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Just Breathe and Have a Little Faith

Just Breathe and Have a Little Faith
Just breathe and have a little faith!  Few words have never been truer to life.  Lately, I've been doing just that.  With not a lot to go on, I find myself still holding onto my faith and belief.  Sometimes, it's about trusting the universe and letting go.  Other times, it's about having child-like faith in yourself, which I can testify is the hardest thing in the world!  On the plus side, with each breath, we get closer and closer to spirit.

Which is why I believe a new & improved me is emerging from the depths of the deepest, darkest ocean.  On the surface of the water, I can admit this sounds pretty generic in general.  If you were to make a wave or a splash with your hand, you'd see that this resolution has much more than topical value, especially when you apply the antiseptic of what I've already accomplished in a week's time.

Let's review, shall we?  On Wednesday I headed back to Hammock Park to go for a hike.  That morning, I got the ball rolling on my yoga practice before heading out the door.  I wore a bun on my head with baby's breath flowers.  As I was heading down my favorite trail, I was talking to the nature spirits and right as I was telling them I wish I had a boyfriend, this gorgeous man walks past me with dark facial hair and a big smile, and says hello and how are you doing?

I could barely get the words out, but I manage to say good, thanks, as we walk past each other.  Then he tells me to enjoy and I manage to squeeze out the words thanks, as I don't bother to turn around knowing he's looking back at me.  I've never felt anything like this before, but it felt like I got zapped!  It was electric.  It felt like an instant soul connection.  Like our souls recognized each other.  I was flummoxed.  I remember my heart racing and the butterflies in my stomach the moment I saw him.

I kept hiking like I always do, knowing that I had just met my soulmate for a brief moment.  I kept hoping I'd run into him again and walked around the park for over an hour.  I have a feeling he was on his way out of the park as I was just coming in.  I see good looking guys all the time at the park, but never in my entire life have I seen or felt anything like this.  It literally felt like being shot with cupid's arrow.

I immediately went home, got out my fairy oracle card deck and my angel tarot cards to give myself every kind of tarot reading under the sun.  Every single card said things like soulmate relationship, twin flame, true love.  I even pulled out my romance angels tarot card deck and they said new love was coming my way.  I realize at this point I must sound like a lunatic, but what I felt was real.

While at the park still, I felt this strong desire to get to know him better, to run into him.  I wanted to grab his hand and take a walk with him.  If you knew me, you'd understand why this is so significant.  I don't trust anyone.  I felt right away that I could trust him and that I would go to the ends of the earth with him.  Also, it's important to note, that I've been single since 2011'.  I had a couple of brief online relationships that could go nowhere, but they were with men that were unavailable, either geographically or relationship-wise.  For me to just instantly open my heart like this is a very big deal.

This is what officially kind of kickstarted my week, even though it was mid-week.  After my encounter with my soulmate, something inside me changed.  You know what they say about love.  That it makes you want to be a better person.  Since getting hit by cupid's arrow, my new year's resolution has gone into full effect.  I felt this strong desire to be the best I could be for him.  For myself too, but he gave me that extra push that I needed because love has no bounds.
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Just Breathe and Have a Little Faith

You know how one good thing happens and a bunch of good things happens to stack up against it?  Well, after my romantic encounter in the park, I began to resolve some longstanding difficulties in my life.  I have been struggling with making a decision about what to do with my life next, given my current situation.

I have been looking for a job writing and sending out resumes left and right.  It never felt right to me.  It also didn't feel right to me, to keep relying on my blog to blow up overnight.  There was a lot of pressure around the subject of my work life situation and finding a balance between doing what I love, while also being able to fully support myself financially.

I knew that I wanted to be a spiritual teacher of sorts.  In my afterlife, I've already made a decision to become a spirit guide so I can help other people.  Since I've had an unusual life experience, I thought maybe I could help another struggling artist or entrepreneur.  But, that's in the afterlife and I want to do something to help people now.

I started thinking about it and yoga instructor came to mind again.  I realized that I had to put my foot down to make it happen.  If I don't have the money to become a yoga instructor, the mighty forces will come to my aid.  Why?  Because that's what happens when the inner turmoil stops and a decision has been made.

I am looking into online classes to become a yoga instructor and possibly seeking a scholarship.  I know that it will all work out.  I have trust that the universe has my back.  Just breathe and have a little faith is exactly what I'm doing in this situation.

In addition to becoming a yoga instructor, my charity work has begun.  My resolution was to become a better person and I saw a sign in the butterfly gardens at Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida.  That's the park I go hiking in daily.  The sign was looking for volunteers to help restore and upkeep the butterfly gardens, so I took a chance and called.  I spoke to a nice lady who told me that I was the first to volunteer.  After that initial call, she told me many people called to volunteer.  She said I must be a good luck charm or something.  That made me so happy!

See what I mean?  One good thing happens and it leads to other positive actions.  After making plans to work on the butterfly garden this week, I have been working on reconfiguring my website.  I knew that it needed a makeover.  I knew that I was taking a new direction or at the very least, taking a slight turn.  I wanted to bring my free-spirited boho lifestyle to life, while also emphasizing a focus on wellness.

For me, wellness is a series of things that I do differently.  Spirituality is the number one thing I do every day to maintain good health and an overall sense of well-being.  Mental health has to be a priority.  Secondly, I spend a lot of time earthing, practicing yoga, and hiking.  These are things that keep me in perfect alignment with the universe.

This has been a week of reckoning.  Changes are being made and it all started with meeting this mysterious guy on Fern Trail.  In case you're wondering, yes, there's more to the story.  I plan on writing more about this in an upcoming post.  Thanks for reading and remember to breathe and have faith that all your dreams will come true.  Why?  Because they will.
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