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Green Living With the Fairies + Eco-Friendly Tips

A Tiny Kneeling Fairy Statue in Purple Dress Watering a Garden in the Backyard in Nature
Green Living With the Fairies is easier than you think because they make it fun for the most part.  To get started, you'll want to listen to them when you're in an open space like the parking lot or the park.  You'll feel this urge to throw trash away or to recycle your plastic bags.

Trust that inner voice, because it's the fairies!  They speak to you in many different ways.  Through your intuition, through an audible voice, or through an emotion.  They may even send you signs, so be on the lookout for that.

Do you reduce, reuse, and recycle?  I recycle, but my daughter told me about a girl on YouTube that didn't need to recycle anything for thirty days.  

In other words, she didn't use things that had to be recycled.  I don't know how she got around certain issues, er, toilet paper, etc. I like how people think and how they want to give back.  That girl gave me something to strive for.
A Tiny Woodland Fairy Nymph in Purple Dress on Backyard Porch in the Backyard Garden of Nature

Green Living With the Fairies

For earth day, I will definitely be communicating with the fairies.  It's a ritual I love to do every year at the spring and fall equinox and on earth day.

Basically, I set out an offering for the fairies and a love note, thanking them for what they do for the planet.  Chloe usually helps me.

To Create a Fairy Offering:

Please note that fairies like things of nature (twigs, leaves, gemstones, flowers, etc.), they like sweet things (real maple syrup!  I'm talking the good stuff.), and they like things that sparkle or make sweet smells and noises.  I'm talking incense, bells, chimes, candles, the smell of matches, bonfires, and prisms.

Always leave the fairies a note.  You can set a wish if you'd like, but be sure to show some gratitude for the earth.  That shows the fairies you are trustworthy.

Fairies have egos and don't just like anyone.  They have to warm up to you.  I think that's why I like them so much and connect with them.  They remind me of me, he he he.

How to see a Fairy:

Some people can see them in their "mind's eye" while others can "feel" their presence.  It's not uncommon to see them out the corner of your eye or in a sparkle of light.  I've seen them flash in different colors before, like a sparkle that's instant.  It's different for everyone.

If you really want to see a fairy, pick up some trash, recycle, do something good for the earth, and they will take a special interest in you.  If a fairy comes into your life, it means they like you and they chose you.

The most important tip to seeing a fairy is believing.  People don't believe like they did when they were children.  If you can open your heart that way again, you increase your chances of a fairy or gnome sighting ten-fold.
Woodland-Themed Fairy Statues to Attract Real-Life Fairies to Your Flower Garden in Florida Wilderness

Eco-Friendly Tips

Here are a few eco-friendly tips from the fairies on green living, which goes hand-in-hand with the waste-free living and plant-based eating, which you can read about here.  The fairies love planet earth, they even love us human woodland creatures, but they are here to spark a trend and movement where they can.  Guess what?  The cool part is that you can be a part of it or be a trailblazer yourself!

Eco-Friendly Tips From the Faerie Folk:

  • To cut down on waste, always use every part of the fruit that you are eating.  This tip was given to me by a group of fae better known as the fruit fairies.  This simply means eating an orange then using the rind for the garbage disposal to create natural citrus or fresh fruit scent.  It also means taking an avocado seed and creating a new avocado, instead of wasting that seed.
  • Eat a plant-based diet.  Even if you don't want to label yourself a vegan, you can still eat as plant-based as possible.  The meat and dairy industry are known for wreaking havoc on the planet and creating gases that promote global warming.  Switching to a vegan, vegetarian, or more plant-based diet really reduces your carbon blueprint ten-fold.  
  • Cut down on single-use plastic.  You can do this by using green bags at all the stores you shop at, as well as filling up glass canisters at the store so that you aren't adding to the waste problem.  It's also a cleaner way to grocery shop.
  • Grow your own organic vegetables.  Create a miniature vegetable garden in your backyard, on your windowsill, wherever.  You'll know where your food comes from and it's better for the environment.  See Kinfolk Style Organic Orange Carrots for more on this!
  • Pick fruits while on a hiking adventure.  It's important to know your local fruits before picking them, but in Florida, we have tangerines and oranges growing on trees that can be picked as well as golden berries.  Maybe blackberries and blueberries grow wildly in your area, go ahead and pick them!  Just be sure to wash them thoroughly before consumption.  Again, know your wild edibles.  
  • Eat Wild Edible Mushrooms.  I love foraging for wild herbs and edible mushrooms and the like.  Be sure to know your local edibles before consumption.  Always wash well.  Then, be sure to cook them up and have a wonderful outdoor gathering with fairy lights!
As you can clearly see, the fairies care about the earth, but they also seem to care about your health.  The fey wants to take green living next level with more eco-conscious living styles and green technology.  I highly recommend calling on them for green living tips and for slow fashion advice.  They are versatile and can help you really slow down and enjoy your life while still maintaining a clean living environment!

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