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Meet Mermaids and Sea Sprites: The Mermaid Detox Diet

Did you know that mermaids are everywhere?  That's right.  People often think mermaids just swim in the open depths of the deep blue sea, but they reside in fresh bodies of water too like swamps, lakes, and rivers.  With every mermaid comes a sea sprite.

Sea sprites, the tiny counterpart mer-f…

The Secret Woodland Themed Corners of My Home

The secret woodland themed corners of my home is something I've been considering sharing for quite some time now.  I pretty much never share pictures of my home life or personal space on Instagram or my blog.  Originally, it was a lighting issue and a bit of a camera issue.  While I still don&…

My Quest For True Love: Inspired by the Movie Practical Magic

Sometimes I feel there's a hole inside of me, an emptiness that at times seems to burn.  I think if you lifted my heart to your ear, you could probably hear the ocean.  The moon tonight, there's a circle around it.  Sign of trouble not far behind.  I have this dream of being whole.  Of not …

Dragon Radiance: To Boost Your Confidence and Good Reputation

I've been thinking about dragons more and more lately.  I find myself attracting them into my life through signs and synchronicities.  Dragons are so important because they represent how you want the world to think of you.

Dragons spirits often have a fiery red hot energy much like an Aries, w…

DIY Crystal Grids for Prosperity, Business, and Good Luck

How to make magical crystal grids is a fun way to start manifesting your hearts fondest wishes and desires!  Really think about what's in your heart of hearts.  What do you really want?

The key to using crystal grids is knowing what you want first in order to determine what kind of intention yo…

Meet the Faerie Folk: The Environmentalist and Field Biologist of the Planet

If you've ever uncovered some of the hidden secrets on this site, then chances are you've run across the faerie folk a few times.  The nature spirits are a huge part of my everyday life, as even my pet plants and talking gemstones come with a built-in nature spirit!  I'm also a faerie …

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