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Dreaming of Mermaids With Pink Seashells Nature Art Flat Lay

Pink Seashells Flat Lay on Teal Green Concrete Background
It's weird not being in Florida this time of year.  Since I'm in New England for the summer, I find myself dreaming of mermaids, beaches, and pink seashells.  That being said, I thought it be fun to create a Dreaming of Mermaids With Pink Seashells Nature Art Flat Lay.  You know, for those times when I get homesick.

Today was the first day I felt a twinge of homesickness.  The temperature dropped down to 50 degrees in Rhode Island, which is the equivalent of a Florida winter.  It's cold and dreary here and I'm currently sick with a head cold, allergies, and asthma as I write this.  I figured it might be time to whip out my Floridian mermaid seashell pictures for inspiration!

For many years I used to think maybe I was part mermaid.  I used to be one of those brave souls who could glide through the sea without fear.  I even think it's partly why I ended up in Florida and eventually near the beach in a tiny seaside fishing village.

The mermaids were the inspiration behind many of my old blog posts.  One day, out of the blue, I created the mermaid detox diet.  I designed mermaid based vegan recipes and smoothies.  They inspired me to really do some daydreaming and soul searching because that's what mermaids do.

When life becomes interrupted and the creativity or chi (life force) stops flowing, call upon the mermaids!  Even if you're landlocked, you can call upon them in the bathtub or at your kitchen sink, watching bubbles go down the drain.

How do you know if a mermaid has heard your call for help?  Look for the signs.  People receive messages from the mermaids, angels, unicorns, and fairies all day long, but guess what?  They miss the signs and messages they are sent, thinking it will appear in a different way.  Signs can be a song on the radio, a sudden burst of inspiration, the right words from a book, or a seashell literally sitting in your car seat.  I kid you not, this happened to my niece!

Mermaids are like the angels of the sea.  You can read more about mermaids here.  Mermaids are in every body of water, just as sea sprites are on every beachy keen location.  If there's water, you can count on their existence!
Magical Pink Conch Seashell and Fairy Lights on Green Backdrop in Nature

Dreaming of Mermaids With Pink Seashells Nature Art Flat Lay

I created this pink shell flat lay for summer design many years ago.  Believe it or not, it was all done on a teal green windowsill in the apartment building I was living in at the time.

I added bokeh lights to the second pic of the pink conch shell to give it a festive under the sea look!  I can just imagine the mermaids having a party at the bottom of the ocean, in some grotto somewhere with other sea life.  Can't you just imagine it?

By finding these nature art flat lay photographs, I feel as though I've got a little piece of Florida and mermaid life with me, wherever I go!  Mermaids are the big inspiration behind the summer months, no matter where you live.  As a matter of fact, you are more likely to see a mermaid or mermaid tail in summer than at any other time.

In fact, there are situations where you might feel their presence in the ocean, even if you can't see them.  If you're ever stranded at sea or in a dangerous marine life situation, call upon the angels of the sea!  Sometimes, you don't even have to ask and they'll be there if you're in danger.

Years ago, when my niece and I decided to be brave and courageous and swam into the deep trenches of the sea, we had an encounter with a shark.  We both talked about it later and realized that the only way we could have survived it was through the rescue of a mermaid.

How do you know if a mermaid saved you?  In our case, time literally stopped.  We saw the shark flip over in the ocean near us, maybe twenty feet or so, and we both looked at each other, said nothing, and swam.  It felt like we got back to the beach in record time.  Looking back, it's clear to both of us that a mermaid was watching over us that day!
Pink Shells and Sea Fans + Wild Sea Life on Teal Background

Signs That a Mermaid is Nearby

You can tell a mermaid is nearby if time stops or life becomes timeless as if it ceases to exist.  This is a widespread elemental trait that all fairies have.  Mermaids are playful, so if you see dolphins nearby, that's another sign that mermaids are swimming near the beach.

Another sign that a mermaid is in your vicinity will be the electric buzz in the air.  Mermaids create a magical buzz through the air by gracing us with their presence.  They have a very specific energetic blueprint, as all souls do.  This magic is so potent and powerful that it affects humans too.  You'll see people gathering together to watch a magical pink sunset go down in the ocean or a drum circle on the beach.

Mermaids and sea sprites both really like music, especially the flute and guitar.  Hence, people playing the guitar by a bonfire on the beach.

Whenever you start dreaming of mermaids, make no mistake, they are making friends with you! 
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