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The Heart of Nature: A Hygge Style Guide

A Lizard on a Tree Branch on an Unseasonably Warm Autumn Day in October
When I think of nature, I think warm and cozy.  The heart of nature is a hygge style guide to all things organic in life, like cotton linen.  Nature doesn't push, pull, or force anything.  It unfolds naturally in its own way.  When it comes to living with intention, nature "knows" the best road to take and how to trust that you'll get where you need to go.  We could all take a cue from nature, don't you think?

So, what is at the heart of nature?  When I asked the nature spirits this very question, I could hear them whisper the word "trust" into my ear.  The heart of nature is being able to trust that things will change with the seasons of life.  Can you imagine a bear in the forest fretting about whether he will be able to hibernate this winter?  The bear knows and trusts that winter will come and when it does, he'll be ready to sleep.

Nature readily knows and accepts that all things come in due time.  They don't stay up all night worrying about it.  They don't try to force spring to emerge in the meadow.  They don't have sleepless nights wondering if the rain will come.  No, nature knows patience and divinely perfect timing like there's no tomorrow.

As a human, did you know that we are made from the same elements of nature as a shooting star, a thriving green plant, or a flowering shrub?  This means we have the same access to trust as the woodland creatures do.  The seasons will come like they always do.  Everything in due time.

We live in a world where the mentality is fast-paced technology and internet speed.  We want everything we want and we want it now.  But, as bodies made of matter, we're not meant to work like that.  We're meant to slow down and connect with the magic of nature.  Life isn't about empty pursuits and fast times, it's about taking the time to show a collective kindness to someone in need.

We have access to all of this great power and responsibility, but we don't use our resources wisely.  It is only your job to plant the seeds of tomorrow, not force the seedlings to grow with compound chemicals that create run-off in our oceans and lakes.  If nature teaches us anything, it teaches us to be patient and wait.

If we can trust like the animals do, then we won't be waiting long.  The things we dream of in life will show up like family on graduation day.  Nature is beautiful, wild, and unpredictable in many ways, but it always goes in and out of the seasons like clockwork.

It's something we can count on in life.  If we can trust that Halloween will arrive on October 31st of every year, why can't we trust that our hearts fondest wishes and desires will come true too?  Because they will if you allow it.  A big part of manifestation is allowing and receiving, opening up to the world of opportunity and possibilities.

Yes, the heart of nature is trust.  What makes it warm and cozy is that even though it can be wild and unpredictable, it can be counted on too.  It feels safe, like wrapping a checkered blanket around you in the cold winter months while you read your favorite book by the fire.
Natural Life Lizard on a Tree in the Heart of the Forest With the Gnomes and Tree Elves in Fall

The Heart of Nature: A Hygge Style Guide

Hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah) is the Danish word for cozy and comfortable.  Those are the words that I would use to describe nature in all of its elements.  My favorite place in nature is the woodland, but I even feel that same hygge style vibe when I'm in the Mojave Desert of Southern California.  It has a kinfolk style, familial vibe to it.  That's because we belong with the bunnies and the trees and the forest beyond.

What could be cozier then talking to a flowering cactus while a horned-toad lizard scurries by?  What could bring more warmth and light to your heart than the sun on your face and the wind in your hair as you stroll along the beach treasure hunting for seashells?    The answer is nothing.  Nature provides shelter from all the human ugliness in the world and it enhances the good in good people.

Nature can be counted on and relied upon to do what it always does and there's something very safe in that.  Camping in the woods on a starry night while strumming your guitar feels as natural as the rain in sunny, tropical Florida in the summertime.

No matter what your environment is, no matter where you live, find a way to spend time in nature.  You can even bring nature into your home to warm your heart with these violet delights.   Even something as simple as a houseplant or windowsill garden can bring comfort to you in times of duress.  Be the nature you want to see in the world and nature will respond in kind to you, my friend.
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