lays from when I was on Instagram.  I found it very inspiring to see layouts of flower petals, sticks and twigs, and other nature art on full display.  Being that I love nature photography and nature art, I thought why not put them together in fun combinations?  So, I did.

Healing crystals flat lay nature art kinda served multiple purposes for me and what I was trying to achieve.  At the time, I was trying to sun my gemstones, in order to cleanse them of any residue energy they might have picked up along the way.  That's a good tip, by the way.  Cleanse your crystals often!

They looked so pretty, sparkling in the sunlight, that I just had to take their picture!  I ended up with multiple gems in flat lay formation.  Like a fairy, I get excited about sparkly things.
Colorful Gemstone Arrangement on Wooden Patio in Florida

Healing Crystals:  How to Use Them

I use gemstones in my everyday life quite a bit.  You can read about how I wear them in my bra here.  By wearing crystals on your person, you're letting it absorb into your skin and perform some healing miracles while you're walking, taking, working, and interacting with people.  It's kind of nice to let them do all the work, isn't it?

The gemstones do all the heavy lifting while you go about your day.  At night, place gemstones under your pillow for vivid dreams, as a solution to a problem, or simply for a good night's sleep.  Crystals keep the nightmares away.

I like gemstones because there's one for every problem.  Also, did you know gemstones can talk to you?  There's a reason I call them talking gemstones.

They speak to you intuitively, not with lips and a mouth.  Gemstones, in general, have very clear energy, which makes it easy for you to hear them.

There are times when my healing crystals have spoken to me, to remind me that they are available to me when I'm going through a tough time.  As humans, we forget we have so much healing power available to us.  Luckily, we have crystals, plants, and flowers to nudge us with reminders.

If you have what feels like a cloud hanging over your head, I recommend a black obsidian rock or Apache Tear's gemstone.  These very powerful crystals will clear the energy in a room, on a person, and keep the nightmare's away.

Be sure to cleanse an obsidian rock before cleaning your house, so that you can set it out to clear the air of spiritual residue so that you can be in proper feng shui alignment.  It really cleans the air!
Assorted Crystals in Sunstone, Angelite, and Red Agate for Healing Crystals

Nature Flat Lay: Nature Art Display Tips

Making a nature flatlay is fairly easy to do.  I am going to write an entire post with tips on how to make nature art and use of flat lay displays.  For now, I'll just share a few of my favorite tips for getting started.
  • Let your inspiration guide you.  Don't force yourself to make something unless you're in a state of creative flow.  
  • Use lots of different backgrounds.  I use wood grain a lot, but I also like to use my shabby chic white table, grass, and sometimes beach sand as a natural backdrop.  
  • Spell out words or make an arrow to point someone in the right direction.  I personally think this idea is really cute.  
  • Get Closeups and zoom out.  This will also make the same flat lay display look completely different.
  • Use lots of color combinations.  You literally can take the same picture a million different ways.  Just use your imagination.
  • Move the camera in different ways and positions.  This is so the same flat lay has a different effect.
  • Go with the seasons, not against them.  It's fun to create nature displays for different holidays, milestones, and birthdays too.  
  • Do your own thing!  Don't copy what everyone else is doing.  Be in the moment and find your own way.
Talking Gemstones Magical Gemstone Grid Arrangement in Nature

Talking Gemstones: Talk to the Gemstone

Remember how I said you can talk to your gemstones?  Well, here are some tips for talking to your gemstones and more importantly, hearing their solutions.  

If you want to hear what they have to say and you're earnest about it, your crystal will respond in kindness.  In fact, they don't have a mean rock formation in their body.

To best hear them, you'll want to combine the healing stone of your choice with a clear thinking crystal.  I recommend a white quartz crystal and an apophyllite gemstone.  To boost your communication skills, use some clary sage to clear the room of any dark, toxic energy.  

Now that you can hear them loud and clear, just ask a question.  You can do this out loud or by writing it on a piece of paper.  Then place the crystal you want to talk to in the palm of your hand.  The dominant hand would work best here.

Then, listen.  Sit there for a few minutes and listen through your intuition.  Immediately, an answer will pop into your head or suddenly you'll feel clear on a solution.  You've just made friends with a healing stone!
Natural Gem Mine Crystal Healing Alignment

Healing Stones Flat Lay Display

The healing stones flat lay display can also be used to make crystal grids, which you can read about here.  It's a great way to display the magical crystal grids you've created so that you can look back on them later and see what wishes came true.  

It's also a great way to catalog your stone collection so you can see how big it's grown.  I know mine started out really small and has grown exponentially since I started getting into crystals back in 2013.  They are all over my house in secret, hidden places!

If you'd like to try other nature art, you might like this post on DIY Plant Art Fun.  Give it a whirl!  It's fun to make nature into a work of art.
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