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Hygge Style Housewarming Party With Archangel Jophiel and Goddess Vesta

How to Manifest a Dream Home Tips + Housewarming Party Decor
To create a hygge style housewarming party welcoming ceremony, call upon Archangel Jophiel and Goddess Vesta and ask them to help you clean, organize, decorate, and feng shui your new home.  I've found that Archangel Jophiel (the archangel of feng shui) and Goddess Vesta (goddess of hearth and home) tend to work beautifully together!

You can call on them every single time you clean or want to shift the energy in your home by moving furniture.  They will even encourage you to let go of old furnishings and fixtures that no longer serve you, which frees up your mind and personal space.

In addition to that, Jophiel and Vesta, will bring good energy and high-vibrations to your home or office!  They are able to instantly create a festive or warm and cozy atmosphere from thin air.  The best part of working with Jophiel and Goddess Vesta is that they can help you find a place and move!

It doesn't matter whether you are on a budget or don't know how it can happen, they can make it possible for you to manifest the home of your dreams with ease and grace!  Working with them for anything home related is always instant.

You'll instantly know which way to position your furniture for the best creative flow or which kind of fairy altar to set up and where.  They can even help you position your yoga mat for the best yoga practice session!

For your housewarming party, you're going to use the power of visualization in combination with calling on Archangel Jophiel and Goddess Vesta.  You'll be writing down how you want your welcoming party to look and feel.

Even if you're not the best writer, you should be able to do this!  Writing is a powerful tool for manifestation.  You're putting your dream out into the universe in a more concrete way.  You're building the concrete foundation of your home.  You get to fill in all the colorful little details and descriptions.  Create a festive atmosphere!
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Hygge Style Housewarming Party With Archangel Jophiel and Goddess Vesta

Now, here's the really fun part of your manifestation!  Create your housewarming party and usher it in with hygge style warmth, love, and a welcoming kindness.  I recommend that you start planning your housewarming now and depending on where you live and climate control, plan for it to take place outdoors.

For a housewarming party template Florida:

My housewarming party takes place on a warm late spring/early summer evening here in Florida.  I've got fairy lights all over the backyard, where warm winds pick up and ruffle our hair.  There's music wafting through my orange tree branches, with lanterns hanging up to light up the yard overlooking the magic of the ocean.

My hygge style housewarming welcoming ceremony is for each person at the outdoor gathering to write down a memory they'd like to have here in my home and to send it in a floating lantern over the sea to burn out like a shooting star.  I see my kids being at this party, my mom and her boyfriend, and the guy I'm going to marry.

Everyone is happy, the weather is perfect, and it's a mystery why the mosquitos aren't biting us, but then the soft ocean breeze picks up and I feel a ripple in time.  I remember that I imagined this night being about as close to perfect as one can get, with gifts wrapped in pretty ribbons being passed around for me and mine, with the scent of the orange and lemon trees filling up the air like perfume.

For a housewarming party template Cabin in the mountains:

My housewarming party takes place on a warm summer evening as a woodland gathering outside of my cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  There's fairy string lights and lanterns everywhere and a cool mountain breeze ruffling my hair.  The air is electric, as my favorite people gather together to celebrate my new mountain home.  There's party music wafting in the background as we listen to a soundtrack filled with indie music like Yoke Lore, The Generationals, and Passion Pit drifting on the empty sound of the summer night.  There's magic in the air.  Presents with bows, great vegan food being passed around by the campfire as we roast vegan marshmallows, and people laughing in collaboration.

Now that you've imagined what your party looks and feels like, decorations and all, make a list of all the presents you'd like to receive at your housewarming party.  Think of them as significant, special things that you are going to be adding value to your house.  You can even decide to signup for a gift registry for your housewarming gifts!

After all of this is said and done and it feels real and true, be sure to thank your hosts.  Thank Goddess Vesta and Archangel Jophiel for hosting your housewarming party and officiating your dreams come true.  Now go forth and live happily ever after in your new home for many years to come.
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