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Meet Havely Moon: Butterfly Fairy Queen and Moon Goddess

Orange Monarch Butterfly on White Daisy Flower Bud on Blurred Macro-Photography Plant Background
Where did the name Havely Moon come from?  Good question!  Havely Moon is a butterfly fairy queen and moon goddess and my personal spirit guide!  She came to me early twenty-nineteen right after my birthday (March 27th) as a Monarch butterfly who just happens to be a moon goddess too.  Pretty cool, eh?  Much like Archangel Orion, she's been around since ancient times but has come to awaken the souls of lightworkers with a passion for nature.  This could be in the form of creating botanicals or herbal remedies or keeping a nature journal to pass down from generation to generation.

Havely Moon is a bit mysterious, as she has very subtle moon energy, much like Archangel Haniel.  She helps bridge the connection between humans and nature through magic.  Since my intention for this lifetime is to forge a connection and my life's purpose is the magic of nature, it makes perfect since she'd be my guide!

Here's what you need to know:  Fairy Queens are like the archangels of the nature kingdom.  This means they can help you rebuild faith and confidence in yourself and the universe.  A lack of faith and self-doubt is what gets most people in trouble.  Sometimes you just have to let go, trust, freefall into nothing and live in grace.  The fairy queens can help you do that.
Migrating Monarch Butterfly of Transformation and Awakening

Meet Havely Moon: Butterfly Fairy Queen and Moon Goddess

This moon goddess and fairy queen of the forest can help you with a multitude of things.  Believe me, I know.  She's great!  I mean, think about it.  She's helped me get this site off the ground and running and she's been subtly working on my inner strength and confidence, which is something I've struggled with as an artist and as a person.

To connect with the moon goddess within:

Simply live by the moon and call upon her!  I write letters to the universe, but even going out early in the morning when there's still a sliver of visible moon pie in the sky can help you get acquainted with this rare beauty.  She's here to help!

To connect with the monarch butterfly of transitions and changes:

Spend time in nature and if you can find a monarch butterfly, be sure to talk to her naturally in your mind.  Tell her about your problems and listen for the answers that will come like the stillness of your mind.  When it is quiet in the wild, that is when the answers come.
Butterfly Fairy Queen and Moon Ritual on Green Plants in Nature

What Havely Moon Helps With

What Can She Help You With:

  • Transitions - moving, changing jobs, pregnancy, starting a business, grieving, and more!
  • Connecting with your softer, feminine side since she has such a gentle, glowing blue moon energy.
  • Creating a moon garden, as well as any new moon, magic hour, or full moon rituals.
  • Finding your inner strength and beauty
  • Faith building and trust
  • Believing in the unseen.  Again, faith building.
  • Daydreaming and meditation
  • Finding a suitable workout program for you.
  • Sleep and nightlife.  If you have trouble sleeping, she's your girl!
  • Dreams and dream meaning.  Ask her to come to you in your dreams as you begin to drift off to sleep.
  • Living a more sparkly life, meaning a life where you feel alive and all party-like.
  • Developing psychic abilities and intuition
  • Finding your true life's purpose easily
  • Connecting you and others with the magic of nature
  • Crafting magical spells of all sorts, but especially nature spells and working within the fairy faith and fairy magick.
  • Butterfly gardens - growing vegetables and slow living
  • Artists, particularly women.  Writers, musicians, and more!
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