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The Magic of Mushroom Picking and Fairy Rings

Clam-Shaped Mushroom in a Florida Backyard During the Turn of the Season + Fall Mushroom Hunting
Mushrooms are some of the coolest natural finds in nature.  They come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes.  More importantly, mushrooms are designed by fairies!  This is a post about the magic of mushroom picking and fairy rings.

I'm sure by now you've heard of fairy rings.  I've come across a few of them in my life, but usually only in groups of two or three, unless they are super tiny.  Whenever I've been lucky enough to encounter a mushroom ring, something magical happens.  I usually see tiny little lights around them that disappear.  If it only happened once, I might not believe it, but it happens every time.  

The other day, the same thing happened when I was taking pictures of fairy figurines in my backyard for an upcoming post.  Disappearing fairy lights.  It happens so fast you almost think you're seeing things.  In case you're wondering, those are the nature spirits at play.  They are highly attracted to mushrooms, sparkly things, and statues with fairy depictions.  Like attracts like and all that.  They were very attracted to me that evening, especially as it was the magic hour, which is their prime time.

The magic hour in photography, also known as the golden hour, is that tiny window of perfect light at dusk.  The fey loves the in-between times.  It's when you are most likely to see them either with lights that change color then disappear or out the corner of your eye or sometimes they are caught in photographs.  Be sure to let the sighting unfold naturally when you least expect it.  To see a real-life fairy, click here.
Mushrooms Growing Wildly in the City + Urban Planning and Gardens
Sunny, Tropical Florida Backyard With Growing Mushroom Fungus
A Skinny Mushroom Fungus Growing By a Car in Urban Neighborhood in Tropical Florida Location
Mushroom Fungi in the Green Grass of Florida Tropical Backyard Paradise and Vacation Escape
All in all, mushroom hunting can be fun!  I mean, most of the time I just enjoy snapping pictures of them and appreciating their raw beauty.  Even though you can go mushroom picking in the summer in Florida, I much prefer to go in the fall here when things cool down in late October and early November.  

The summer's here are sticky, hot and wet.  It rains a lot, as we live in a sub-tropical environment.  This means that the heat makes the mushrooms get a rotting, fecund smell from the baking hot sun and humidity.  It doesn't exactly whet my appetite, as you can imagine.  I'd rather wait until the rains die down and the air is cool and dry.  

I look forward to writing more mushroom posts.  I have way more pictures than this, but I still need to catalog the mushrooms I've found in my nature journal.  I'd like to find some rare ones, but I may have to visit other states for that.  In the meantime, I'm dreaming of autumn mushroom hunting and woodland gatherings where we cook up what we found.  It's survival of the fittest!  ;)
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