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DIY Faerie Box for Nature Finds + Faerie Witchcraft

Create Every Day Art Box + Decorative Hat Box
I started a DIY faerie box for nature finds and faerie witchcraft about a year ago.  You know what the funny part is?  I didn't even know it!  Creating a keepsake box for all things related to faerie magic is a great way to track the results of spells you've tried, hold onto your favorite nature finds, and build fairy houses to boot.

Mine started gradually.  I really like this decorative box my mom had given me that said to create every day.  It reminded me of the arts, writing, and the pursuit of my dreams of running a creative business.  Since I write letters to the universe every morning, which you can read about here, I naturally gravitated toward placing paperwork in the box.

Sometimes the fairies and Archangel Raziel (the Archangel of the mystery of the universe), transmute messages to me through automatic writing and whatnot.  The messages were crystal clear and were almost always about instant manifestation and other questions that I wanted to ask about life.  Don't ever be afraid to ask questions to the angels, fairies, or the ascended masters.  They will always answer in their own way.  As a writer, automatic writing was always the best choice for me.

Then, I started pursuing outdoor recreation more religiously.  Naturally, the more I got into it, the more cool treasures I'd find.  When I really liked something, it would automatically go in the faerie box.  Sometimes, for woodland photoshoots, I'd use sticks and twigs to create flat lays, you can see an example here, and I'd keep them for later use.  I mean I'm a big believer in being resourceful, so why not?  Talk about waste-free!
Faerie Box + Faerie Faith and Fairy Magic

Nature Finds and Cool Treasures

In the above picture, you can see some of my nature finds and cool treasures.  I have an acorn half, some smooth river rocks, a wedding bell trinket found at the park, the happy fall painted rock my mom gave me before I moved to North Carolina.  I also have some sticks and twigs inside the box and some tiny gemstones too.

What's nice about the box is that you can just add things in whenever you like.  If something doesn't resonate, you can always move it somewhere else or pass it along later.  This happens a lot with the painted rocks I find.  For sentimental reasons, I keep all the painted rocks my mom gives me or that I find.  Hers are special because she's my mom and she usually makes fairy houses, so naturally, I fall in love with her rock creations.

I sometimes pick up temporary finds purposely, so that I can use them in a spell.  That means their time in the box is short.  Things like wildflowers and berries aren't made to last, so they need to be repurposed soon after picking.  I sometimes grind flowers up with mortar and pestle for botanicals in bath and beauty products.  My future goals are to make flower essences that can be used for homemade perfumes.
Nature Discovery Box For Manifestation and Wishes

The Heart of Faerie Witchcraft

The faerie box is the heart of faerie witchcraft.  If you're not interested in making Faerie Wicca into your religion, then please know that the box is about real-life magic, not about organized religion.  It's about bridging a connection between earth and the faerie realm in a personal way.  That's why I call it the heart of the fairy.

I consider myself a nature witch and I practice light-hearted faerie magic, but I also consider myself a Christian too.  Just maybe not in the traditional, biblical sense.  It's not just because I grew up going to a Christian church, it's because at a very young age I could feel God's existence.  I also forged a close, personal relationship with Jesus and we still talk all the time.  You see, sometimes you have to take religion out of the formula if it doesn't work for you.  Instead, pursue your own spiritual path.  Either way, you'll be lead to it!

I also magick responsibly.  I never craft any spells that would cause someone else harm and I never do anything that doesn't feel good or right to me.  I guess, if I had to put a name on a religion, mine would be nature.  Prayers are for asking for help on your behalf or on behalf of others.  Spells are taking the power and faith in your own hands.  See the difference in that?  One is great for everyday purposes, healing, and protection.  That would be prayer.  Spells are great for empowering yourself by taking a faith-oriented action.

I use my box for spellwork, automatic writing, love letters to the universe, and for quick insights that pop into my head that I want to save for later.  When working with the elementals, please note that it can sometimes cause slight amnesia that comes and goes.  This mostly happens when a temporary faerie has stopped by to help.  He or she will tell you their name, you'll remember it, get excited to tell someone, then boom!  You forget her name completely.  That's why it's so important to write things down or capture the moment.

This is one of the reasons why my camera goes on every hike, swim, or adventure.  Sometimes humans can be real-life fairies.  Haven't you ever seen a human that reminded you of a cute little pixie or a tall, lithe elf?  That's because they are part fairy.  Most of the time, they don't know it.  Also, just like angels, fairies can reportedly disguise themselves as humans to blend in.  They tend to disappear into thin air.  It's cool but a little freaky too.
Magical Wish List Box With the Magic of Nature

How to Make a DIY Faerie Box

Making a do-it-yourself faerie box is really simple to put together.  For one thing, items get added to the box over time to create nostalgic memories you can look back on.  There's no rush to fill the box up with things.  If anything it teaches you the value of patience and choosing your heart's desires carefully.

First, find yourself a cute little box.  A shoebox or decorative box works well.  There's plenty of space and room to grow your love of fairies inside the box.  No worries!  The box will grow with you over time.

Second, you'll want to bless the box.  This is really simple to do!  Use an affirmation three times.  You can use mine if you like: Faerie magick, please take flight, into my heart, into the night.  Faerie box, please hold the key, to the faerie realm, let me see!  Again, be sure to say this three times as a chant.  This will attract the fairies to the purpose of the box.  The fey love fairy tales, poetry, chants, and rhymes, so always keep that in mind.  See?  That rhymed!

Third, start with paperwork, photographs, stickers, feathers, and other types of well-meaning things that you think the faerie folk might like.  Fairies really like mirrors, sparkly things, hair brushes, and of course, anything derived from nature.  I don't recommend adding food offerings to the fairy in the box.  That doesn't serve the purpose of your bundle.  Keep faery offerings and food items in the kitchen for the house brownies or outside.

Fourth, start activating spells.  Spellwork is actually very simple and the less messy a spell is, the less complicated your heart will be.  I plan to add some spells to the blog soon.  I make a lot of my own spells, but also have a few that have been passed down from others through books.  If you really want to work faerie magick, I recommend learning and researching as much as you can about them.  Trust them and they will lead the way.

Fifth, do some arts n' crafts.  Nothing pleases the fairy more than someone who is willing to get their hands dirty and get creative.  For me, it's writing, nature photography, writing poetry, and creating nature art flat lays.  Those are some of my creative pursuits.  What will it be for you?  If you paint and sculpture, don't be afraid to add that into your box.  The fairies love the arts!
Faerie Magic Box Filled With Items Derived From Nature
The most important thing is to foster your friendship with the faerie kingdom.  They are always looking for allies to pick up trash, switch to a plant-based diet, or to adopt a pet that needs a home.  The faerie box is for the fairies, but it's also for you!
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