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Tips on How to Be a Better Succulent Plant Mama

Succulent Plant Life in a Container Garden Urban Gardening Setting
When it comes to parenting plants, succulents are sensitive, gentle plants that definitely need a lot of fussing over.  Here are my tips on how to be a better succulent plant mama, as one of my intentions this year was to work on my handling of the delicate succulent plant species.

First of all, succulents are sweet, awesome, good-natured plants, but they are the divas of the plant kingdom.  They like to be pampered, babied, and loved.  They are sensitive in nature and have gentle nature spirits living within them, that tend to have a princess quality to them.  I'm cool with that.

I love all my plants.  I do tend to have a preference for hearty plants like my pet aloe vera plant and a desert cactus in bloom, but I think it teaches me patience to work with the delicate ecosystem of succulents.  If you treat them kindly, they will love you to the moon and back!

Not just any kind of love either.  I'm talking unconditional love, like the kind you feel from the family pet or your newborn baby boy.  Love that is eternal.  Once the two of you bond, your succulent will love you for life!

Loving them is easy!  The more difficult part of working with succulents is keeping them alive.  They have a lot of requirements.  They often require indirect sunlight or direct sunlight for only part of the day.  They only like to be watered once a week.

For watering, I highly recommend using ice cubes.  This is something that I do with almost all of my houseplants.  Ice cubes measure the amount of water used in watering your plant life so that you are careful not to overwater and kill your houseplants.

Succulents are like children.  They are all so very different.  You never know what you're going to get.  I always spend a week with them, for thirty minutes a day, just holding them in my lap or talking to them.

I do this to absorb their energy and to get to know their personality and energetic blueprint better.  We all have different vibrations and energies that radiate from us like the sun, even humans.  Plants are no exception to this simple rule.

I also use 1/4 lid of hydrogen peroxide in my succulents to keep them alive and thriving!  This is a wonderful way to nurture your plants and their healthcare.  This method also works for keeping a bouquet of flowers alive too.
Pink Succulent in Urban Garden Setting in Sunny, Tropical Florida

Tips on How to Be a Better Succulent Mama

To be a good succulent mama, you have to get to know your succulent son or daughter by spending time with them on an individual basis.  This way, you'll get to know their specific needs and wants so that you can act accordingly.

You might have a regular feeding time for them, as well as a plant watering schedule. Feeding time is using a nutrient stick or fresh, organic soil to feed your succulent proper nutrients.  For tips on how to be an all-star plant parent, read this post about houseplants.
  1. Spend quality time with your pet plant.  It can be in the garden, sitting on the porch outside holding her in your lap, anywhere.  Spending quality time means getting to know the energetic blueprint of your succulent baby.  
  2. Set a feeding schedule for your plant.  Set aside time to change the soil in your cute planter or use a nutrient-rich soil stick to feed and care for your plant baby.
  3. Set a watering schedule for your succulent plant.  Again, I recommend ice cubes so as not to overwater your seedling.  For succulents, once a week is usually good.
  4. Photosynthesis care.  Succulents usually like indirect sunlight with increments of direct sunlight throughout the day.  Sunshine is what keeps them healthy and thriving!  It helps them to grow to their full potential.  
  5. Use a teeny tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide.  Add this to your rich, organic soil or at watering time.  Just a tiny bit in the lid will do!
  6. Name your plant baby.  Plants have distinct personalities like humans do.  If you ask them, they will tell you their name.  You just have to listen.  Even though plants are asexual, plants will have either a feminine or male energy the majority of the time.  
  7. Create a hygge style space for your succulent.  Succulents like a space that's warm and cozy, with some boho chic vibes!  If you have a special corner of the garden for him or her or a windowsill spot with gemstones, a cute planter, and some fairy figurines would definitely work towards the feng shui of their personal space.
  8. Place your succulent in a cute planter.  Succulents love taking up residence in a planter that is handcrafted and made with love.  
  9. Use rich, organic soil for your succulents.  Only the best for your baby!  It's also eco-friendly and better for mother earth.  
  10. Gather your succulents in a container box.  That's what my mom did at her house, which is featured in the pictures.  Sometimes groups of succulents like to hang out together for some quality family time!  
A Container Garden of Succulents in a Florida Urban Setting

Succulent Energy Healing 101

Did you know that succulents are great for healing your energy?  They use their energetic blueprint and enmesh it with your chakras and aura to heal you in mind, body, and spirit!  

To work with a succulent to perform an energy healing, take one in a small individual container and hold it with both hands.  I recommend sitting in meditation pose for this with your legs crossed.  Then, close your eyes and visualize their healing pink or green energy ball of light integrating with you.  

If you have a specific healing need, here's a chart you can use based on color coordination:
  • Pink - Heals a wounded spirit.  Creates a pink light in the heart chakra that will heal you of a broken heart and mend all past relationship wounds, P.T.S.D, and childhood trauma.  If you have heart disease or a heart murmur, a pink succulent in dusty rose will heal your physical and emotional heartbeat with ease and grace.
  • Green - Heals money problems and a lack mentality.  Can be used for general ailments and to boost your immune system and endocytic system.  Combine the green succulent with Archangel Rafael and you have an alternative medicine that is out of this world!
  • Purple - Associated with the purple ray of light, which deepens reverie to God and spiritual understanding.  Can be used to open the third eye chakra, to start up a yoga and meditation practice, and to deepen psychic abilities.  For physical healing, holding a purple-hued succulent can work to engage muscle strength and flexibility and clear vision.  
  • Blue - For a blue hint of healing, turn to the throat chakra for communication and truth-seeking.  Hold a blue succulent with both hands to imbue sacred rituals and healing ear, nose, and throat.  It will become a first aid kit in healing severe sinus problems, strep throat, as well as to clear up childhood allergies and asthma that have extended into your adult life.  
  • Red - Use the desert cabbage or the campfire plant to heal lung disorders such as emphysema and asthma.  You will notice a significant decrease in symptoms by holding one just thirty minutes a day.  Even just being near a red succulent will decrease inflammation and increased mucous.  For spiritual healing, call on Archangel Ariel, the angel of nature, and work in conjunction to create a fresh outlook on life through fire breathing exercises and giving and receiving.  
  • White - A symbol of hope and purity, a white-ish succulent plant in the garden will create a strong sense of purpose in you.  You'll live a more meaningful life filled with rich experiences.  You'll feel hopeful.  The white-tinted succulent plant is also a great detoxifier of toxic human emotions and ego-based thoughts.  If you're starting a new diet or going on a body cleanse, the white succulent is your go-to girl!
Garden Green Succulent Plant Urban Gardening

Succulent Love Notes

Without a doubt, your succulent will love you!  Whatever you put in, you get back.  Succulents are very into input and output with their human interactions.  If you are neglectful, your succulents will be hurt and confused, and won't be able to give you the kind of love you deserve.  Be good to your succulent garden and your succulent plant will love you back!

To harness the love of a succulent and win their favor, wear them in a wearable planter necklace!  This way, you can carry them with you wherever you go.  Stick love notes in their soil.  Add gemstones to their mulch or that new alpaca shaped planter that you bought.  Succulents are the princess of the plant world.  Remember that and you can't go wrong!  Happy planting, friends.
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