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Dragon Radiance: To Boost Your Confidence and Good Reputation

Dragon Radiance: To Boost Your Confidence and Good Reputation
I've been thinking about dragons more and more lately.  I find myself attracting them into my life through signs and synchronicities.  Dragons are so important because they represent how you want the world to think of you.

Dragons spirits often have a fiery red hot energy much like an Aries, with the exception of water dragons of course, which we'll get to in a minute.  Dragons use this fire energy to magnetize and gravitate things to you with the intention of working on the radiant area of your home in the art of feng shui.

If I were to describe their energy, I'd describe it as A very Queen of Wands energy from the tarot deck.  The Queen of Wands doesn't have to go out and hunt things to get it.  She simply magnetizes it to her with her fiery warmth and charm that reminds me of hearth and home.  As an Aries under my sun sign and a Queen of Wands, I can relate.  This is how we attract stuff into our life via the law of attraction.
Carved Goldstone Dragon Statue Figurine

Fire Breathing Dragons and Water Breathing Dragons

What would a fire-breathing dragon do?  A dragon works effortlessly to make you radiant and ensure that you get the recognition you deserve in life and business.  Dragons are wonderful allies on your career path as they represent how you want the world to see you.  To connect with a fire-breathing dragon, write out a list of qualities in how you want to be seen on your website, Instagram, or even in your day-to-day life.  Bonus brownie points for burning the letter!

To write a letter to the universe, click here for some helpful tips!

What would a water-dragon do?  Water dragons mirror our emotions and reflect back to us.  Sometimes what we think we see in ourselves is not really how we feel on the inside.  You'd be surprised by how much negative self-talk we do.  We wouldn't talk to our best friends the way we talk to ourselves!  That's where the water dragon comes in.

She helps us by giving us a big whopping dose of self-confidence and high self-esteem!  To connect with a water-breathing dragon with gills, simply write a letter with all of your self-doubt and anxieties, then drown it in a bucket of water and wash it down the drain.  Let the garbage disposal eat it up and that's it.  The mighty forces will come to your aid.
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