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The Magic of Nature: My Life's Purpose and Intentional Living

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The magic of nature: My life's purpose and intentional living are about how I came to be a faerie shaman through my love of nature!  When I discovered that both nature and writing were part of my life's purpose, something clicked in me.  It made perfect sense and was perfectly aligned with who I am as a person.

For many years, I wanted to be brave enough to write about the nature spirits, but something was holding me back.  I realized that something was fear.  I would dabble in what I knew about the elementals here and there, but I stayed in the closet about how deep my connection to the faerie realm was.

Owning it and saying it out loud has made the experience more concrete for me.  It feels really good to be able to say I'm a faerie shaman, though admittedly, I don't really use that title when I talk about small businesses.  That's something I have to work on.

There's only been one other thing that I really wanted to do in my life and that's to blog a book series.  Who knows?  I still might.  But, if I had to choose one over the other, the magic of nature will always win out.  It's part of my intentional living practice.

You see, working on this blog gives me the ability to reach more people and to help them.  I used to think about what was in it for me, but when you have a purpose and a passion, it always comes from the heart.  I am in service to others.  I do that through energy healings and through healing people with my words.

Sometimes, that comes out through a vegan recipe, a slow living prompt, or writing a post introducing you to a new elemental like the unicorns who live in and out of the faerie realm too. Other times, it might be a new e-course, a newsletter, or even through writing books!  Inspiration comes to me at the unlikeliest times.

It might be when I'm taking my morning shower, practicing a yoga pose, or on my latest nature walk.  When I get inspired, it motivates me to inspire others.  That's part of what the magic of nature can do!
A fairy Girl Sitting on a Rocking Chair Reading in Nature Next to a Living Acorn

The Magic of Nature: My Life's Purpose and Intentional Living

What is my life's purpose?  My life's purpose is to connect people, especially women and young girls, with the magic of nature.  It's a shame that many girls are dissuaded by nature at a young age because they might get their hands dirty and it's frowned upon by polite society.  I was always more of a girly nature lover.  That meant I could have the best of both worlds.  Playtime in nature plus wearing flower crowns and pretty pink dresses.

What was my intention when I came to earth?  For me, it was my intention to make a connection with people and I do that through nature.  Humans are made from the same materials as any other ensouled species on planet earth, including woodland creatures and marine life.  We are made up of start dust.  In that sense, we are all one and the same.  We are all nature!  Pretty profound, eh?

So, what is this intentional living that I keep talking about and how do I use it to help people?  The intentional part of living is to live kindly and make ethical choices that help both humans and animals alike.  I talked about how to go plant-based and waste-free in this article if you're interested.  The greener the better is what I always say!

Living with intention is also where you take the time to nurture and grow yourself.  In order to be a spiritual teacher, one has to practice self-care in their daily living.  Slow living is a great way to do that because it helps you remember that not everything is a race.  It aids you in shopping for a meaningful experience.  It contributes to your overall health and well-being.  You can never go wrong with that!

How did I find my purpose and passion for living?  Honestly, it happened through nearly a decade of blogging.  I had a really difficult time finding a niche in the beginning, because I'm good at a lot of things.  I had some hobbies and passions that I couldn't give up at first.  So, I kept starting over from scratch until I finally got it right.

It's not the most practical way to find your purpose or blogging niche, but that's how it happened for me.  I knew that writing and blogging were a part of my life's purpose.  It was how I communicated and got my message across.  I also knew that it had to do with being some type of spiritual teacher.  I sucked at a lot of things in life, but my spiritual levels were through the roof!

When I kept realizing everything I wanted to write about had to do with simple living, houseplants, fairies, hiking, and stories, that's when it all kind of fused together like a bone.  The bare bones of it were that I was living my dream life already.

I get to go on hiking adventures several times a week.  I get to snap photographs of woodland creatures, orange groves, and my pet plants.  I get to tell stories about it and heal people through the words that write.  If I inspire just one person then I know I'm doing the work I came here for!  That's huge for me.
A Fairy on a Log in the Backyard Reading Peacefully and Quietly + Meditating in Nature

How to Find Your Life Purpose + Blog Niche

Now that I have found my life's purpose, I want to encourage others to do the same.  I recommend starting with an intention on what you feel you came here for.  To reiterate, I came here to make a connection with people.  That connection is best served through communications, media, and a heart-centered business.

Homework Assignment:  Grab a pen and paper and ask yourself what does it feel like you came here on earth to do.  It should be summed up in one word.  An intention is different than a life purpose, as it is the bridge that connects to your passion.  For example, my intention for coming to earth was to make a connection, right?  I do that by connecting people to the magic of nature, which just happens to be my life purpose.  See?  Bridge and connection. 

Tip:  You can also call on your spirit guides for help with this to make it crystal clear to you.  You can learn how to write letters to the universe here.

Next, you'll want to connect that bridge with your life's purpose.  Your life's purpose should be a reoccurring pattern in your life that is physically manifested in various ways.  It is the driving force behind your soul's intention.  For example, If you came to planet earth with the one-word intention of soothing, your life's purpose could be that you soothe ruffled feathers through mediation.  This could mean you have a natural gift of being a peacemaker and counselor.  People trust you.  You should easily be able to write down a sentence connecting your soul's intention to its driving force, which is your life purpose.

Now, you have a blog and you need to find your blog niche.  Perfect!  You'll want to recognize the natural patterns that you love to write about.  Let's say you love writing about nature and taking pictures, but the thing that gets your heart rate up is snapshots of outfits in the backdrop of nature.  You have a fashion blog niche already built into your audience!

It's all about writing things down, recognizing clear patterns, and connecting the dots.  Once you look at what you've written down, it should make it easier for you to live a more passion-filled, intentional life!

I found my true love of nature through writing about nature and realizing that words are powerful, words can heal.  I was able to take all my hidden talents and abilities to create a blog I adore and a life worth living and you can too.  I believe in you!
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