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Planting the Seeds of Intention With Archangel Uriel

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I'm planting the seeds of intention today, just like a farmer planting crops or a gardener planting flowers to bloom in spring.  I've had trouble sitting down and writing out my intentions lately.  I think because I'm so overwhelmed by everything I have to do with Meet Laurali Star.  I had a long, heartfelt talk with Archangel Uriel this morning and he insisted that I write out my intentions in this full-length blog post!

In case you haven't worked with Archangel Uriel before, he's a subtle archangel who governs nature and the earthly realm.  If you're starting a new business or blog, he's your go-to guy for fresh ideas and inspiration.

He'll also help you with clear thinking, focus, and concentration when you need it.  Sometimes, when we get overwhelmed by life and everything on our to-do list, it's hard to think straight.  Calling on Archangel Uriel will help clear your thoughts and help you get organized.  He's my angel friend for everything business related!

How Uriel Works: The Archangel Uriel works in a more subtle manner than say, Archangel Michael, who is very direct and straight-forward.  With Uriel, all of a sudden everything will become clear on the issue that had previously troubled you.  You'll instantly have the answer to the question.  You'll have sudden insight and inspiration for a blog post or a product you are trying to create.

You can even ask Uriel for a clear sign that could only be from him and him alone and he'll come through for you every time!  The other night, I asked for a sign on whether or not I should open an Etsy shop, then completely forgot about it.  About an hour later, the electricity in my kitchen came on, when it hasn't worked in months.  Electricity and weather are all associated with Uriel.  That night, I got my clear answer that could only be from the electrical conduit of Archangel Uriel.  Pretty cool, eh?

I've even asked for rainy days before because it forces me to stay indoors and write, and without fail, Uriel came through for me.  He can come through for you too.  Today, I am planting the seeds of intention with Archangel Uriel.  You can follow my lead if you'd like to do the same!
Gloom and Glow White Envelope, Dark Background, and White Baby's Breath Flower Branches

Planting the Seeds of Intention With Archangel Uriel

What is an intention?  Intentions are more spiritually-based than goal-setting and achievement.  It's different in that you're working in conjunction with the universe to achieve your goal by asking, believing, and receiving.

Better known as the creative process or law of attraction.  You're putting your intention out into the universe and letting it go like a balloon floating to the ether.  It isn't a matter of pursuing a dream on your own by sheer force of will.  It's about letting go and letting God.  It's about trust.

Whenever you want to plant an intention and send it out into the universe in perfect trust, you should always write it down first.  I always start with the words "I intend..." so that I am intending whatever I want so it shall be.  At the end of writing my intentions, I always say thank you, thank you, thank you, blessed be, and so it is, so mote it be!  This seals the intention.

If you'd like to start crafting your own intentions, you can take a cue from me and use my post as a template.  To enhance intentions or take them next level, one of the things you can do is add a timeframe to it.

For example, "I intend $25,000.00 (or something better!) in thirty-days or less."  Always include the words "or something better" in your intention.  This is to remind the universe that you're open to something better, instead of being closed off from it.

Intentions are better than wishes.  Wishes are fun, but they are like daydreaming.  They are made for letting your imagination go wild and free, whereas intentions are more solid and grounded in both reality and spirit.

You can choose to write down intentions daily, weekly, or monthly, but really, you can choose all three.  For the month of May, my intention is to focus on gratitude.  You could say this is my blanket statement.  However, I have other things I'm working on in the different categories of my life.
White Baby's Breath Flowering Branches on a Woodland Themed Porch in Nature

Creative Intentions For My Business Plan

I thought I'd do things differently today by writing down what the creative ideas are behind my business plan for Meet Laurali Star.  I'd say that the majority of my goals are either related to business and health, but for now, we'll start with my creative business plan.

I'm going to leave all the boring details out such as business expenses and the like.  I'm going to focus on the creative ideas behind my business and what my intentions are for fostering growth.  For the sake of this post, I won't be writing out my plans as intentions with the words "I intend" because I use an app for that.  I tend to write out my intentions in several places so that I have a reference guide.

Business Plan:
  • Collaborate With Ethical Companies - I've always wanted to run some kind of sponsorship program.  I believe in working with companies that reflect a similar eco-friendly vision as my own with vegan-friendly products, slow fashion, and cruelty-free beauty.  I think one of the reasons I've never pursued a sponsorship program is because I feel so different than everyone else.  I mean, being a Celtic Faerie Shaman is pretty different.  But, looking around Instagram and Pinterest has assured me that I'm not alone.  I just have to find my own spiritual tribe of weirdos.  
This is my business plan for the next six months or so.  As with life, all things shift with the seasons.  I'm hoping to be able to stay true to myself.  That's really, really important to me.  I like healing through words and inspiration.  It's part of my life's purpose and what I came here on earth to do.  
A White Envelope Filled With Wildflowers in Bloom + Baby's Breath Flower Meaning

Intentional Living Goals

Moving beyond the business of blogging, I want to practice intentional living.  There are some big changes headed my way, I think.  Many of them have to do with the kind living and the environment.  I was forced to become a vegetarian after more than five years of being an avid vegan.  I did it in the name of survival.  My bottom line is that I would never eat meat again as long as I live and I stand by that.  

If you're reading this and you're a vegetarian, I want you to know I'm not judging your journey.  I am only judging my own.  Perhaps I need to offer that same compassion to myself.  It feels like a step backward to me because I always prided myself on being inspirational.  I am an Aries, a Queen of Wands, and a trailblazer in my birthright.    When I had to add dairy to my diet out of necessity, I've been in a downward spiral ever since.  

All of this being said and facing my personal truth, I am happy to report that I "intend" to make some grand gestures in my life that feel naturally rewarding.  Read on to find out what they are!  
  • A return to veganism - I intend to slowly return to veganism.  I can see a huge difference in how I feel since adding dairy back into my life.  My asthma has worsened and I find myself using the nebulizer every single day.  I have gained a little weight.  I have become a lazy eater.  I used to be more intentional about what I put in my body and now I'm eating sugary bowls of cereal with cow's milk.  Eww.  I'm ready to go vegan again.  My situation isn't completely healed. but that's something I'm working on.  Check out my free vegan starter kit.
  • Going zero-waste -  I am so intrigued by the waste-free concept, yet I have only dabbled in it a little.  I can do better than this.  That's why I have a zero-waste category on my blog now so that I can actively make changes and you can too!  Let's do this together :)  I'm also working on creating a zero-waste kit.
For now, these are two very big changes I am intending to work on.  I imagine that I'll never be perfect, so I need to move slowly to make tweaks and little changes.  Stay tuned to watch me grow!
An Envelope of Flowering Bouquets and White Baby's Breath on a Porch in the Backyard in Tropical Florida

Holistic Health Goals and Flowering Intentions

When you plant a seed, you water it, give it sunlight, and watch it grow.  The same thing holds true for setting clear intentions.  My health and spirituality are always my top priority.  When I don't make the time to nurture and love myself, everything falls to the wayside.  I'm kinda going through a period like that right now.  Today, I'm setting holistic health goals and flowering intentions in order to change that!
  • Detox Diet - In order to even consider being a vegan again, I need to go on a detox diet.  I prefer juice fasting because it takes my spirituality to the next level, but I'm willing to compromise with a body cleanse.  In order to stay in alignment with my slow living practice, I intend to weed things out slowly.  For example, this weekend I am detoxing from bread and sugar.  That's my starting point.  Then, I'll go raw till four.  And so on and so forth!
  • Yoga Practice - I am so pissed at myself for not sticking with yoga, being that I love it so much.  For me, the only way to realign myself with my yoga practice is to start at the beginning.  I downloaded the Down Dog app Yoga for Complete Beginners.  I need to form a habit.  My plan is to practice yoga for thirty days in a row.  Eventually, when I feel ready again and I have the money in my pocket, I'll invest in the Down Dog App annual plan, so that I can perform a more advanced yoga practice.  Yoga is really important to me and I need to destress and find my inner peace and calm.  I even plan on creating a yoga feature here on the blog in order to track my progress and maybe inspire you to strike a yoga pose!
  • Meditation - Meditation goes hand-in-hand with my yoga practice.  Meditation helps me decompress from the worries of life.  It also aids me in falling to sleep at night, which is something I sorely struggle with.  Since I'm doing yoga for the next thirty days in order to form a habit, I'll do it in conjunction with meditation.  One of the great things about the Down dog App is that it always ends practice on a high note with meditation!
There you have it!  My hands are dirty from planting the seeds of intention with Archangel Uriel.  He prompted me to write this blog post about living with intention and now I have.  I needed to write out my intentions so that I could clearly see where I am lacking and where I want to go next in life and in business.  How about you?  What are your intentions for May?  Link up to your intentional blog post in the comments and I'll take a look and comment back!  Thanks for reading :)
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