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How I Celebrate the Celtic Holiday Imbolc With Saint Bridget + New Beginnings Spell

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February 1st is Imbolc, which as weird as it sounds, is one of my favorite holidays.  If you're new to Imbolc celebration and ritual, please keep reading to learn how to bring more blessings and new beginnings into your life.  This is how I celebrate the Celtic holiday Imbolc with Saint Bridget + a new beginnings spell!

First, what is Imbolc?  Traditionally, Imbolc is a Wiccan holiday in honor of Saint Brigid.  While I don't consider myself Wiccan in the traditional sense, I do practice spellwork and live a magical lifestyle.  For the most part, I try not to live under the labels of any specific religion, as this seems to work for me.  Especially since I have a Christian background and I have found great use value in almost all religions.  If anything, I'm mostly tied to my Christian roots and I walk the path of the faerie faith, which you can learn from this post.

Even if I'm not a label girl, I definitely feel a kinship with the fiery redhead of a goddess named Saint Bridget!  Every year at this time, the halfway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox (you know how I love the in-between times, you can read about it here), I write a long love letter to Saint Bridget that I will burn afterward, and listen to Celtic music in the background.  I usually end up dancing a jig to it just a little bit, because it makes me feel like I'm having an in body religious experience.  I also spend the day following my intuition, doing creative projects, spring cleaning, and doing a great deal of spellwork.  That is how I spend my day celebrating Imbolc with my good friend, Saint Brigid.

What is Imbolc and who is Saint Bridget?  Imbolc is the beginning of Spring.  In some places, it's the sign of life with snow still on the ground.  For example, there might be some patchy snow with peeks of green, lush grass poking through.  There might be more birds finding vegetation.  You can suddenly feel winter fading and spring in it's beginning phases.  It's a great time to make a fresh start and embrace new beginnings.  It's a sign of hope that winter is ending and new growth and life will be springing forth.  It's a beautiful time to plant the seeds of tomorrow and put away winter things. Saint Brigid is a Celtic triple Goddess who is the catalyst for all these new things.

A triple goddess represents the maiden, mother, and the crone.  The maiden represents expansion and new beginnings.  The mother represents a wellspring of fertility, creativity, and giving birth to new ideas.  The crone, on the other hand, represents a wise sage, someone with life experience and the ability to share that ancient wisdom and clear guidance with others.

Saint Bridget is all of those things!  She is known for hearth and home.  She has a warm, cozy vibe that makes you feel safe, warm, loved, and protected.  I would describe her as the hygge style of goddesses.  Saint Bridget is also a saint in Kildare, Ireland and is known for the sign of the cross as a talisman, wells, and water for purification, and most of all, her fiery, burning hot energy.  When you feel unsafe or unwell, ask Saint Brigid to put up a fiery wall of protection around you to burn off both germs, infection, and impurities.

Bridget is a very salt of the earth goddess, meaning that she is very easy to call upon, get to know, and welcome into your life.  If you were going to start any day, I strongly suggest working with her now on her special day of days better known as Imbolc celebration and holiday.  Working with her will feel like the female equivalent of working with Archangel Michael, also known as Saint Michael, who has similar fiery energy.  In fact, it is often suggested to combine the two in your spellwork or during times where you feel unsafe.
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How I Celebrate the Celtic Holiday Imbolc With Saint Bridget + New Beginnings Spell

Besides listening to Celtic music today, I plan on creating a new beginnings spell.  If you are looking to transform conditions and give yourself the ultimate makeover, Imbolc is the perfect day to do it and Goddess Bridget is the perfect patron saint to work with!  Saint Bridget loves taking a crappy circumstance and breathing new life into it.

She is associated with holy water and purification and the sign of the cross.  Her devotion to God is both uplifting and revealing to how far she is willing to go to purify something or someone.  All you have to do is ask!  Remember, no patron can interfere with your free will without your asking.  If you don't ask, she remains dormant or stuck in the potential position.

To do a new beginnings spell, try writing a letter to Saint Bridget, filling her in on the details of your life and what you'd like to change.  To learn how to write letters to the universe, please read this informative post.  Just this morning, I wrote a five-page letter to Saint Brigid, then burned it over the sink and washed it down the drain with the purification of water.  This has been a long-standing ritual in my life for several years now.  It's how I start my day.  Today was special because it's Imbolc, so I made a ritual out of it.

It's important to start with the letter so that you can release whatever it is you're thinking and feeling to Saint Bridget.  Don't hold back and don't be shy.  Bridget will prove herself trustworthy and you will most likely feel burning hot energy while writing.  This is the ritual for burning off the old so that you can make room for the new.

Once you have completed your letter, burned it, and washed it down the drain, the slate will be clean for the next step in the spell.  Turn on some Celtic music and let your body get into it.  You get triple points for doing a creative project or space clearing while listening.  Let Saint Brigid lead the way.

If she instinctively leads you to pick up that sewing project you've fallen behind on, go ahead and do it.  If she has you dancing at your desktop while writing a creative story, then do that.  Let her tell you what to do in celebration of Saint Brigid Day!  She has a way of bringing out the creative side in people, whether it be crafting a vegan, gluten-free recipe that reminds you of Grandma's apple pie or playing a folk song on your guitar, it's fair to say Bridget has a hand in it!  She wants you to celebrate with her on her special day.  You'll feel a warm, cozy vibe to the day, as she has you eating fully-loaded baked potatoes and curling up with a good book by the fireplace.  Enjoy!
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