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Living Flower Barrettes for Those Times When You Want to Feel Like a Fairy

Real Living Flower Barrettes For Fall Sweater Weather + Autumnal Equinox Spells
Sometimes you just want to feel like a fairy and when those times happen, you want to put living flower barrettes in your hair. It's a pretty, natural look!  Most days, I either put flowers in my hair buns or in my pigtails or even in my braids.

I have this thing about using natural resources wisely.  I try to follow the zero-waste movement as closely as possible, although there's always room for improvement.

For example, the other day I bought a salad from Sprouts and it was DIY, so you had to mix all the ingredients in this big, single-use plastic container.  Instead of immediately throwing it in the recycle bin, I washed it out and used it to inspire me to eat salads a few more times.  In fact, I still have it and it's been a week!

It's the same thing with flowers and plants.  I like to find several different ways to use them.  I guess you could say it brings out the fairy in me.

My stepfather bought me this big bouquet of burgundy flowers from Sprouts.  He let me pick out what I wanted and I was immediately drawn to the reddish color.  It reminds me of a dark red lipstick or Halloween and vampires.  I know, weird, right?
Floral Bouquet Hair Clips for Woodland-Themed Weddings and Eco-Friendly Options

Living Flower Barrettes

You can do living flower barrettes for those times when you want to feel like a fairy.  It makes you feel closer to nature.  I like the burgundy flowers because they have a fall magic vibe to them.  I consider them part of the autumn collection in the seasons of life.

It's also a really great way to repurpose items in your household that are derived from nature.  The fairies really like when humans reduce, reuse, and recycle so you have the fairy seal of approval!
Human Deer Horns Butterfly Antennae Floral Barrettes and Hair Accessories Derived From Nature

Fairy Flower Horns

One thing I'm working on right now is making fairy flower horns.  It's basically the same concept of the living flower hair clips, except you make two little horns where the flowers would be.  Then add the flower hair clips.

I like finding new ways of using the using flowers in my hair.  It's such an easy way to add wearable nature to your accessories and wardrobe.  Speaking of, I was wondering, do you think I should bring back the wearable nature feature?

I had it on my old blog, but at the time I had this dream of turning it into an outfit post.  Which is fine, but I think it threw me off track some.  Use the link I provided to find more wearable nature posts and let me know if you think I've got something.  I think I liked it best for do-it-yourself style and beauty, rather than for outfit posts.

Now, back to those fairy flower horns.  To make them, simply make a tiny little bun on each side of your head.  I'm not sure how this would look or work on a person with thick hair, but who knows, it might be super-cute!  I have thin hair, so these little hairstyles work really well on me.

When you have your tiny bun in place, you'll clip it with live flowers with small stems.  You can use an actual hair clip or bobby pins.  You can either put one on each side or have flowers clipped all the way around each hair bun, forming a circle.  Like a fairy ring!

There you have it, flower horns fresh from the garden.  Be careful not to attract any bees!  Butterflies are always okay though.  They may be curious about you.
Living Floral Barrette Arrangement in Red With Backyard Backdrop in the Summertime

How to Keep Live Flowers Living Longer

In order to make your flowers last longer before clipping them for use, I highly recommend you take care of the floral arrangement first.  Use fresh water.  Tap is okay, but if you have a water filtration pitcher, use that instead.  You never know, it might help!

Add a capful of hydrogen peroxide to the water, a copper penny, and if your flower bouquet came with a packet of flower powder, use that too.  Mix well.  Then add your flowers.

This way, when you clip flowers for personal use, you'll be able to keep using your flower barrettes for a few days or more.  Mine kept almost a week!  That's after clipping them and making them into hair clips.

Remember, flowers are living things.  They have a soul.  All living things do.  They don't mind if you use them, you just have to show respect first.  It's a basic rule to follow with the nature spirits.
Red Carnation Flower Hair Clips + Botanical Style Hair Accessories

How to Feel Like a Fairy + Tips

It's easier to connect with the fey if you wear nature in your everyday style.  It not only makes you look like a fairy but makes you feel like one too.

Why would you want to feel like one?  Well, fairies have a lot going for them.  They are very grounded in earth's natural energy.  They exude sparkling energy and confidence.  They have the ability to manifest wishes instantly.  What's not to like?

Looking and feeling like you're part of the natural realm, will attract a lot of natural magic into your life.  Suddenly, just because you made a decision to wear flowers in your hair, everything is going right in your day.  That cute guy at work started flirting with you.  You feel downright magical!

That's the power of the fairies at work.  When you rock a flower in your hair, they rock your world back.  In a good way.  Plus, in this case, red is totally a power color!

When choosing flowers, be sure to use colors and features for different things you want to attract into your life that day.  Maybe you have a job interview, use a red flower.  Maybe you have a date with a new beau, wear a soft baby pink for sweet love and romance.

Let your imagination run wild, as wild as those wildflowers in the field.  You'll go to bed tonight, sleeping, dreaming, and breathing fairy dust.
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