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Tips to Ground Your Energy on a Woodland Photoshoot

Earthing Energy + Nature Photoshoot Idea Arm Outstretched + Nature Art
Today, I thought I'd share some of my tips for grounding your energy while on a woodland photo shoot.  You might be surprised to find that I don't plan a lot of my photoshoots, especially the ones where I'm on a nature trail.  I just bring my camera and see where the day leads me.  The magic of the forest comes alive when you allow things to unfold naturally.

Recently, I spent some time alone in the woods after a long, sleepless night.  I'll be honest, it was one of those days where I had to push through.  I was tired, in a crappy mood, and I knew I needed to do something to heal my energy.  Luckily, nature always has a way of cheering me up.  Nature has eased the signs and symptoms of depression, which you can read about here, and its always my safe place to land and be myself.

My woodland photoshoot turned into much more than a picture-taking session.  It became an exercise in earthing my energy.  For my nature photography, I lay on a little wooden bridge that connects to a secret meadow in nature.  I didn't care that I had just taken a shower or that I might get dirt in my hair.  It felt good just to lay on the ground, snap selfies, and allow the earth to heal me.  I could feel it as it was happening and for many hours after.

Even though I had only had a few hours of restless sleep the night before, I felt more energetic and able to get through the day afterward.  Earthing or grounding, if you will, is where you plant your bare feet in the grass, take a mud bath, or lay on the ground or wood, and allow it to soak up all your toxins.  It will remove all negative debris from your line of sight.  In addition to that, it will replace depression, anxiety, and insomnia with good energy by creating roots.

Roots are needed to feel stable and grounded in your life.  If your root chakra, for example, is out of alignment, it will feel as though you have no control over your own life.  You might experience financial difficulties or relationship problems.  The root chakra, which is rooted in earth energy, is connected to the kinship of family, financial stability, job security, and an overall feeling of safety and well-being.

How do you know when you are out of alignment?  Anytime you don't feel safe or it feels as though outside forces are in control, even if they don't exist, that means you are in emergency need of energy healing.  Physical signs and symptoms of a disordered root chakra peek through in your familial relationships, sexual drive, and financial issues.

One of the biggest signs of an out of order root system is restless, sleepless nights like what I've been experiencing.  I've noticed that sleep insomnia doesn't go away on its own unless you are able to root your energy and dissolve the issues that are keeping you up at night in the first place.  This can take months or even years.  The one thing you can do is keep grounding your energy by taking nature walks, detox baths, and practicing yoga.

It's important to keep in mind, that problems will be resolved over time.  You can truly heal them faster with the help of the fairies, which I spoke about in this post.  The more you work with the nature spirits, the faster your problems will resolve.  You'll come to find that it all resides in your mind.  Every problem is like a tree branch extension of yourself.  The fey can restore the balance while you're in transition.  Spend time in nature daily if you can, even if it is in some small way.
Ground Your Energy Flat Lay With Dark Sunglasses Woodland Nature Art Display

Earthing Energy Healing Modalities

Now, that we know what earthing your energy does for you, let's discuss how you can achieve it while on a woodland photoshoot!  It doesn't have to be planned, it doesn't have to be anything fancy, and you don't have to dress to the nines either.  This kind of outdoor photography is more for you than anything.  All you need is your camera and yourself!

To get started, simply go on a nature walk.  It can be a local park, a hiking trail by your cabin, wherever you can be alone in nature.  You might see a few humans and that's fine.  That's to be expected.  Just keep going deeper into the woods until you find a private area for taking selfies.  You'll want to follow your heart on this one and see where your faery friends lead you.  It might be on a mountain plateau, in a quiet meadow, or in the heart of the forest.  Let your instincts guide you to your perfect spot.

The first thing you should do is lie on the ground and hold the camera above your face.  Spread your hair out all around you like rays from the sun.  You can then add leaves, flowers, and other foliage to your hair.  Try to stay in a spot that has a little sun peeking through.  I know this time of year in the mountains it's pretty cold, especially for a former Floridian like me, but you can always find spots where the sun peeks through.  It will highlight the shine and color of your hair and make your eyes pop with a color infusion.  Simply let the energy of the ground, grass, or wood move through you, healing you inside and out.

While practicing nature photography in natural lighting, try to move your face and hair at different angles.  I like to use ferns, leaves, and sometimes wildflowers in bloom as disguises.  You can see the perfect example of a nature disguise in this post.  I look like a little green goddess!  Laying on the ground and adding the elements of nature to your face, hair, and body grounds your energy into warm chestnuts.  It's a really calming influence and natural feeling.
Woodland Themed Root Chakra + Grounding Energy and Natural Remedies

More Tips For Grounding Your Root Chakra

In order to completely heal your root chakra energy, you must first lay down roots in the earth.  You can do this while hiking, gardening, or in this case, during a nature photography shoot.  In order to align your root chakra, located at the base of your spine and in your pelvic area, you can add some different positions to your picture taking session outside.

Root Chakra Healing Positions:
  • Sitting in the upright position, legs crossed, and spine straight.  Basically, the upright meditative position.  This will sit your root chakra directly on the ground or grass and up your spine.  Roots go up and roots go down.
  • Corpse Pose.  Basically laying on the ground, legs slightly apart, in a comfortable position.  Many people meditate in the position, including myself.
  • Bare feet firmly planted on the ground.  This is a common one because it works instantly and it works well for grounding your energy into a fine powder of cinnamon and nutmeg.  This allows the roots to go directly up and down your body like a body scan.
  • Flat on your belly.  Lay on top of your arms.  This is a more unconventional method for energy healing, but it's most effective for stomach disorders like colitis and c. diff.  It will also work to heal the sacral chakra, built into your stomach, while simultaneously healing your root system.  
  • Lay on your side.  This is another alternative healing method, but it works like a charm.  It looks good in pictures and also acts as a healing modality for all of your meridians and nerve system.  
I recommend trying every one of these positions if you can.  This will allow every part of your spiritual body to be unearthed.  By doing this, you are laying down roots that stem from your own energy while the earth wraps its grounding energy around you, like a warm, loving embrace.  It's hygge style, but for the mind, body, soul, and heart.  

Creating photographs while you are working on an energy healing, is a fun, light-hearted, and playful way to connect to the secret, hidden places of the earth.  The key to any manifestation, even grounding, is to approach it in a playful way.  This method is fairy recommended and mother earth approved!
Blonde Woman Earthing on a Wooden Boardwalk in Nature With a Fern Leaf Headdress While Hiking

Tips for a Woodland Photoshoot

These tips are for using earth's grounding energy during a woodland themed photoshoot.  Not only does it create a healing nature for the viewer, but it brings you back down to earth too!  For any outdoor photography, the key is to be resourceful!  Use what you have on hand and use it in many different ways.  

The Native Americans believed in the little people too, and even though they used animals for meat, they used every part of the animal, in order not to be wasteful.  While I would never eat meat again as long as I live, I've always appreciated the Native American use for the land.  They were always thankful for the animal spirit they were using and used every part of it.  Talk about zero waste!

So, we're going to tap into our more primitive nature for this nature art human flat lay session.  We are going to get in touch with our wild side.  This means, once again, tapping into our ancient ancestry and connecting to our root energy.  

In the pictures used for this blog post, there are many, many more that are left unseen.  Why?  Because I've broken them down into multiple blog posts.  Waste not, want not.  In addition to that, I had a minimal amount of materials with me.  I had the clothes on my back, minimal makeup,  a small hiking backpack, and a water bottle. 

Next, I lay on the wooden bridge and started using the pieces of nature all around me.  Autumn leaves were falling from the trees and swirling all around me like a devil wind.  I added some crunchy fall leaves to my hair and created a nature art flat lay in the backdrop of the pictures.  

Even though this wasn't really mean to be part of it, I took some pictures of my blue backpack with the word love spelled out in autumn designs.  I thought it matched the cold winds and autumnal leaves perfectly.  

Speaking of backpacks, did you know that you can also ground objects.  I used this method to ground my hiking backpack, which I would then wear with me on my back.  It's like a massive energy healing!

Woodland Fashions

What about clothing?  I didn't come prepared to take pictures like these, but at the end of the day, I didn't really mind.  Generally speaking, I was wearing a typical hiking outfit with light layers, because it's been so cold lately.  I warm up pretty fast once I start walking and when I find sunny spots like this one.

For woodland fashions, I use what I have on hand in nature.  Sometimes, it's gemstones and mushrooms.  Other times, it might be flowers in my hair or a wearable planter.  It goes back to utilizing whatever nature has in store for you.  

Some of my favorite barrettes are living wildflowers.  My most-used backdrops are sticks and twigs and pine cones.  Eventually, my dream is to do a completely nude photoshoot in nature!  By doing that, I would really be grounding my energy with a ground to skin touch.  I imagine the magical power would be incredible!

For now, until I'm brave enough, I'll stick with clothing optional shoots.  It's too cold to do a grounding energy photoshoot nude right now.  Maybe by next summer.  I'll have to start scouting out cool spots untouched by man.  In the meantime, I would like to start hiking pretty.

I'd like to use the nature all around me, as well as look into shopping for hiking outfits that are stylish and pretty.  I'm a girlie girl.  A girly nature lover, if you will.  While I'm not ostentatious by any means, I like to feel light, feminine, and pretty.  

When I start shopping around for cute hiking boots and stylish hiking clothes, I'll share them here on the blog.  Believe it or not, clothes can be grounded in root energy too.  I'll be getting into how to be a woodland fashionista in a future post so stay tuned!  It's fun to go hiking and feel confident in your feminine earth energy at the same time.
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