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Nature Flat Lay: Flower Art and Pumpkin Fall Harvest Display

Pumpkin Art Display Martha Stewart Designs For Fall Celebrations

It's time for nature flat lay volume number two with flower art and pumpkin fall harvest display!  I love flowers and when you combine a floral design with bits and pieces of fall inspiration, it really makes for a pretty picture.  Don't you think?

What got me into flower art and fat lays?  Honestly, Instagram was a huge inspiration for me, but it all kind of just naturally unfolded, as things do.  I don't have the best camera in the world (right now), so I take all my nature photography in the Great Outdoors.  I tend to snap photos on nature trails while hiking, in my backyard, and in or around the outside of my cabin.  In Florida, my mindset was pretty much the same.  Floral art flat lays, allows me to explore that artistic side of myself that I really enjoy bringing out.

I suck at painting pictures, but I'm a damn good writer.  I'm also a really talented photographer, especially when you consider I don't even have a DSLR camera or equipment.  I've always made do with what I have.  I can only imagine how great it will be when I get to upgrade to a better camera.  I'll be able to do even more flatlay designs and high-quality images.  Fingers crossed!
Autumn Festival and Gloom and Glow Low Mood Lighting and Pumpkin Table Display Design

Do I Plan on Selling My Flat Lay Displays?

Honesty, I don't know.  This blog is just something I do because I enjoy it.  I don't make money from it at the time I'm writing this, but things can change swiftly.  I'm also trying to change my intentions for my business by making them purer.  I want to only have good intentions of healing people through my words as a shaman and maybe inspiring them with what I consider to be my art.

I'm also trying to get a job right now because my financial situation needs to change.  This is just me putting my heart on the line.  Maybe it's the full moon in Taurus 2018', maybe it's just my need for change, but I'm trying to more open and flexible with my life.  I've held onto this concept for so long that things had to be a certain way, that there was only one path to success.  I've come to the realization that I've been too rigid and life is meant to be flowy and creative.

So, I'm looking for a work-from-home job that offers me both creative freedom and the prosperity I so long for.  It's scary, but at least I'm finally taking some responsibility for my life and how things have turned out.  The one constant in my life has always been blogging.  It's something that's always there for me and I can count on.  Writing and photography are like nature, they bring me to my happy place.  In the end, I'd rather be happy than be right.
Green Wedding Design and Outdoor Fall Display + Floral Art Design

How to Make Your Own Flat Lay Displays

If you'd like to get into creating fat lays, which I highly recommend, you might want to start with the simple stuff.  Use whatever camera you have on hand.  Be sure to create the majority of your work outdoors on some kind of nature table.  You can read about mine here.  It's really easy!

I say start simply because you'd be surprised what kind of cool treasures you might have laying around your house.  Do you have a crystal collection?  Grab it!  Do you have houseplants?  Use clippings.  Do you have flowers in your gardens?  Add them to your display.  Have fun with this!

Art doesn't feel rigid or constricting, it feels like you're in the creative flow of things.  If you don't have the best camera in the world, don't let that intimidate you.  That's why I recommend natural lighting to set the mood.  Outdoor photography is actually my personal favorite!

Here are some fun tools of the trade:

  • Rocks
  • Gemstones
  • Jewelry
  • Sticks and Twigs
  • Leaves
  • Food
  • Coffee
  • Fabrics
  • Fowers
  • Plants
  • Animals (In rare cases!)
I think the biggest tip I can give you is to do things your own way.  Don't copy anyone else.  Be original!  I know sometimes you look at other people's pictures and they seem so much better than yours.  In fact, this very thing happened to me yesterday.  Try not to compare yourself to others, no matter what kind of art you do.  This goes for all artists.  Musicians, photographers, writer's, filmmakers, painters, whatever.  As cheesy as it sounds, there's no one like you in the world and that's the truth.  

Keep in mind, everyone starts somewhere.  Not many people come out of the gate flying.  We all start at the beginning and follow our paths.  Another thing to keep in mind:  Many of these people have professional cameras and equipment.  They even have the best lighting for inside.  You may not right now, but that's okay because that can change with time.  You'll get better at sharing your art with the world, make some money, and upgrade cameras.  It's cool to move your way up slowly.
Small White Dining Table for Making Botanicals and Flat Lay Displays

DIY Flower Art and Pumpkin Fall Harvest Display

Okay, now that you've been practicing some fun flat lay photographs, it's time to put together a fall harvest sample.  Fall festivities really make it fun to put together this nature art display.  Think of it as a collage, only not all the pieces are overlapping.  

What I like to do is visualize what my ideal autumn season or perfect fall day would look and feel like.  Feel being the keyword here.  The look part kind of comes together as you start putting floral arrangements together, crisp fall leaves, and red sweaters bundled together in such a way that it makes the viewer feel like magic.

  • Two or more pumpkins, various sizes, colors, etc.  
  • Fall leaves in various colors (optional)
  • Dark, floral bouquets or individual fowers.  Choose fall colors like orange pumpkin, coffee, burgundy, vampire black or red, or even a bone white.  Yellows always look good this time of you, as well as toffee colors in various shades of tan and brown.  
  • Baby's breath.  Honesty, looks good in any flower arrangement, as it's a neutral color that allows for the other colors to pop!  For fall being such a warm season, you want bright vampiric colors to stand out.  Trust me!
  • Halloween decor.  Plastic skeletons, pumpkin rings, and toy bats are always cute for Halloween. (optional)
  • Vines and plant clippings.  This again is to balance out your flat lay.  It adds in some neutral tones to the colors that are bright.  In a sense, it makes them brighter.
  • A nature table can be used outdoors.  See here.  I prefer rustic or shabby chic for a clean, minimal design, but it's your work of art.  Do it however you like!
  • Lighting.  You can use natural light or fairy lights and lanterns to create a fall-inspired atmosphere.  It depends on the look and feels you are going for.
Fall Flowers and Plant Life Design Flat Lay for Autumn

How To Put Together a Nature Display

To put your fall nature display together, just start mixing and matching, creating floral grids, and snapping pictures.  You can change it up by changing the lighting, adding layers to the table with tablecloths and placemats, and changing up your natural backdrop.  

For example, if you want to create a minimalist look, then use a bare table in natural wood.  If you want to create a cozy, hygge vibe, use cable knit sweaters, a cup of tea with tea leaves, and a string of white Christmas lights. This creates a story.  

Use flower bouquets in a single order or in bundles.  Add a personal touch like fairy lights or a ribbon. to wrap around the bouquet.  Use plants in between.  If you'd like to create the transition from the fall season to the winter holidays, add mittens, holly, and tiny Christmas wreaths with ornaments to fill in space in between.  That's what you are doing here.  Filling in space, creating flower grids, and using pumpkins in between.  

Take the same picture in several different ways and styles.  Use different presets by using the same photograph.  This creates variety.  It makes it warm & inviting.  

Remember that creating a nature flat lay has more to do with how it makes your recipient feel, then merely how it looks.  For the autumn vibe, simply remember to use warm colors.  For Halloween, use blood red, bone white, bat black, and ghoul green.  You can choose to make it classic (think Martha Stewart) or eclectic.  Whatever you choose, make it fun and interesting!
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