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The Secret Woodland Themed Corners of My Home

The Secret Woodland Themed Corners of My Home
The secret woodland themed corners of my home is something I've been considering sharing for quite some time now.  I pretty much never share pictures of my home life or personal space on Instagram or my blog.  Originally, it was a lighting issue and a bit of a camera issue.  While I still don't have the best camera in the world, it's definitely an upgrade from the little digital elf point-and-shoot camera I had before.  As you can see, I live a minimalist lifestyle and I'm mostly good with that!

I like to add in little elements to my home, personal feminine touches, and whatnot.  I love lots of houseplants which I keep as pet plants and I love blooming vases of flowers, gemstone displays, and lots of family pictures.  For the most part, I've never really shared my home before because it's personal.  It's like my sacred space where I write, meditate, and hang out.  It's a tiny home, but it has loads of charm!

The truth of the matter is, I do plan on moving sometime this year.  Not because I don't like it, but because it's time to move on and create a new life somewhere else.  I am considering moving from Florida, even though I could live in my tiny town forever.  I do love it here.  My family is here.  It's just that all the kids have left the nest and I find myself wanting more and dreaming of faraway places.

It feels like everyone in my family has found a mate and moved on with their lives, except me.  I think moving to the Asheville area, though a little scary, would be really good for me.  Sometimes moving to a new city pushes you outside your comfort zone.  It forces you to try to make friends and meet people.  It feels like I'm really set in my ways here.

One thing I know for sure:  Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.  That's something I have to keep in mind for the future before I commit to a move.  I might escape my Florida life, but I can't escape myself or run away from my problems.  So, for right now, we'll see.  It's just one of the many things I'm contemplating right now.  There's a lot of change in the air.
Red Vintage Table With Yellow Bouquet of Flowers and Healing Stones in the Windowsill Garden

The Secret Woodland Themed Corners of My Home

I've always lived in small spaces, so I've become quite good at utilizing the little nooks and crannies of my home.  Windowsills become gemstone gardens and tiny side tables become altars for angels, fairies, and goddesses. I got into the art of feng shui back in 2013 and really immersed myself into learning it.  That's how I became so good at feng shui cures and hiding gemstones and heart-shaped rocks in secret spots.

I like the wood floors in my home and the natural lighting and natural colors.  It adds to the simple life in Florida that I've created.  I'm really drawn to the wood element in feng shui, as well as fire, but that may be because I'm an Aries, which of course is a fire sign in astrology.  I keep it simple, elegant, and understated, like me.
Cactus, Aloe Vera Plants, and Colorful Healing Stones

Shabby Chic and Nature-Inspired

Remember how I said I loved wood?  Well, I've had this worn down, shabby chic white table for many years and I love it.  I've used it for flat lays, which you can see a visual of here, and as a houseplant stand.  Currently, I'm using it as a little creativity desk or home office for my work.  Lots of natural lighting in my bedroom facing the street.

As someone who really loves pops of color around my apartment, I really am surprised by how much I like the white on white look in my bedroom.  It gives it a clean, surreal look.  The duvet cover and pillowcases were bought at Modcloth years ago when I first moved in.  I do eventually need to upgrade to a new comforter set, but I might wait until I'm brave enough to move into a new place for that.
Whimsical, Woodland Themed Decor With Shabby Chic Blue

White Dreamy Alice in Wonderland Bedroom

I really have a thing for whimsical style in my clothes and home decor.  You can see a lot of clean, minimalist colors in my bedroom, whereas in my living room the colors become warmer with pops of red.  Hence, the vintage red suitcase at the foot of my bed in the first picture.

Somehow, it all works.  I love woodland themed elements of style combined with whimsy.  It makes a bold statement while still staying true to my personal style and taste.
Warm and Cozy Living Room + Warm Colors

Warm and Cozy Hygge Style in the Living Room

My living room, believe it or not, is a stark contrast from my bedroom.  It's filled with warm and cozy, hygge style elements.  The colors are warm like a fireplace.  It reminds me of the queen of wands energy, which is magnetic and full of warmth and vibrancy.  I use red pops of color throughout, just like with my magic vintage suitcase.

I honestly believe that all that's missing is a fireplace.  Except, it wouldn't really be used much here in Florida.  If I do end up making the move to Asheville or a small town in the surrounding mountains, I definitely want a fireplace, fairy lights, and a hot tub.  There's something very striking about that heat in a cold weather environment.

I plan on adding more pictures of my space soon but wanted to share with you a few secret, hidden places of my home.  Let me know if you like these posts and what rooms you'd like to see.  My apartment has a cute porch and yard plus a living room space, a small kitchen, a teeny tiny bathroom, and the bedroom.  There's not a ton of storage space either, but again, I manage to utilize my tiny house to the best of my interior design abilities.  It just goes to show that even on a tiny budget and a small space, you can really make a house a home!
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