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The Natural Makeup Look For Hiking Pretty

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This time on Wearable Nature, we're going to be talking about the natural look.  That means no makeup and bare skin.  As you get older, it can be more difficult to pull off, but not impossible.  Let's give it a try!

The natural look can be defined in two ways.  One way is where you are brave enough to go out without makeup.  The second way is where you wear light makeup, like some concealer to cover up those dark circles and maybe a little lip gloss.

I started going without makeup in the mornings when I'd run to Hammock Park for my hikes.  It's weird to say this, but even though I wear a minimal amount of makeup each day, I was intimidated to go sans makeup in public.

When I started doing it, it started building up my confidence!  I'd put my hair in two low ponytails and maybe swipe some vaseline on my lips and go.  

I didn't really think much about it at the time, but I noticed that my spirit overpowered any flaws I thought I had!  When I go on a hike in the morning, my favorite time, I am always riding a high vibration, and I think it may have made me pretty and approachable!

Guys would talk to me in the park, sometimes at length.  I started to feel less insecure about not having makeup on.
Natural Makeup Tutorial for the Summertime and Organic Essentials

The Natural Look: No Makeup, Bare Skin

To try the natural look with no makeup and bare skin, you are going to need a few household essentials, nothing major.

Tools of the Trade:

  • A clean, bare face.  Be sure to wash face with a washcloth to slough off any dead skin cells, giving your skin a natural glow.
  • If you have time before going out, try to fit in a yoga session, even a quick one.  This will give you a natural glow and calm.  Tranquility radiates from the inside/out and people notice that.
  • Use vaseline, chapstick, or even olive oil for your lips to give them a shine.
  • Pinch your cheeks for rosy cheeks.  Brings a blush of color to them.  Do it with a light touch though.
  • Drink a green juice recipe!
  • Brush your hair and leave it natural or stick it up in a ponytail or two low-hanging ponytails.
Here is a fun way to look at the natural look.  What would you do in a survival scenario?  You'd probably have to give up makeup at some point, considering your real focus would be on survival.

A great example of that is the show The Walking Dead.  The women shifted their focus from day-to-day beauty rituals and routines to no makeup and clothes that were more protective of their bodies.

This is just a fun spin on it!  Beauty is fun, but it's cool to think it's something that really comes from within.

The Natural Look: Light Makeup

I started perfecting the natural look when I was about thirteen.  I'd pour over the teen and beauty magazines for hours.

I never really thought it would become my thing.  I've always had dark circles under my eyes.  I have allergy plus asthma eyes, as my asthma specialist once told me.  It's very common, but annoying when you're trying to look your best.

No matter what your flaws are, a little light makeup and bare skin will do the trick!  Keep it light and simple and you can't go wrong.

Tools of the Trade:
  • A light concealer stick
  • Some light face powder, depending on your skin tone
  • Clear lip gloss or an ultralight pink colored lipstick.  You can also use a nude lipstick.  
  • One light layer of brown mascara on the upper lids only.  Use a q-tip to fix anything out of place.
  • A light touch of blush with nude to pink lipstick used as rouge.  Simply suck your cheeks in and apply very lightly, moving up cheekbones.  
  • A simple hairstyle.  Wear your hair down and natural, whether curly or straight.  Throw your hair up in a ponytail.  
Putting the natural look on your face will take you all of five minutes.  This is the routine I practice almost every day.  This is the general natural look I go for.  

I do sometimes like to make my lips pop though, with a bright, bold color against light makeup.  Looks really pretty and very old-fashioned.  Think old Hollywood movie star!
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