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Letters to the Universe: Ask the Faerie Folk For Help

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Writing letters to the universe and asking the faerie folk for help is a practice that I have used every single day for the past two years!  Even before that, it was something that I would do sometimes or on special occasions to start my day.

I decided to share this morning ritual with you because I can honestly say it's changed my life in numerous ways.  I'm hoping that maybe it will inspire you to pick up your own letter writing ritual to help you solve problems, create more health and abundance in your life, energy healing, and to be the therapy you've been seeking all along!

While the fairies have become a dominant force in my life, in the faerie faith I never have to limit myself to talking to the little people.  I always let my intuition be my guide on who to call on and when and it has never failed me.  Just this morning, in fact, I called the Fairy Queen Epona for advice about my business.  In this case, she revealed herself to me by popping into my mind.  Get ready to open a faerie portal to a new and exciting world of spiritual light beings!

Tools You'll Need

  • Colorful Pens or any pens or pencils you prefer.  I use Bic Cristal Xtra Bold.  I write aggressively so these pens work well for me.
  • A Notebook or Lined Paper (Loose).  I prefer loose leaf so that I don't have to rip it out of my notebook when it comes time to burn it.
  • Matches or a Lighter.  I use lighters most of the time but in a pinch, I use a sparkler (Dead Serious!) or a green light match, because it's better for the environment.
  • A Water Bucket or a Sink or Cauldron.  This is for burning things or drowning your letters in a bucket of water.  If you prefer air, you can burn it in the wind carefully, and let the burnt pieces blow away.  If you prefer earth, I sometimes bury letters in my garden, then forget about them.

How Writing Letters to God, Angels, and Spirit Helpers Works

Here's how I do it but you're welcome to personalize this experience and make it your own.  In fact, I encourage it!

When I first wake up, I grab my drink.  For me, it's usually green tea with mint.  Right before that, I'll have warm water with a squeeze of lemon to activate my waking body.

Then I sit at the counter and begin to write.  Since I write hard, I usually put a magazine underneath with a stack of paper on top.

By now, I would have already decided who I'm going to write to.  The majority of the time I'm writing letters to God and the angels.  However, there are some days when I choose an ascended master, fairy, or a God or Goddess when I feel compelled.

I usually either switch it up daily or I'll write to Jesus or a specific angel for a few days straight or even a week. A lot of times, the one who wants to help me the most will emerge.  They will either give me a sign or I'll feel their energy.

What do I write about?  I usually start off with energy healing, meaning the first page is devoted to the healing, shielding, and protection of me, my kids, and sometimes specific loved ones.  I also ask the spirit helper to protect our homes and belonging, our vehicles and us in traffic, our technology, our finances and bank accounts, and our health and bodies.

I also ask for specific protection on bags, purses, wallets, etc. and all contents inside!  You never know when something could disappear on you.

This usually covers my front page.  As I go to the next page, what I write about depends on what problems need to be solved in my life.  Sometimes I focus on one problem or the crux of many.  Writing letters to God, angels, and spirit helpers as my morning ritual is like my own personal brand of therapy.  It works wonders for me!

You'll be doing a lot of releasing of fears and doubts here, as well as problem-solving, feng shui, and getting rid of emotional attachments to things that no longer serve you.

When I'm writing, I never focus on neat and perfect handwriting and spelling.  It's my nature to check those things but it's the one place I can be messy and carefree.

How many pages do I write?  There really is no specific number and it usually depends on how much time I have.  I have been known to write up to 10 pages or more on a weekend morning when I have nothing else to do!
Automatic Writing For Connecting With Your Spirit Guides on Paper

Topics to Write About

  • Finding your life's purpose, if you haven't yet.  Call upon the Archangel Michael and/or Chamael to help you with this.
  • Creative ideas for your business or blog.  Call upon Archangel Uriel, Raziel, Ambriel, the Goddess Isis, or Lugh to help you with this.
  • Going Green.  You'll want to call upon the fairies for this!  You'll be blown away how fast they operate when someone cares enough to get involved with caring for mother earth.
  • Health and Healing - Archangel Rafael is extraordinary for healing you or with offering ideas to help you take care of your ailment or to improve your healthcare.
  • Strength Training - Call upon the Sun God Apollo.  I also like to ask the Archangel Michael for help with motivation and getting started on a new workout routine or diet.
  • Miracles, Healing, Food, Shelter - I call upon Jesus a lot.  Jesus is not only a great healer but a powerful manifestor.  If you need food, shelter, anything, write Jesus and you'll get an instant response!
  • Yoga - Call upon Babaji or Yogananda for help with studying and practicing yoga, choosing a style that works for you, and with becoming a yoga instructor.
  • Becoming a Vegetarian or Vegan.  Cal upon the fairies to help you with this!  They love to help people who want to do things to help the animals, plants, and nature.
  • Going Raw Vegan.  Call upon Ambriel.  Ambriel not only helped me to consider going raw vegan but she helped me with finding my yoga style.
  • New Year's Resolutions and Goal Setting.  Call upon Ambriel, Michael, and Uriel.
  • Organizing and Feng Shui - Cal upon Archangel Jophiel, Uriel, and/or Buddha.
  • For Clarity and Decision Making - Call upon Archangel Gabriel and/or Goddess Pallas Athena.  I go to Pallas Athena for all my decision making and almost always get an instant answer!
  • To Increase Psychic Abilities or Get Better at Manifesting.  Write a letter to Archangel Raziel and Archangel Metatron.
  • For Starting a New Project, Pregnancy, or Childbirth.  Call upon Mother Mary or Archangel Gabriel.  
  • For Beauty Rituals and to Look Year's Younger - You can call upon the fairies, Archangel Jophiel, and the moon Goddess Isis.
  • To Become more Stylish and Fashionable - Call upon Archangel Jophiel, the Goddess Isis, or the fairies, as well as the angel of the moon, Archangel Haniel.
  • For Depression and Anxiety - Archangel Michael, Raziel, and Rafael can help in tremendous ways!
  • To Release Something or For Therapy - Call upon Green Tara.  She's one of my favorite therapists and will perform some deep healing on you.  Another great spirit helper is Azrael, to help you through your grief.
  • For Love and Romance - Write a letter to Archangel Rafael to find your soulmate or to heal your heart, you can call upon Archangel Chamael anytime!  There's also a group of romance angels that can help you as a collective and Archangel Ambriel has brought a man into my life instantly before.
  • To Find Things - Archangel Chamael and Archangel Haniel are wonderful at finding things, even hidden talents!
  • To Get to the Root of Something Emotional - I always call upon the mermaids for assistance or King Poseidon, who has proven to be very helpful in the past!  
  • For Wishes and Making Dreams Come True - The unicorns know your path and the best way for you to get there.  They are true friends and want to see good things happen to you.  The only catch?  You got to ask them first and spend some time warming up to them.
  • Detox and Cleansing - I always go to my mermaid friends for help with a good cleanse or juice fast but that's just me.  
  • For Wealth and Everything Else - Call upon God or the universe or whatever you call spirit.  I have always had instant results from times when I write a letter to God or a letter to the universe.  I pour my heart out or I talk to God as if I'm talking to an old friend.  I just lay it all out there for God to see and something in my life always changes for the better.  Sometimes several things at once!
A good rule of thumb is to trust your intuition.  Listen to your emotions, thoughts, and feelings.  What are they telling you?  Does a picture of someone come to mind?

The more you write, the easier it will be to connect with the spirit helper of your choice.  You'll begin to feel their presence, receive signs from him or her, and hear a voice within.

Once you are done with writing your letters, choose the method of choice of sending it up.  I burn mine over the sink the majority of the time.  That's my method of choice.

You can also drown your letter in a bucket of water and then get rid of it in the garbage disposal.  Don't have a bucket?  Fill your sink with water and plug, then let the letter go down the drain when you are done.

You can burn letters with a sparkler, especially outdoors but use great caution when using this method!  The ashes will then blow in the breeze and be taken away to God or said spirit helper.

You can also bury your letter in a potted plant or garden.  It can be indoors or outside, whichever you like the best.  This is a good one to use if you are an earth sign or want to connect with the fairies.
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  1. I've never heard of someone connecting with certain beings as you do, such as unicorns & Poseidon. I am so excited to find this website. Thank you for sharing, & I hope you keep it up. Would definitely read a book from you! Been connecting with Gnomes recently, & would love to know more. I consider myself an Elf, though probably not the same kind you work with. :) <3


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