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My Houseplant Babies Through the Years

Windowsill Garden With Houseplants + Urban Planning
My houseplant babies through the years have grown, evolved, and changed.  Many of them, of course, have passed over as all living things do.  I like to look back through my photo albums, get all misty-eyed, and see which plants have stuck around.  Plants come in and out of our lives frequently.  They leave an impression.  Just like people do.

Plants are special.  They become part of the family or maybe they remind you of an era of your life that is long gone but never forgotten.  It's not just how they look that matters, it's how they make you feel.  Right now, I am feeling nostalgia for my plants of days gone by.

Like the ones in the first picture above.  Those two little plant cuties lived on my windowsill during my time at Pinellas Village, a single parent community.  Five years of my life there in my little second-story apartment and so many feels!

That was a time in my life when I was really, truly all alone, but ended up making some close friends who were in similar situations.  We've all moved on since then but we got each other through a tough time.

My brother is a boy nature lover and back in the day, he found me a multitude of pink and yellow moon cactus.  I love using these for mini zen gardens and terrariums.

Aren't they cute?  I used to sell them with mini zen gardens, but now I think I'm going to put together a DIY zen garden post instead.  You can learn how to make a moon cactus zen garden in this post.  It's made from re-purposed materials so it's earth-friendly for the environment!
Baby Succulent in Cute Planter by the Pool in Summer

Baby Succulents

We got this baby succulent last summer and unfortunately, it only lasted until fall closed in on us.  I have to get better at taking care of succulents.

I'm surprised I didn't do better with her, but I definitely gave it my best shot.  I followed the care instructions and tried to keep her out of direct sunlight, except for photo shoots of course!

One of my goals is to be a better succulent parent.  They aren't as hearty as they look and I want to get better at giving them longer lives.  Plus, I love the fact that succulents can thrive in all kinds of cute planters and in hidden, secret places.  I bet they'd win at the game of hide and seek!
Aloe Vera Pups + Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Plant Pups

Aloe vera plants will always hold a special place in my heart.  They are my plant babies.  Almost every aloe vera plant I have is the offspring of my giant aloe vera plant named Matilda.

They are so sweet, loving, and make a great friend for emotional support and healing.  We've got bonds, baby!

Thanks for taking a stroll with me down the pet plant memory lane.  I ran into some old pictures and couldn't resist writing up this post.  Pet Plants are like the friendship bracelet of the plant world.

If you'd like a free pet aloe vera plant, leave a meaningful comment to get your free houseplant by mail!  Please be sure to click on the link to get info on the rules for getting your freebie.
Air Plant and Natural Wooden Log in Backyard + Cute Planter

Air Plants Grow on Trees in Florida

Grabbing a pet air plant is really easy in Florida, as they literally grow on trees here!  Now, if only we could do something about money growing on trees.

Air plants are lighthearted and fun, as you can imagine.  Much like their sister counterpart, they can live almost anywhere, although I think they make nice pets for the home.  Air plants will clean the air of pollutants for you, increasing air quality.  This can be great if you have an asthmatic or an allergic kid in the household.

Air plants feel at home almost anywhere, including living in this natural wooden log.  This is where my air plant Desmond lives year-round.  She's very low-maintenance and likes to be sprayed with the water bottle every now and then to keep her long leafy blades soft and green.  I sometimes add crystal essences to the water to make sure that Desi is getting high vibration water to drink and shower with.
Flowering Begonia Houseplant in the Garden

Begonia: The Indie Sweetheart of the Plant Kingdom

We bought this begonia last summer too and she lasted quite a while.  She lasted almost a year.  We did all the right things.  I have an obsessive-compulsive plant disorder, meaning I am very diligent about their care.  Sometimes, no matter how much you try, one or two doesn't make it.

Begonias are the indie sweetheart of the plant kingdom.  They are very boho chic!  My begonia loved to listen to indie folk music while wearing her white band tees, which are her white flowers.  One thing that I like about begonias is there ability to hold a secret and for healing bittersweet memories and keeping nostalgia alive.  I was talking to my new Begonia plant named Fern (I know, ironic!) when I decided to write this post.  I'm pretty sure she influenced my writing and inspired me to take a stroll down memory lane.

Begonias are like the indie sweetheart of plants and flowers.  They just have something very ephemeral about them that I can't quite put my finger on.  Plus, they are super pretty!

Homework Assignment:  Take out one of your photo albums or scrapbooks now and start leafing through it.  You might be surprised to see how plants are in many of your pictures.  My pet aloe vera plant Matilda photobombs my family pictures all the time.  They are in the background of our lives like a song that never goes out of style!
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