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Meet the Faerie Folk: The Environmentalist and Field Biologist of the Planet

Meet the Faerie Folk: The Environmentalist and Field Biologist of the Planet
If you've ever uncovered some of the hidden secrets on this site, then chances are you've run across the faerie folk a few times.  The nature spirits are a huge part of my everyday life, as even my pet plants and talking gemstones come with a built-in nature spirit!  I'm also a faerie shaman, meaning I have natural healing abilities that were passed down to me by my Celtic Irish ancestors.

Faeries tend to gravitate toward people who are environmentally conscious and unfailingly kind to animals.  If you are looking to make a connection with a faerie, it's important to note that they will probably test you first.  You'll get the sudden urge to pick up trash on the nature trail.  Basically, they will hand you an assignment and watch to see if you follow through.  Fairies are very into green living and want to make sure you are too!

The faerie folk are part of a few different movements going on right now.  The vegan movement, the zero-waste movement, and the slow fashion movement just to name a few.  They enjoy being part of a community and creating them too!  It makes them happy to see like-minded individuals working together for their nature-inspired cause.
Lost in the Woods Pink Fairy Doll and Ring Set in a Forest Setting

Meet the Faerie Folk: Animal Right's Activists

What would a fairy do?  Honestly, I find myself asking this question a lot as I go about my day since I feel such a strong kinship with their tribe.  It boils down to this:  If a fairy saw trash, he or she would pick it up.  If the faeries saw a neglected butterfly garden, they would shore up the courage of a group.  If a fairy saw an injured frog hurt by a lawn mower, she wouldn't just walk past it without a care.

The faerie folk would stay with the frog and bring her peace and comfort as she passes over.  This is a true what would a fairy do moment that happened to me!  I stayed with the frog and tried to make her as comfortable as possible by lighting incense, keeping her hydrated with water (she was drying out), and hovering my healing hands over her so she could feel my warmth and loving energy.  That is what a real-life fairy would do.

So, do you believe in fairies?
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