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Connection: How I Want to Feel Moving Forward Into the Sparkle of a New Era

Connection: How I Want to Feel Moving Forward Into the Sparkle of a New Era
It's human nature to want to feel connected.  That's why I chose connection on how I want to feel moving forward into the sparkle of a new era.  The connection will be the theme that runs throughout the body of work I create, whether it be through my writing or the creation of my indie biz from the ground up.

It's not unusual to choose a word on how you want to feel, whether it be for the new year or a new decade in life.  In my case, I'm making a complete break with my old life.  I did this once before, but this time, it feels like a long final chapter with many more years of joy ahead.  This new era represents me leaving behind a period of my life where I had to go into hermit mode for nearly a decade.

Days and weeks were spent mostly alone, inside the confines of my mind, charcoaled with the darkness of depression and despair.  Oddly enough, as real-life often does, there were moments of happiness and fond memories too.  Times spent with my three daughters and my mom hold the key to so many smiles yet so many secrets locked away tight in my head.

Coming out of this long period of neverending sadness sprinkled in the occasional real-life magic means so much to me.  It means everything to me.  It means not being alone or in isolation anymore.  It means being able to share my hopes and dreams with like-minded people who may be in the same boat.  It means being myself unapologetically.

What I've come to find is that I'm allowed to be myself.  I'm allowed to be an artist, a writer, a collector of moments.  The only person keeping the door closed on my natural habit to the world of humans was myself.  In fact, I think it's safe to say that I had the door locked tight and deadbolted.

Today, day one officially, because why not the new year, I'm unlocking the doors and opening the windows.  I can feel the fresh air and the smell of lemons entering my mind, washing me clean of past traumas.

It's safe for me to move forward fearlessly and walk into the world as I am.  I have nothing to apologize for.  I am worthy of love, support, and connections.  I am grabbing this moment like an orange off an orange tree, arm outstretched and ready for what's just around the corner.  Happy new year everyone!
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