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Meet the Gnomes: Protectors of the Forest and Trees

A Gnome Holding a Sign in the Garden + Garden Gnome and Fairy Statue at Magic Hour Photography
Have you ever walked through an enchanted forest and felt like all eyes were on you?  That's the gnomes!  The gnomes and the tree elves, which I'll introduce you to in a later post, live in tree dwellings and some of the deepest, darkest places of the earth.  There are tree gnomes and there are dwarfs, which are a spinoff species of gnome elemental, that hangs in the underworld.  You might find them hanging out in caves and caverns of crystals.  For today, we'll just be covering the tree gnomes, the protectors of the forest and Trees!

I've had a strong connection with gnomes starting with my short stint while living in Sedona, Arizona.  In the backyard of our rental, there was a fairy tree with a tree hollow.  My niece and I would take pictures of it while our daughters were at school.  At the time I had a simple point and shoot camera.  One day, we decided to zoom in on those images, and lo and behold, we couldn't believe our eyes!

There was a gnome literally built into the tree.  He had a hat and everything, except his eyes (the window to the soul), were as clear and glossy as a human's eyes.  Zooming in closer on the tree bark, we could also see real-life fairies on either side of him peeking out of the tree hollow.  They looked to be suspended in time, dancing around the tree trunk with their flower dresses.  This was a week after making our monthly intentions together.  One of our intentions was to see a real living fairy.  We got more than we bargained for!
Tree Gnomes and Tree Elves Toy Figurine Fairies and Woodland Creatures

Meet the Gnomes: Protectors of the Forest and Trees

Gnomes protect our trees and forests.  If you walk down a tree-lined path in nature, they will watch you, to see what you are up to and what your intentions are.  They do this with a body scan.  They scan over your body to detect if you could be useful for their banner carrying cause of saving the forests and the woodland creatures that dwell within.  You can usually pick up on their presence in quiet spots and darkly lit trails.  They tend to live in spaces that are less inhabited by humans, though they don't mind us.  

Gnomes like to observe and protect.  That's what they do.  They guard treasures like gemstone caverns and treasures untold.  They can even teach you all about the magic of nature.  Why just this morning I called on the gnomes to help me write this blog post about them in an informative way.  As I was walking down Fern Trail in Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida, something mystical happened to me.  I lost my sense of time while I kept slowly going up and down the hiking trail.  I suddenly felt timeless, like Alice in Wonderland.

As this was happening, I kept seeing the forest in a new light.  I began to make sightings I hadn't noticed before.  There was a winding tree with a keyhole look, like a viewfinder that I snapped a picture of, which I plan to share in a future post.  I started snapping pictures of orange grove trees that were naturally growing in the canopy above me.  There were nectarines too.  It honestly made me remember a quote from one of my favorite books and movies, The Secret Garden.  Mary, the main character, says if you look the right way you can see the whole world is a garden.  It was truly an enchanted forest that came alive in front of me.

When I came out of it, time suddenly picked up the pace and moved more quickly.  That is the type of thing that happens when you get the golden opportunity and chance to work with the gnomes.  What's ironic is that I had brought an Easter egg in the shape of a bunny to the park with a gnome figurine inside for someone else to discover and enjoy.  It was as if all these little coincidences added up to my golden hour with the gnomes.  
Natural Acorn on Wooden Porch With a Group of Gnome Figurines Having a Woodland Gathering and a Forest Feast

How to Communicate With Gnomes

Gnomes are really easy to talk to, but they are even easier to listen to.  That's the thing.  Most people don't listen or know what to look for in what they're hearing.  To communicate with tree dwellers, there are several things you can do, but I'd start with taking a forest bath.  A forest bath is where you walk slowly and purposefully through the forest, amongst the trees.  Simply walk, bathe in all the green nature, and take photographs if you like.  They love it when people take an interest in their tree house home.  

While you are doing that, be sure to call on the gnomes and tree elves, and ask them to help you snap a photograph of a bird's nest or to discover the magic of nature.  Something like that.  Then, let it unfold naturally.  You might be drawn to lay your hand on the tree for a grounding meditation or you may be lead deep into the woodland to snap a photograph of a deer quietly.  Listen.  Listen to the trees.  Listen to the forest.  Listen to what the gnome kinfolk have to say.  

They will give you a woodland tour and walking meditation in nature that you will never forget.  You will begin to feel spacy and timeless.  It's in the faerie realm that time no longer exists.  You'll find hidden doorways and keyholes in nature that you never noticed before.  They use those doors and keyholes to walk from the earthly realm into the land of the fey.  You never know, maybe someday you'll be lucky enough to find the key that will allow you to unlock the secrets to their world.
Gnome Figurine in Yellow With Red Hat + Houseplants in the Backyard Patio and Florida Room

Gnome Offerings and Altars

If you live to please the faerie folk and the gnome family, you might like to leave them a fairy offering or create a gnome altar from woodland themed items.  The gnomes really like acorns, sticks, and twigs, and they have a thing for gemstones, which is only natural since they protect crystals and the deepest crystal caverns of the earth.  

To create a gnome offering:  I'd start by writing them a letter.  Don't worry about using paper, as it is made from trees.  They don't mind if people use trees ethically.  You could even use recycled paper if this is a concern you have.  It might feel weird at first but start by writing about how you'd like to get to know them better and offer your services in exchange for their clear guidance.  Say, what can I do to help?  

Then, don't be afraid to write down what you need or what you'd like to learn from them.  Gnomes are very down-to-earth, humble, and grounded.  Again, they are very easy to talk to.  They only require that you find a quiet space within to listen.  Listening is of utmost importance in learning from tree gnomes and tree elves.  

For this letter writing campaign, you'll want to place your note in the hollow of a tree or to bury it in the soil of a garden.  Most people don't know this, but gnomes are great at gardening and farming land as well.  You can also add in some gemstones, which come with a built-in nature spirit too!  The gnome family will appreciate that you paid attention to detail. 

Last but not least, be sure to thank the gnomes and tell them how grateful you are to have met them.  Tell them how you are eagerly looking forward to working with them.  Then, listen.  Listen in the quiet space within your heart.  That's where the gnomes will be.  

To create a gnome altar:  Again, think about the things you think a gnome would like.  It could be a gnome figurine or painting.  It could be some stick, twigs, healing stones, or a painted rock.  Put love into your altar by creating it on a wooden log coffee table or tree stump.  You could even make a gnome garden in place of an offer.  They love that sorta thing and it attracts them from near and far away!
Gnome Love and Brotherhood in the Backyard of a Tropical Florida Backyard at Magic Hour

The Best Times to See a Real-Life Gnome

If you want to see a real-life gnome (Who doesn't?), the best time to see them or any type of nature spirit is during the in-between times.  One of their favorite times of the day is at magic hour or the golden hour of sunset.  It also happens to be a magical time for snapping pictures!

Honestly, I've seen and communicated with the nature spirits, including and especially tree gnomes, during the brightest part of the day too.  I've even experienced their magic at night and during the witching hour.  Their presence is like jasmine on the vine!

It really depends on location, location, location!  If you are at the beach at noon in summer, you're not going to see or talk to a gnome most likely.  However, you are highly likely to see a mermaid or sea sprite in this environment.  If you'd like to meet a gnome, you are going to have to dig deeper.  Find an off the beaten path nature trail or a dimly lit forest and bathe yourself in nature.  That's where they live and work all hours of the day and night.  

Seeing a tree gnome is tricky.  You can sometimes capture them in photographs accidentally or see one out the corner of your eye, giving you a glimmer of hope.  Most of the time, you'll have to be patient.  You have to remember, they have all the time in the world.  In fact, time doesn't exist in heaven or the fairy realm.  Gnomes are there whether you see them or not.  Most like;y, you'll sense them first, watching you, observing every move you make.  

Tree gnomes are cautious of humans and rightfully so.  Centuries of humans destroying entire forests in the name of technology has made them cautious.  The good news is, they are coming out.  The forests are alive with them and the more humans that are taking a stand by going zero-waste and paperless, the more they are awakening to the naked human eye.  They want to be friends with us like they are with the woodland creatures.  They just need to build trust with you first.  

Build a foundation of trust in the gnomes and they will begin to use you in ways you never fathomed before.  You, yes you, one single person, can make a difference.  You can prevent wildfires.  You can pick up trash, instead of walking past it.  You can become a tree hugger and save a rainforest.  Be the kind of person that a gnome would respect and like and they will come to you.  That, my friend, is how you meet the gnomes.
A Group of Gnomes Gathering Around a Golden Leaf in Mid-Summer in Florida Performing a Moon Ritual and Ceremony at Dusk

What Would a Gnome Do?

While you are out living your life, out on the town, think about what a gnome would do. Would a gnome drive a gas-guzzling, environmentally-awful vehicle like a hummer?  Probably not. Would a gnome go through the drive-thru at Burger King knowing they use palm oil, which desecrates entire forests?  No, they wouldn't.  Would a gnome walk past trash and ignore it, because that's what everyone else does?  I guarantee you, they would not.  

Gnomes care about protecting the land, the forests, and the trees.  They want you to purchase organic lettuce from that local farmer.  They want you to switch to a plant-based diet.  They want you to do that because we are all made from the same matter.  Every tree, acorn, clump of soil, that's what we are too.  

Tree gnomes care about us and they want you to care about them and their wildlife friends too.  They want you to be friends with parks and recreation.  They want you to care because as cheesy as it sounds, we are all one and the same.  Remember that, live with intention and purpose, and they will take notice of you!
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  1. I’m feeling called to work with the Gnomes and this is such great info on how to. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. Awe, you're very welcome Jess! I'm so glad it helped you 🦋🍃


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