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How I Became a Faerie Shaman: Journey Into Healing

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I've been wanting to write about how I became a faerie shaman and my journey into healing for quite some time now.  Part of why sharing my story is so important to me is because it may awaken other lightworkers or inspire a journey all your own.  It's important to note that becoming an alternative healer isn't so much about becoming, but rather claiming what is already yours.  This is my true story and it's been quite a wild ride!

It all started when I was a little girl.  You'll find many shamanic stories rooted in childhood distress, childhood abuse, and a childhood illness that would keep a child homebound and separated from other children the majority of the time.  In my case, I meet all three criteria.

I grew up in a home where I knew from the start I would be different.  My spiritual awareness at age 3 or 4 was beyond the scope of my age group.  I went to church with my uncle and his kids and I remember walking into that church and knowing, not just believing, but knowing there was a God.  In case you are wondering, I had a Pentecostal upbringing in Christianity.

At home, there were more teachings to be had.  My house was filled with frightening things, like ghosts and spirits that would whisper in my ear and walk on my body as I slept on the living room floor in the summer.  One time, I even saw the devil in plain sight.  He had the hooves, the horns, and the tail and pitchfork.  He was reddish-black in color.

I know now, based on my memories, that fear is what welcomed demons, ghosts, and even angels into our home.  The angels were there to protect us, of course.  There was sexual abuse going on in my household, as well as physical abuse and emotional abuse.  My father, who I have long since forgiven but never see, was orchestrating these terrible events.  As a child, I could sense it all even more, as children are prone to psychic awareness.

One thing I have learned since then is that when you are left unprotected and unshielded, you are quite vulnerable to psychic attacks.  Energies are able to easily take advantage and attach themselves to little fearful children by the dozen.  That's just one of the many reasons it's so important to place extra protection on our children, both physically and spiritually.  Me, being a sick child to boot, only added to that raw vulnerability.

I don't say this to incite fear in you.  I say it only to make you aware that earthbound spirits and evil entities, which are those that are created by fear-based thoughts, are walking the earth. Earthbound entities or ghosts, as they are often referred to, are not usually aware that they are causing harm to someone's energy or spirit.  They are stuck on the earth plane, for one reason or another, and they can only feel alive by attaching themselves to our living, breathing human selves.  Demons and devils, on the other hand, also referred to as evil entities, do so maliciously as that's what they are created to do.

As a little girl, I was lucky and blessed to have experienced both worlds.  Light and dark.  Good and evil.  All the things that are in between.  For example, even though my Dad did some really evil stuff, he had a good side too.  He taught me about the beauty of nature and green living, long before it was a thing.  My mother too.  My mother was generally a good person who just happened to make bad choices.  She was by all accounts, a good Christian woman who would spend most of her time in church or working.  I think it was her way of surviving in our household.

My point being, on my mom's side, I learned about Jesus, God, and the angels.  The light.  On my father's side of the coin, I learned about how to attract ghosts, demons, devils, and predators.  The dark.  From both of them, I learned about the beauty and appreciation of nature while nature spirits played with me and my brother in our yard.  This part is called the in-between or the faerie realm.

All of this matters and is relevant because, in the midst of all this learning, I was deathly ill.  I had severe asthma but beyond the scope of what you might think a severe asthmatic would be.  I was in and out of hospitals constantly.  I was bedridden the majority of the time.  I was allergic to nearly everything, to the point where my mom even set up a handmade oxygen tent.  I didn't attend physical education class, as per my doctor's orders.  At one point, my lung collapsed.  I have no recollection of it, but my memory cells do.

I believe spending so much time alone as a child, in the magic of my imagination, with my head buried in mounds of books, was the beginning of my shaman journey.  All shamans start from a place of childhood illness where they are left alone to talk to the fairies.  I remember singing to the rose bushes in my yard, on the side of my house.  I was singing to the fairies.  I remember when we'd go jeeping in the Mojave desert, some of my fonder memories, I'd feel recovered.  I even remember breathing better in the pool and my lungs squeezing for air when I got out, just like a mermaid.  This was the beginning of my journey into healing.

How I Became a Celtic Faerie Shaman

As an adult, the real journey began when I was in my late thirties.  It was a time of spiritual awakening.  What should be noted is that anyone called to become a shaman, and it is a calling that must be heeded, they will undergo a period of self-reflection that can last anywhere from five to ten years.

Developmentally, you will gain a lifetime of wisdom and ancient knowledge in a short span of time.  The process is painful and it feels neverending.  However, the spiritual growth will be exponential, and you will eventually go from student to spiritual teacher.  That's finally the point where I am at now.  It has taken close to a decade of painful learning experiences and repeated patterns for me to get here.

I knew something was happening to me at the time, but I did not have any clue that it would be this.  I have known that I was a Celtic faerie shaman for about three years now.  My ancestors were Irish gypsies.  All faerie shaman who has Celtic origins are naturally a Celtic faerie shaman.  That is the way of the shaman.  At that time, I tried to come out, but I feared ridicule.  By this time, I had a deep understanding of my healing abilities and that they were rooted in alternative healing modalities.  For whatever reason, I stayed in hiding.

Now that I have come out, through this blog, I can talk a little more about how I got here.  It took several factors to push me over the edge and speak my truth.  As a child, I always felt more connected to nature and animals and in some ways I still do.  The difference being, I really want to run a heart-based business and help people.  I heal people through my words.  I heal through my spiritual writing about the nature spirits.

During my illumination process and shamanic journey, I learned how to heal people in a method known as energy healing.  I should be clear and say this type of healing works on animals, trapped spirits (ghosts), plants, gemstones, and other physical manifestations of this earth, better known as the fairies.  For example, the lawnmower guy cut up a frog in my yard and he was suffering.  I lit incense and poured water on him (he was drying out) and prayed to God, Archangel Ariel, and the fairies for immediate assistance in helping this frog heal and pass over.  I knew the frog was suffering and I wanted him to have a gentle passing to the Other side.  That's just one example of what I do as a fairy shaman.

I write letters to the universe when there is conflict in the family or a situation or person that needs to be healed.  I write my letters, a form of intense energy healing because I'm a writer, and then burn them in the sink after and wash the ashes down.  This means that not only the patron I called upon will hear my prayers, but so will the fire fairies and fire spirits as they burn the paper to ashes.  The water spirits wash the ashes down the sink, to wash away the problem.  In some cases, I may even bury my letter with a gemstone or a plant.

I usually see or hear that the situation has been healed or is currently in the healing process.  That is my number one method for communicating with spirit and creating a miracle healing.  My next biggest method is earthing.  By spending a large portion of my free time in nature, whether it be on a hiking adventure or talking to my pet plants, I am earthing.

Earthing can be anything from walking barefoot in the grass to foraging for mushrooms.  It's all-natural, 100% organic, and completely free.  All you need is a bit of land.  As far as holistic healing goes, earthing brings me closer to the nature spirits so that I can bring healing messages to my readers.  In the course of earthing, my body, mind, and spirit are completely healed, enabling me to feel refreshed for writing new articles and blog posts.

During the course of my shamanic journey, I went through many, many hardships which I am just beginning to come out of and make peace with.  Financial hardships and ruin.  Collapsing relationships.  I tried my hand at self-employment by opening shops and running different blogs.  I knew that I was on the right path, but each time, the idea was either watered down or not executed well.  So, I would start over and over again.  This happened so many times that I finally had my final nervous breakdown in August, where I hit rock bottom, and had plans to take my own life.

Please don't let my story scare you if you feel like you may be on a similar path.  Everyone learns in different ways.  The shaman way is always a difficult one, but through the trials and tribulations, something beautiful is happening to you.  You are becoming what you were always meant to be, what you always were.  You are becoming a shaman.

My path leads me straight to the fairy realm.  I was always meant to work with them, even when I was singing to the rose bushes wearing a tutu as a darling little girl.  They knew way back then.  They chose me.  That's how it is when you are choosing to work as a healer of nature.  The fey chooses you.  There's something different about you.  Peculiar even.  The fairies like what they see and they call on you to do their work.

Signs That I Was a Faerie Shaman All Along

There were many signs along the way that I was a faerie shaman.  Some of them even lead all the way back to my childhood.  Being a shaman isn't something that you subscribe to or take a class on.  Basically, it is calling.  You might fight against it, but eventually, you'll heed the calling.  It is that way for all of us.  In the olden days, there were other names for us too.  We were called a medicine man or medicine woman.  We were called healers.  Herbalists.  Witchdoctor.  There were many names for the shaman healer.

Those of us who work specifically with fairies, we are called specialists.  We can still work with the other spirit helpers, in fact, it is required in our school of life training that we do.  At the end of the day though, our calling is part of our faerie faith and magick.  Here are the signs and synchronicities that are crystal clear, when looking back, that faerie shaman was my pathway to healing.

Faerie Shaman Signs:
  • I had a natural respect for mother nature, even as a child.
  • I was a sickly child who spent a lot of time alone.  Only, I wasn't alone.
  • Sexual abuse as a child, as well as physical and emotional abuse.
  • I escaped my situation through fairy tales and poetry
  • I spent a lot of time in nature, even though I was sick, and would temporarily feel recovered from my illness.
  • I was bedridden and homebound
  • I would get angry when the other kids would throw trash on the ground
  • I picked up litter and would often find treasures in used or repurposed items found in the desert
  • I could write a sonnet about both the sunrise and sunsets
  • I talk to my plants daily, name them, and know their true sparkling personalities
  • I call crystals talking gemstones because they talk to me and I can hear what they say.
  • I hike almost every day
  • I feel most at home in the woodland
  • My favorite class in school was life science and biology
  • I've always been obsessed with growing things, whether it be plants, gemstones, or flowers
  • Flowers hold my memories.  They are my nostalgia.  They hold the key to ceremonies, holidays, birthdays, and milestones.
  • I wear nature.  Wearable planter necklaces + flowers in my hair!
  • My dream is to have a woodland themed wedding
  • I can sometimes breathe underwater.  Think mermaid!
  • I have natural healing abilities that all stem from nature and flow to the ether
  • I love helping the planet and make it an everyday assignment to do so
  • I can talk to animals
  • Wildlife is attracted to me and comes up to me because they trust me.
  • I eat a plant-based diet.
  • I'm mushroom obsessed
  • This is a nature-inspired blog that is based on faerie faith
  • I talk to the fairies on the daily
  • My dream vacation includes finding the world's largest mushroom
  • My Christmas gifts are usually zero-waste and based on nature
Does any of this resonate with you?  Do you feel more comfortable in a woodland setting than you do around people?  If so, you may be a faerie shaman too.  If you have roots that are based on Celtic origin, that would make you a Celtic faerie shaman.  This is my life's purpose, my fairy-lighted pathway.  This is the place where I have been rebirthed.  Working with the elementals is my passion and getting here wasn't easy, but it was well worth the wait.
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  1. Reading this was like reading my life story almost word for word

  2. I think I am being called back onto this path. And that is my history, too, for the most part.


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