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I Need More Yoga Poses in My Life + Goddess Parvati Dedication Spell (AD)

The Stupa of Sedona, Arizona Red Rock Buddhist Temple in the Desert For Prayer and Worship

This is a sponsored post but all photographs, opinions, and words are my own.

I need more yoga poses in my life!  Don't we all?  Today, I bit the bullet and upgraded to the Down Dog App Annual Plan, which just happens to be 60% off for Memorial Day!  I fell in love with this app when I had downloaded the free version last year.  But, we'll get into more of that in just a moment!

Let's talk yoga for a minute, shall we?  The truth is, I haven't been consistent with it.  When it comes to hiking hills and mountains, I could do it all day long every day.  On the other hand, When it comes to keeping a regular yoga or strength training routine, I struggle with it.  I tend to go really hard in the beginning for fast results and then suddenly, I'm bored with it.  I needed a challenge!

I tried many different yoga and strength training apps before settling on the Down Dog App.  I mean, if you want to call it settling.  It's literally the best yoga app out there!  If you're starting yoga for the first time or haven't practiced in years, you're in luck!  They now have a free version of the app for beginners.  It's called Yoga for Complete Beginners!  If you're on the I-Phone, no worries, they have an IOS app too.

Why is becoming a yogini so important to me?  Honestly, I love the way it makes me feel.  I love the mind, body, soul aspect of it.  I love the fact that yoga is challenging!  I've finally made my way to the intermediate level and I like that there is a neverending array of challenging levels.  Maybe it's my fierce Aries nature, but I like to constantly beat my own records!

With the Down Dog App, I can do that.  When you upgrade, you have unlimited levels and you can add a boost to your yoga practice.  It comes with aerobic, back strength, chest shoulder opening, core, flexibility, hamstring opening, hip flexor opening, hip opening, low back opening, standing balances, and twists.  So far, I've only tried cardio, core (for abs and belly fat), and twists.  All I can say is, talk about working up a great sweat!

Dude, it's amazing!  I like the fact that you can switch levels, from intermediate one to intermediate two, and then back again.  I enjoy the music with alternative beats.  You'll hear songs like Clair De Lune by Flight Facilities and you can switch out instructors, pace, and even do some meditation at the end of your workout for as long as you like.  You can plainly see why I am over the moon about my new subscription!
Desert Spiritual Mecca and Buddhist Temple and Worship Center

I Need More Yoga Poses in My Life

Now that I've established adding more yoga poses into my routine and I've upgraded my app to get the most out of my daily yoga practice, I need to prepare myself to step onto the yoga mat again.

How to do that?  I always start small when creating a new habit.  I am planning to ease into it by working out for fifteen to twenty minutes at intermediate one in the beginning then build from there.  I'm also going to start by trying a different boost every single day for variety!

One thing I really love about yoga is the variety.  If you're somebody who gets bored easily, then Down Dog App may just be the yoga inspiration for you!  I too have a tendency to go hard then lose interest.  Being able to change things up constantly keeps me excited and helps me develop new goals to reach.  It could help you too!

Another thing that excites me about my yoga practice is that I can do it every single day if I want to.  It's not like strength training where you have to take days off due to muscle fatigue.  Naturally, if you want to take a rest day, go for it!  The key to yoga or any fitness practice is to listen to your body.

I need more yoga poses in my life and Down Dog App fills that need.  I've been wanting to get away from weight lifting and regular strength training for some time now, but I didn't want to convert unless I felt like it was challenging enough for me.  I've tried other yoga apps ad they were too easy for me.  I needed something that had a strong foundation that would grow and evolve with me over a lifetime.  Down Dog does just that!

I feel inspired to become the yogini that I was always meant to be when I fell in love with yoga well over a decade ago.  I feel motivated to try new yoga poses and challenged to try out different boosts that will add to my yoga practice.  It's a good feeling that makes me feel in control.

In addition to that, I get to revitalize my meditation habit.  I used to have a good habit of meditating daily and somewhere along the way I lost that drive.  I still do it from time to time, but not consistently.  With Down Dog, I can get back to my meditation practice with ease and grace!  Awesome, isn't it?!
The Stupa of Sedona, Arizona Prayer Cloths in the Sun Filtered Light of the Desert Mecca

Goddess Parvati Dedication Spell + Rededicating Myself to Yoga

When I need to rededicate myself to something, I always do a specific spell.  It can be done with or without a candle.  You can even use a flame.  I've done this to rededicate myself to working out, for business passion, and for finding motivation for self-care.  You can really use it for anything that needs dedication though!

Materials Needed:

  • A big bowl
  • Strips of Paper
  • Pen or marker
  • Fire - It can be a candle, match, or lighter flame.
For this spell, you'll need to call on Goddess Parvati of the Hindu religion.  She is a goddess who can bring forth positive change and rededication to the things you're at odds with.  Goddess Parvati also happens to be the wife of Lord Shiva and mother to Lord Ganesh, the remover of all obstacles.  What's even more awesome about this Hindu deity is her dedication to yoga.  Whenever I find myself waning from yoga, she's my go-to goddess to call on!

Sidenote:  Even if you've never called on her before, Parvati is down-to-earth, a friendly goddess, and very easy to talk to and get to know.  So please, don't let that stop you!

Rededication Spell:

Simply, call on Parvati and ask her to help you rededicate to your yoga routine or anything else that may need a positive change.  Then, grab your little pieces of paper and write all the words associated with the dedication or rededication.  Remember:  Dedication means that this is new to you and rededication means that you'd like a second chance at it.  It's your chance to be a willing participant of your own life.

Here's an example: (Yoga)
  • Poses
  • Postures
  • Asanas
  • Downward Dog
  • Namaste
  • Breathing 
  • Meditation
  • Om
  • Headstand
And so on and so forth!  Write everything down on the scraps of paper and as you're doing so, place them in your big bowl.  After you feel like you've slowed down or run out of words to say, light a match, a candle, or a lighter and say, "From this day forward, goddess Parvati, I rededicate my yoga routine (insert whatever here) to you.  I am in.  I am all in.  It is done.  Thank you, Goddess Parvati."

Blow out the candle flame, lighter flame, or match and put your bowl somewhere out of the way.  On top of the fridge or in a cupboard is always good.  Leave it up there until you feel like you have found yourself dedicated or rededicated to your craft.  You can also choose to burn or bury the scraps of paper afterward.  

This is the spell I will be performing tonight.  It works like a charm and I've yielded really positive results with it.  You'll know it's working when you start working out again or have more yoga poses in your life.  No matter what you chose, you should feel stronger in your dedication!
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