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Wearable Nature: Wearable Planters, Gemstone Crowns, and Mushroom Rings, Oh My!

Cute Teenage Girl Kissing a Pink Flower Wearing an Arrow Patterned Dress
Wearable Nature is where you devise different ways to incorporate the magic of nature into your wardrobe and I am a big fan of it.  In this week's feature, I cover my Etsy Wishlist!

Before we get started, this is not a sponsored post, this is just a bunch of products and shops grouped together that I happen to love!  I chose these shops because they fit in perfectly with my Wearable Nature feature.
Wearable Planter Tall White Vase Planter With Succulent No. 2
Wearable Planter is someone I've had my eye on for quite some time, so they are definitely on my Etsy wishlist!  I really like this Tall Vase Wearable Planter Pendant Necklace, because you can wear it around your neck and add a fresh plant or flowers to it whenever you want to change things up.  Plus, so adorable, right?
Avas Flower Crown fiesta flower crown / fiesta / bright colored flower crown / fiesta wedding
Ava's Flower Crown has this Fiesta Flower Crown that sets it apart from all the others.  It's bright, colorful, and well, festive!
Judy and Madeleine Amethyst Stone Star Head Chain
Judy and Madeleine of New York make the cutest gemstone crowns and headpieces!  I love it to infinity and back!  The Amethyst Stone Star Head Chain will make you feel like the princess of your own galaxy.
Oh Me Oh My Clothing My Deerest Dress Handmade

Oh Me Oh My Clothing has some of the cutest handmade prints for skirts and dresses I've ever seen!  I really love the simpleness of My Deerest Dress, because it has little deer prints and because it reminds me of the slow life.
Prairie Lane Art Design Baby Morel Mushroom Orb Heart-Shaped

If you've read my blog, it's no secret I love mushrooms.  That's why Prairie Lane Art Design steals my heart with their forest and fungi friends!  I really dig this baby morel mushroom orb necklace and it's definitely going on my wishlist.
Ground Substance Gather Circle Moss Ring
Ground Substance is awesome with live moss rings in funky shapes!  I really like the look of Gather Circle Moss Ring in Silver so I can wear a garden on my finger.  

These are just a few of my natural loves!  What are some of yours?  Or, if you have a shop with living things that can be worn, please leave me a link in the comments.  
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