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Wearable Nature: Butterfly Season With Real Monarch Butterfly Necklaces

Butterfly and Dried Preserved Flower Nature Art Flat Lay Woodland Theme
This installment of wearable nature is all about butterfly season with real monarch butterfly necklaces! When butterflies die, I think it's okay to use their body parts and wings to create jewelry, art, and display pieces.  In fact, I think they'd insist!  Reason being, like the Native Americans, butterflies (and fairies) believe in using all parts of nature, inside and out.  They are true believers of the waste-free living movement!

To be clear, I would never advocate freezing butterflies, which I've unfortunately heard of people doing.  It's cruel and unnatural.  After death, however, is perfectly okay to work with them.  In a way, by using their butterfly wings by way of a natural find, you're helping them to live on.

Whenever you're going through a transformative time in your life, be sure to welcome the butterflies with a bold statement.  You can do this with real butterfly jewelry and accessories.  This also pleases the Butterfly Maiden, a goddess of the Hopi Native American Tribe.  You call on her for all changes, makeovers, and transformations in your life.

I found these beautiful butterfly wearable nature accessories on Etsy.  By the way, everything in my wearable nature feature is basically one big Etsy wishlist so enjoy!
Neile Real Monarch Butterfly Necklace Statement Necklace Wearable Nature Art

Neile: Real Monarch Butterfly Necklace

This real monarch butterfly necklace by Neile sends me through the roof!  As a matter of fact, I browsed through her entire collection, only to find that she makes real butterfly wing jewelry and stained glass art.  So impressive!
SpotLightJewelry Pick 2 Butterfly Rings Colorful Jewelry Silver Statement Rings 3-D Butterfly Jewelry

Spot Light Jewelry: Butterfly Rings

These colorful 3-D art butterfly rings by Spot Light Jewelry made me really excited for summertime with the butterfly fairies!  Thye are pretty and I think make for cute gifts in goodie bags at parties.  If you were going for a woodland-themed birthday party, woodland wedding, or even a butterfly theme, this could really make your style pop!
GardensofWhimsy Butterfly Headpiece, Wedding Veil, Monarch Hair Accessories

Gardens of Whimsy: Monarch Butterfly Wedding Veil

Getting married this summer?  This monarch butterfly wedding veil hairpiece might just be the frosting on the wedding cake! Designed by Gardens of Whimsy on Etsy, this butterfly bridal hair accessory really adds the finishing touch to your butterfly themed wedding in the woods!
PrestigeCouture Evening Party Monarch Butterfly Dress

Prestige Couture: Monarch Butterfly Dress

Going out for an evening on the town and want to dare to be different?  Spread your butterfly wings and fly with this evening monarch butterfly dress by Prestige Couture!  You'll be the life of the party for sure :)

As you can see, the butterfly look is in!  Even if it's not, who cares?  It's butterfly season and we can celebrate it with butterfly fashions and wearable nature!  
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