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DIY Crystal Grids for Prosperity, Business, and Good Luck

Crystal Assortment + Crystal Grid Display + Gemstone Artwork
How to make magical crystal grids is a fun way to start manifesting your hearts fondest wishes and desires!  Really think about what's in your heart of hearts.  What do you really want?

The key to using crystal grids is knowing what you want first in order to determine what kind of intention you want to put into it.  There are a few ways you can do this.

You can spell out your desire using the gemstones you have on hand. You can write it down on a piece of paper in ink (because the ink is more permanent) then build your crystal grid around it or on top of it.

You can use your intention by making a crystal grid into the shape of it.  Want to be a star?  Make a crystal grid in the shape of a star!

Here are some fun examples of grids you can make:

Love - If you want to manifest love, make a crystal grid in the shape of a heart using rose quartz gemstones.  Reason being, rose quartz is know as a heart-opening love crystal.  It heals the heart of all heartbreak while opening your heart up to love.

In addition to that:  You can add in lepidolite, a sparkling purplish pink gemstone.  It will make love more playful for you.  You can do a heart-shaped crystal grid with rose quartz/lepidolite and so on and so forth.

Success - You can make a crystal grid into the shape of a star using goldstone.  Place one goldstone dragon in the middle of it for raging success!

Money - If your intention is to bring money into your life, try the dollar shape in all green and gold.  Use jade, malachite, and citrine for wealth and prosperity.

Wellness - For perfect health make a circle grid or make one in the sign of a cross for first aid.  The circle represents complete, whole, or perfect health.

For this one, I highly recommend using rose quartz and fluorite in all the colors of the rainbow.  If making a circle, place one rose quartz in the middle of a rainbow-hued circle of fluorite gemstones.

When making the cross, do one line rose quartz and one line fluorite.
Houseplants, Earthy Mushrooms, and Healing Stones for Crystal Grids

Words to Spell Out With Crystal Grids

I really like to spell out words with gemstones.  This makes a crystal grid that represents your intention perfectly because you are literally spelling it out to the universe!

Where you place it and for how long matters too.  I use my porch a lot for building intentions.  For mood and setting, a new moon or a full moon will magically push that intention into reality.

You'll want to be sure to keep intentions light.  Use one simple word that says it all.  Here are a few words for you to try on your own!
  • Perfect
  • Money
  • Romance
  • Friendship
  • Move
  • Home
  • Music
  • Family
  • Creative
  • Magic
  • Opportunity
  • Dream
  • Sweet
  • Job
  • Biz
Feel free to add in some of your favorite words in the comment section or while performing your own magical crystal grids.  It's fun!

Please Note:  Before making crystal grids or using gemstones at all, be sure to cleanse them first then charge them with your life force energy.  

Here are some easy ways to cleanse them:
  • Leave in direct sunlight for at least an hour
  • Rinse under cold water for one full minute.  You can use a pasta strainer for this one, so you don't lose them down the drain.
  • Smoke them with sage to clear them of spiritual debris.
To activate your healing crystal, place in left hand and visualize your intention and say aloud.  That's it, that's all you have to do.

For tips on wearing crystals in your bra, read this article!

Happy Magical Crystal Grid making!
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