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Digging Into the Meaning of Tarot Card Readings and Oracle Card Decks

Healing With the Fairies Tarot Cards + Oracle Cards
Digging into the deeper meaning of tarot card readings and oracle card decks will build your confidence in giving psychic readings to others, as well as to yourself.  You'll walk away knowing what a card means just be looking at it, as well as the deeper meaning behind it.  You'll learn how to trust your intuition when a "live" image pops into your mind and when to follow a hunch.  This will also take your practice, whether you do it for fun or as a business, to the next level.  Are you ready?  Let's do this thing!

When most of us start out reading cards, we usually go to our little book that comes with our deck every time.  This is good, especially for beginners.  You'll want to get to know your deck inside and out, in order to be better informed when doing a reading.

Doing a tarot reading with "pictures only" is about taking that experience to the next level as you'll be using the picture to tell a story as it unfolds.  This means that you'll be using your visual sense, your prior knowledge with the card deck, the placement of the card, and most of all, your intuition to perform a reading that is straightforward and downright magical!

How to Do a "Pictures Only" Tarot Reading

In order to do "pictures only" tarot reading, you'll need to know the symbolism of the cards.  It will be different for every deck but the meaning will be the same.  I've used two decks in my pictures.

 One is Healing With the Fairies and the other is Magical Mermaids and Dolphins.  One has a sentence or two at the bottom of the card, while the other one just has the name of the card.

The words give the card some meaning but the pictures do the work for you.  For example, in the New Location card, you see a fairy girl drifting away on what looks to be a water lily.  Even without the words, that tells us that this is a card about moving, chartering a new direction, moving on from something.  Add the words and you have a new location.

If I were doing a reading and the client asked me if it were the right time for her to switch careers, to move out of state, or to buy that home, the answer would be crystal clear with an affirmative, overwhelming yes!

But not all cards are that straightforward.  Let's take the Make a Wish Card.  You see a unicorn.  Unicorns represent the element of air.  Wishful thinking.  Wishes coming true.  Asking for want or getting what you want.  It's all about receiving that which you desire.

In that case, depending on the position of the card and it's relation to other cards in the reading, you'd be able to say that it's safe for this person to wish for what they want, as they are primed for it.

Let's say, it's right next to a tower card.  This means that in order for this person's wishes to become truth, their old life has to crumble first.  They have to burn it down, to make way for the new.

You can slowly begin to see a pattern emerge.  Follow that pattern!  A lot of times, even today, I still like to read the booklet to see what it says.  Not because I don't know the meaning but because it digs deeper into what I'm already expressing.

Most of the time, my gut intuition takes over, and I follow that inner strength and guidance.  Follow your heart, the adage, is true in the case of reading tarot cards.

Digging Deeper Into the Meaning of the Pictures

If you look into the pictures, dig a little deeper, and you'll discover little hints hidden within the context.  For example, what is the mermaid, unicorn, fairy, or angel, doing in the picture?

If they are just sitting there, they may be contemplating something, trying to make a decision.  If they are touching something in the picture, such as in the Make a Wish card, that means the person you're reading for, is feeling connected to the symbol.  Whether it be love, a wish, or a child.  You'll clearly see that which they are connected to, because they will be touching it!

Look at the sky in the picture and the little details in the background.  This is called foreshadowing.  If you see the sun, like in the A New Dawn card, then you'll know this person is getting a second chance, starting fresh, is moving past something.  The sun always represents hope, optimism, and a new day.

On the other hand, if you see a moon, then someone is tapping into their intuition in a big way.  Night scenes and daytime scenes depict two very different things.  A yin and yang if you will.  Look for the mysteries of the moon and what it might mean to this person.

Look at the landscape.  If it's water, it's dreamy and receptive.  It touches on career and life path or letting go of something and moving beyond it.

If it's a forest, it means that person is in the thick of whatever problem they are dealing with.  If it's near a waterfall or unicorn is present, this means that they are or will soon be prosperous.  The money is flowing.

Let's say there are mountains in the background.  If it's behind the body in the image, then that means your client overcame many obstacles to get to the place he is today.  If the person (angel, unicorn, fairy, etc.) is facing towards the mountains, that means they still have a long road ahead of them.  They are about to climb many mountains to get to where they need to be.

If there's an ocean and the water looks still, flat, like it's not moving, that means that for the moment there is a calm in the storm (situation) and they have a moment to collect themselves.  On the other hand, if the waves are rolling in, like at a beach, this means that something is coming to shore.

Look for those bigger moments, then be prepared to look for the tiny details, that are hidden even deeper in the picture.  It may be something seemingly nonchalant that turns out to be big news for you or your Oracle client.

It's Hidden in the Details

Look for numbers.  For example, how many butterflies are in the picture?  If this were the New Location card, this could mean your client is moving away and her three kids are going with her.  That may be reaching but this is the part where you have to trust your gut.

As you look at pictures, a picture may be forming in your mind.  The more you practice "picture only" tarot readings, the faster those images will come.

Numbers can and do have great meaning.  It could mean the mind is overwhelmed and busy if there are large numbers or it could mean that there are a lot of people helping this person through a tough spot.  Again, the intuition knows!

If there's a fire in the picture, someone is about to see a little more clearly.  The fire element can also represent bold moves, passion, and lighting our lives back up.  There may be a fire dwindling, meaning the person is losing hope.  The fire may be getting bigger, this could mean they're getting their passion back.

Flowers, fairies, and earth are often found in cards.  Earth clearly means practicality, knowledge, learning, and staying grounded and true to yourself.

Any cards regarding these depictions will deal with the person's work ethic and education.  Books, something you'll often see in a reading, will entail that this person is going through a life lesson, learning from it, and will soon be sharing what she learned with others.

Air, unicorns and flying fairies always cover ground on what's going on in our minds.  Decisions we have to make, the ground we have to cover, a person's state of mind.

Water, mermaids, whales, dolphins will always represent the element of deep emotion and heartfelt love.  It can also affect our career and life arenas.

While doing a reading, look within.  See what is right there.  As humans, we often can't see what's right in front of us.  That's why we get oracle card readings in the first place!

As the tarot reader, you can be objective.  You'll see numbers, colors, elements, and other itty-bitty details that will help form a high-resolution picture.  Use that picture and your intuition to connect the dots to create a life-changing moments kind of reading!
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