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The Secret, Hidden Places of My Life (Hidden in Plain Sight)

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The secret, hidden places of my life are often hidden in plain sight.  Everything from my shooting star tattoo strategically placed behind my left ear to the gemstones hidden in my bra.  The truth is, I like to leave myself as a bit of a mystery to whomever I meet along my journey.

I'm not an easy person to peg or get to know.  I imagine that's sometimes difficult for more extroverted people to understand.  It can be likened to cracking a code.  It's not that I want to be contrarian and difficult.  It's just that it takes me a bit longer to warm up to people.  Once you're in, I'm your friend for life.

I'm very loyal to the people that I love and care about.  Family and friends who are like family to me, means everything to me.  In that way, I guess you could say that's one thing the fairies and I have in common.

We don't just welcome anyone with open arms.  In a way, you have to prove yourself first.  We can also spot a sycophant a mile away.  We have this innate ability to see through people, to see if they are being a false neighbor or friend.  It's both a curse and a blessing.

Even writing this rambling about myself takes a lot for me.  Because, when I speak, it means I really have something meaningful to say.  When I love, it means that I really, really love you.  When I praise, it's coming from a place of devotion and #truth.

For the sake of my readership, I thought it would be a good time to come out of my shell a little more.  Yes, I'm a shy, introvert but surprisingly, I can be a real social butterfly when I want to be.  That's the key.  When I want to be.  Get it?

Once I'm done socializing, I need to go and be alone for at least 24 hours to recharge my batteries and ground my energy.  Some of this is because I'm an introvert who happens to know herself very well.  Some of this is because I'm an empath and I feel a strong need to protect what's mine.  I have no qualms about putting boundaries up.  I've been told by my daughters, that it's one of the things I'm really good at.

Of course, it can be lonely sometimes.  I do love my alone time.  I don't just love it or need it, I require it.  Just wondering:  Any other shy, introverts out there?  Anyone who can relate to this?
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Shy, Introverts That Turn Into a Butterfly Sometimes

Here's a big secret about me that's hidden in plain sight.  The majority of the time, I am a shy, introvert happy to spend all her time in nature with woodland creatures and very little human contact.  A few times a year, the social butterfly in me climbs out of her cocoon to get into the festival spirit of things.

  • I tend to come out more during the holiday seasons.  The winter holidays are a must for me.  I'm really big into Halloween, as it's seriously my favorite holiday ever, which you can read about here.  During this time, I'm more active!  I tend to shed weight in the colder weather months.  Pretty cool, eh?
  • I also make a grand appearance in the spring.  Partially, because I'm an Aries and my birthday is March 27th, but partially because it feels like everything comes to life during this time.  It feels like any fitness program I begin in the spring always gets follow through and devotion.  It's also a magical time for the fairies, so it only makes sense that it would be for me.
  • I tend to go into hibernation during summer vacation.  Maybe it's because I was living in Florida before and maybe that will change, but that's how it's always been.  I think summer is nice in a lot of ways and I love all the seasons to some extent, but I tend to be a cave dweller when it's hot & humid outside.  
  • The full moon and new moons make me somewhat active, even retroactively.  In other words, let's say I skip a moon by a day or two, you'll find me utilizing the magic of the moon in some other way at a different point.  My moon magic energy increases either before or after the full or new moon.  I much prefer the in-between.
  • I have a preference for everything in between.  What I like to call the twilight of life.  The tween places, if you will.  I prefer a waxing moon, a waning moon, the energy leading up to a holiday, more than the actual holiday.  Christmas is a prime example of that for me.  I think Halloween might be my one exception to the rule and possibly birthdays.  I don't know why, but that's just the way I'm built.
So, right now is my prime time!  The winter holidays are right around the corner.  Haloween is almost here.  The weather is still very fickle.  Most of all, we're in the in-between times.  This is when I'm most likely to make friends, be active on social media, and to be open to the possibilities of love and nearly anything.  Oh, dare I mention, Venus is in retrograde right now, affecting the love house
of our lives.  No wonder true love and finding my soulmate and husband has been on the brain!
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The Secret, Hidden Places in My Life (FAQ)

Sometimes, when you're a mystery, you don't know that you are.  What I mean is, you aren't going out of your way to be some kind of code-cracking mystery novel.  You are just living your life and being you.  That's certainly the case with me.  Most of the time, I'm not even thinking about it.  I'm too busy snapping pictures, writing, and spending time in nature.  

1.)  What does a typical day look like for you? 

Since I've moved to Black Mountain, North Carolina it's a bit different.  So, I'll answer this from that point-of-view.  I get up in the morning, put on my coffee, and open all the curtains on the cabin.  I even open the doors so I can feel the morning chill in the air.  It wakes me up.  I drink my coffee and write my letters to the universe then burn them in the sink.  

I get ready to go for a long nature walk, but I usually head into town first for provisions.  Mainly, because it's good for me to get out of the house and meet people.  I'm a little lonely here because this is my first time away from my kids and family.  I usually walk to the store, because it's not that far.  

I then go back to the cabin and go hiking.  I bring my camera with me and snap pictures.  I come back to the cabin and write.  After that, it's starting to get shady and a little on the dark side because daylight savings is beginning to fall back in time.  I then decide to either hang out at home and have a soak in the outdoor hot tub or walk into town for dinner.  Again, it's lonely.  I'm shy and I don't know anyone, so I'm trying to make the effort.  That's my truth.

2.)  If you could have anything in the world right now, what would it be?  

I don't even have to think about it.  That's easy.  Love.  True love.  I'd like to meet a nice man and settle down and spend my life with him.  I'd like to get married again, to the right guy this time.  I'd like to share all my secret, hidden places with him.  That's what I want more than anything.  I'd give anything to be one of those old couples someday that still love each other after all these years.

3.)  What's something most people don't know about you, that's hidden in plain sight?

That I'm a really sensitive soul.  I feel slights down to my bones.  I can feel when others are hurting and when I feel hurt and pain it has great magnitude.  It reaches the deepest, darkest places of my heart.  Sometimes, it can be overwhelming.  It feels like I have no skin to protect me.  

4.)  What makes you really, deep-down happy?  Like, for real.

Nature makes me feel like running through a field of wildflowers happy.  I don't know how to explain it.  I will try to though.  It feels like God and the nature spirits are everywhere when I'm in the heart of nature.  It makes me feel like I can be or do anything when I'm quiet in the wild. It's like a spiritual awakening with nature as my religion.  

I feel like I can be myself when I'm outside.  There's no judgment or second-guessing.  It's as if I feel whole, complete, and healed by the life-giving force of nature.  

When everyone is talking and getting along, my daughters make me that happy.  My family makes me that happy.  I love them more than they will ever know.  I love how silly we all are and how they accept the parts of me that may seem strange to them.  It makes me super happy when I'm on the phone with my oldest daughter and she knows me so well that she knows when I'm talking to my plants.  It's kinda sweet when you think about it.  Those are the things in life that truly bring me happiness.

6.)  What's your superpower?

Being a faerie shaman.  I'm still learning how to use it, but it's definitely my gift.  I would also say that seeing and writing are my other gifts.  What I mean is seeing the unseen things in people and in life.  Maybe that's part of my shaman healing power.

7.)  What's your strength?

My strength is God and nature.  I feel like knowing what you have and being grateful for it are two of the biggest things in life needed to be strong.  If you are strong in what you believe, even when naysayers come knocking at your door, then you are strong throughout.  

Thanks for reading this!  Much love.  Feel free to tell me your secret, hidden places in the comment section.  Maybe we can band together!
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